The most annoying emote in Destiny 2 is back

Emotes in Destiny 2 are extremely popular. That’s why Bungie never tires of bringing new, cool emotions, dances and moves into play. This week, a particularly annoying emote is available again in Eververse that has completely redefined “tea-bagging”.

Let them out, the emotions! Anyone who wants to communicate in Destiny 2 uses so-called emotes. They give players a chance to share and fool around. And Destiny 2 has a lot of emotes that players can use through their collection. Most of the time, the emotes are based on well-known internet memes or nostalgic pop culture.

  • For example, you can use it to perform Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”
  • Moving the Carlton dance from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
  • or become Pennywise and let the scary clown hang out

Basically every emote in Destiny 2 is based on a real model. It is even a small custom for players to assign these emotes to their originals, because this is not always immediately clear.

The cat-ear dance is known as “Tea-Bagging 2.0”

The most annoying emote immediately became a cult: This week the run for the coolest emotes has reopened. In the Eververse Bungie again offers the annoying “cat-ear dance”. Hardly any emote has spread so quickly in Destiny 2. Players everywhere are making cat ears. In the kidnapping of XUR, in the Gambit and especially in PvP. Every kill is rewarded with the nice little ears or the emote is used as a group greeting.

The cat-ear dance emote is especially true in PvP and Gambit as the new edition of “tea bagging”. So if you still want to take revenge for a few annoying ear emotes from your opponents – now you have the opportunity to get hold of the emote against glossy dust.

Where does the cat-ear dance come from? The origin of this emote dates back to 2008. Since then it has burned itself into the minds of an entire generation for scientifically inexplicable reasons. And this generation is apparently playing Destiny 2.

The original of the emote comes from the fictional pop band “Caramella Girls” and their song “Caramelladansen”. But be careful: This song can lead to nervous twitches and its emote double in Destiny 2 can lead to peer pressure.

What does the emote cost and where can you get it? You can currently get the emote in Eververse for 700 shiny dust. You have to be quick, however. Because with the weekly reset on Tuesday, December 7th at 6 p.m., it will disappear from the offer again.

So if you ever want to use this extremely frustrating emote for the kill cam of your melting pot enemies, then get it now and bring back the heyday of the animated pop band. Have you already got the emote? Or can you no longer see this annoying move?

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