Destiny 2: the new trailer for Witch Queen

Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Witch Queen on January 11th. This now gives more detailed insights into different areas of the throne world. In addition, Guardians will succumb to the ability to reveal deceptions through mind power.

What was new? Areas that Guardians will explore have been revealed in the new trailer. These locations vary from the familiar setting of the Queen’s Castle to new locations such as a “port” where the pyramid ships are loaded. With the Guardians residing in the world of deceit, tricks and secrets are the order of the day. As you can see in the trailer, you will receive a new ability to reveal invisible platforms and thus go deeper into the throne world.

Other brief glimpses of the castle are also present, these are accompanied by many Scharge enemies and a Savathun that can duplicate. Arguably the most exciting discovery in the trailer is the Guardian’s new ability. With this hidden paths can be opened, with which you can penetrate deeper into the throne world. However, no further information has been given as to how to learn them.

The new ability closely resembles the clear sight induced by the Tincture of Queensfoil in the Dreaming City. With it, secret places and passages in the city of the awakened could be discovered. Whether this is an item or a new talent that can be elicited through training with Ikora remains unclear.

Is there any new information about Savathun? Judging from the trailer, the Queen will be able to split into different copies to make life difficult for you as Guardians. Furthermore, a shadowy likeness of her was seen, which is strongly reminiscent of Crota from Destiny 1. It remains unknown whether the castle scenes are about the raid or just a patrol. It is conceivable that the keepers will have to kill several copies of her before they can get to the true queen.

Will there be new Exotics? New Exotic has a name: At the end of the trailer, the overall package of Witch Queen was shown and what advantages beckon with a pre-order. Below that, the name of the new exotic was revealed, which reads: Osteo Striga.

Guardians have already parsed the name and seem to know the meaning of the new gun.

Osteo – Ancient Greek for bones
Striga – This is a semi-parasitic plant

So one could conclude that the new MP is a mix of bones and parasitic plants. It is unclear whether the weapon also has parasitic properties, but it is imaginable.

What is the community saying? Many Guardians from the community hope that there are enough secrets and locations to explore. They want The Witch Queen to surpass even The Dreaming City in abundance.

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