New glitch in Destiny 2 destroys Hawkmoon

In Destiny 2, the cult exotic “Hawkmoon” is so broken that players now fear the ban in Season 15. A glitch inflicts enormous damage on the weapon infinitely often, resulting in instant kills with one shot in PvP.

This exotic causes problems: The exotic Hawkmoon handgun has been cult with Guardians since Destiny 1 and has also been reworked in Destiny 2 since the end of 2020. Now, in season 15, the fancy revolver is causing nasty problems.

A glitch now ensures that you can inflict enormous damage with the weapon infinitely often. The annoying thing: All of this works without the otherwise necessary prerequisites to balance Hawkmoon. The players are already expecting a deactivation of the exotic, since the glitch also works in PvP.

Hawkmoon is unfairly bugged in PvP and PvE in Season 15

Normally you have to land precise hits with Hawkmoon or defeat opponents in order to collect so-called paracausal charges. This is a wacky word for a stackable damage buff that only gives astronomical power to the last shot in the magazine.

In PvE, the damage with a full paracausal charge is almost 20 times higher than normal. In PvP Hawkmoon transforms into a one-shot kill at maximum buff, even with body hits.

It’s about this new glitch: The error now allows you to no longer lose your paracausal charges after firing the last shot from Hawkmoon. The whole thing works very easily thanks to the new mod “Handgun Holster” and your mind – we don’t want to go into it in more detail.

So you have unlimited access to the super shot and don’t have to laboriously build up the buff beforehand.

Don’t forget, if Hawkmoon’s last shot doesn’t hit the mark or if you miss it while building the stacks, the enormous extra damage for the entire magazine has been done and you have to prove your precision again. The glitch bypasses all of these necessary balance barriers for Hawkmoon. In PvE surely no opponent will complain that you push him with such high damage with Hawkmoon much easier than thought. In PvP, i.e. fighting against real people, permanent and immediate killing with one shot looks much more unfair.

How strong is the glitch really? Hawkmoon is clearly broken, no question about it. But the glitch is not as strong as it first appears.

Because to get the super shot back, you stand around defenseless for 3-4 seconds. For many players it is already impossible in PvP to build up the 7 paracausal charges for a one-shot bodykill in the first place. Then to be completely powerless for a few seconds in heated battles is not so powerful in practice.

Will Bungie’s Exotic be banned anytime soon?

Since the issue with Hawkmoon affects other players in PvP as well, it is quite likely that Bungie is acting. Something similar happened right at the start of Season 15 with other Exotics that were deactivated due to bugs.

These 3 scenarios are conceivable:

  • Deactivate Hawkmoon completely – or just block it specifically for the Crucible (and Gambit). This is how Bungie did it with the recently deactivated Exotic “Radiant Dance Machines”.
  • Deactivate the mod handgun holster – that would probably overshoot the mark.
  • A hotfix that completely eliminates the problem is coming (soon) and the glitch will remain active until then.

What does Bungie say about it? The Destiny developer has not yet commented on the problem with Hawkmoon and the Holster Mod.

There is no comment on the Hawkmoon glitch either on the Twitter channels or on the page with known bugs that is being worked on. Also in the official help forum, where the glitch was addressed on September 7th, there was still no reaction from the developer. However, we can assume that Bungie is aware of the problem and should respond soon.

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