The new “Loot Cave” dungeon in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the new dungeon for the 30th anniversary will soon appear. It was already indicated in advance that the dungeon was inspired by the infamous Loot Cave. We show you all the important information you need to know.

What is the Loot Cave? The Loot Cave was a legendary place in Destiny 1. The community at the time spent hours and days peering into a small cave entrance, only to eliminate puny acolytes and supporters of the crowd.

You use this method at the cave in the cosmodrome for effective farming in order to quickly get to many objects. There you got both green and blue engrams, which were worth a lot at the time. Now and then, with a lot of luck, you could get a legendary or exotic engram. Until Bungie figured it out and nerfed this hell out of hand.

Despite this, this place was remembered by many Destiny 1 players. Therefore, it seems that Bungie used the loot cave as inspiration for the new dungeon, which will be released on December 7th.

All important information about the new dungeon “Grasp of Avarice”

What is the dungeon about? Bungie is posting new information regarding the dungeon on Steam. There is a new description:

Loot the new dungeon with 3 players, which is reminiscent of the old, loot-filled caves of the cosmodrome. Discover a story of abundance and decay as you follow an adventurer who gave up his humanity for treasure.

There is talk of the “booty-filled caves of the cosmodrome”, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the loot cave of that time. A coincidence would be possible in which a stone wall in the well-known cave is torn down, which then leads to the dungeon.

A mysterious adventurer is also named. The story of a being who gave up his humanity for a treasure. A lot of clues point to a very specific guy in the Destiny 2 universe: Xur, the trader for exotic and legendary goods.

Why can you see Xur? The evidence, which can be seen from pictures, suggests that the dungeon and its history actually revolves around Xur. Not much is known of the tentacle-faced trader. The infamous Nine are known to have something to do with the state of Xur. But nothing more is known. It may now be revealed how Xur got his goods and what he did before his current life as a popular trader. If the text passage from the description of the dungeon can really be associated with Xur, he must have paid a high price. As inconspicuous as the popular retailer may be, he may have more to hide than you think.

What do you think of the pictures and the information about the dungeon? Do you find it exciting and can hardly wait to unravel the secrets that are inside the caves in the cosmodrome?

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