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Hello, Guardian. Welcome to Destiny 2 fan site, where you can get information about the game, latest news and patch notes, various guides, videos and D2 cosplay.

Destiny 2 is Online Shooter with MMO elements (often called looter-shooter). Game is developed by Bungie and was originally released in 2017 on PC, Playstation and Xbox.

It’s a game about being a hero in space. What’s not to like? In “Destiny 2,” you’re a Guardian from Earth, someone who’s been bestowed upon with extraordinary abilities and to revive themselves infinitely. The game is tied in with exploring your reality as a Guardian, exploring the universe as a protector of Earth, but also about making yourself significantly more strong by crushing foes and discovering new stuff. You can redo your avatar whenever you want, and creating multiple avatars allows you to experience the game in all the flavours the developers built. Since your Guardian can be a Warlock, Titan, or Hunter, creating another avatar gives you subclass-explicit armor and powers.

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Recent Destiny 2 Guides:

Armor in Destiny 2

In this guide we’ll be guiding you through all the points in armor system so you can confidently build your character for endgame activities in Destiny 2. First, let’s quickly talk about power level boost. Your power level is located on your character screen. The total number is the average of all eight pieces (your weapons + your armor), plus…

Weapon Types in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s weapon system is simple but flexible. In some cases it’s actually so flexible that even veteran players get their gun types wrong. There are 3 weapon and ammo types  in Destiny 2 – primary, special and heavy. You can tell each ammo break apart by the color – grey for primary, green for special and purple for heavy….

Classes in Destiny 2

Whether you picked up a free-to-play version or grabbed the newest expansion your very first step is gonna be picking a class. And you may be asking which class is best in Destiny 2 or how do I know which one is the most fun or best suits my playstyle. Well, you got 3 options listed in no particular order:…

Destiny 2 Beginner Guide

Hello, guardian. If you just started playing the game and have no idea what to do, this short Destiny 2 Beginner’s guide is for you. The first thing you are going to be asked to do is pick a class. We have a separate Destiny 2 Classes guide. If we’re going to describe classes in 1 sentence here though: Titans…