New effect in Destiny 2 now lets your armor burn

The iron banner event has been active in Destiny 2 since yesterday and there is literally hot news for it. In yesterday’s update, Bungie revised the iron banner armor for hunters, titans and warlocks and gave them a fiery-cool armor glow.

In the past seasons, the iron banner event has become more and more the standard for Destiny 2 players. For a long time, Bungie had only brought back old, reworked armor and weapons. It was not possible to build on the prestige of the old Eisenbanner times. It was all the more refreshing when, after the first few rounds of iron banners, the players realized that the armor they had just won literally burned for the iron banners.

The change came with the last update: After that was out, the Bungie community manager confirmed the fiery armor glow of the “Iron Trailblazer” armor on Twitter.

That’s why the armor is so cool: The community thinks the new armor glow is really fiery. And you can take that literally here. This armor burns for the iron banner. Hot flames come out of your chest.

  • The armor is intended to give players a new incentive to play Iron Banners.
  • You don’t have to make Iron Trailblazer armor a masterpiece to make it burn.
  • There are good rolls of hot armor to be picked up as top equipment from Lord Saladin.
  • The red flames tie in heavily with the established aesthetic that the iron banner had in Destiny 1.

The players are also enthusiastic: Armor that glows, such as trials armor or solstice armor, is cool and very popular in itself. But this armor has a realistic flame effect and that makes it really hot.

This is how you get the fiery armor

To get the new glow, all you have to do is raid Lord Saladin and earn iron banner tokens. Afterwards you can exchange the tokens with Lord Saladin in the tower for weapons and also for the new “iron trailblazer” pieces of armor. You have to be a little lucky with him until you have the full set together.

As always, Lord Saladin’s tasks consist of 1 quest “For the approaching war” and 4 raids.

  • Step 1: Defeat 30 enemies, occupy 10 zones and get 15 energy weapon kills
  • Step 2: Complete 6 matches, occupy 10 zones and get 15 pulse rifle kills
  • Step 3: Defeat 100 Guardians, occupy 10 zones and do 10 skill kills
  • Step 4: Defeat 15 Guardians with the Super, occupy 10 zones and do 15 pistol kills
  • Step 5: Return to Lord Saladin

Bungie wants to see your fiery armor: If you are also passionate about the new armor, you have the chance to be introduced by Bungie in the upcoming TWAB. All you have to do is upload a screenshot with your armor on fire and reply to the dmg04 tweeted message. You have until Thursday for this.

Here’s the catch: Unfortunately, the armor glow isn’t permanent. The Community Manager also announced this on Twitter. Your armor will only glow during Iron Banner Week. However, players have already asked for their new fiery armor glow to remain permanent.

Can the armor be used as an ornament? Thanks to transmog, you can also convert the new iron banner armor into ornaments. For this you need synthetic fabric straps. Ada-1 offers corresponding forays in the tower, which you can also do in the iron banner. You can convert up to 10 pieces of armor per class and season.

However, there is still a bit of a hitch: A few players have still encountered problems converting the armor pieces. It doesn’t always work properly as an ornament. The problem is similar to solstice armor. It also didn’t work properly with transmog. Bungie will still have to make improvements here.

Have you already been able to dust off some of the new armor pieces? How do you like the fiery look and should Bungie reverse its decision to only enable burning during Iron Banner Week?

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