Destiny 2 Lore. Part 4: The Collapse

The dark tide that was upon our system brought with it a terrible doom that could not be defeated by the Warmind and its defenses. But the foe Rasputin faced what not by any measure one that could be considered normal: the Darkness, much like the Traveler, defied simple causality, and defined even the basic rules and logics of the universe. Physics, mathematics-they meant nothing for this entity. If could not be defeated with the weapons of the Warmind alone, and it was made clear from this moment that our annihilation was inevitable. The vessels further out in the bowels of our system were crushed by the Darkness they attempted to reach beyond the asteroid belt. These ships would eventually form a mass of broken debris within the belt itself, and this place, this terrifying graveyard of all that humanity had hoped to see, this would come to be known as the Reef, and this would be a fate much like many of those on Earth and its colonies would suffer. They would be crushed beneath the wheel of the shadow of Darkness as it passed ever onwards through the howling void of the universe. Killing indiscriminately in the name of its twisted logic, that life should be able to fight and meet strength with strength.

Destiny 2 Lore: Collapse

The Darkness

But the Darkness’ fury was not yet sated. The Darkness had another target in mind-it was also here for the Traveler. The details and accounts from this time are limited and unclear, but there are several accounts worth referring to when speaking of the Darkness during the Collapse. The account from the Cayde-6’s journals speak of a terrible miasma that spread across the many worlds of the system. Holding every human it could find in its grasp and drowning them in a tide of doom and despair. Cayde seemed to point towards the Darkness having a malicious consciousness. As it was drowning its victims, the victims were allowed to be fully conscious. They were aware. They were lucid. And yet, even as agony and pain washed over them, the darkness wished to witness the destruction of their world. It wished them to know they had been beaten, outmatched and utterly destroyed. That they were unworthy of existence. That they were prey, nothing more. The Black armory papers, a series of journal entries, kept by the founder, Henriette Meyrin, detailed another encounter with the Darkness. Their group had been locked within one of the fortified facilities of the Black armory. They smelled only like wet earth and made sounds akin to the screeching of machinery. One thing that is made clear by every entry is that the foe that had taken Earth was a terrible one that would see us all destroyed if something was not done. At this time in the system, others were starting to stake their claims, too.

It was in these moments that another terrible pair of interlopers arrived. Nokris and Xol, the Will of thousands, took it upon themselves to claim the planet of Mars, and to rain down an assault on Hellas Basin, where Rasputin’s main control was kept. However, in a successful attempt to hold off the forces of the Hive prince and the Worm god, Rasputin used its power to flash-freeze the entire region, locking the Worm god, the Prince and their Hive servants away under a thick sheet of ice. In turn, Rasputin too, would also experience a period of dormancy. We would hear nothing from Rasputin’s true centralized network for centuries. As the only fragments of him remained within the various Warmind bunkers that were still active across Earth and its many territories. What happened next is an event clouded in mystery and uncertainty. Some spread rumors that the Traveler was in the process of fleeing the system, as it had done so many times before. Others spread rumors that Rasputin might have engaged the Traveler as it attempted to flee in order to prevent this outcome. And some merely believe that the Traveler was attempting to find the right spot to stand and fight against the menace that had embroiled itself throughout our system.

Destiny 2 The Darkness

Titanic Battle

Whatever the truth might be, the Traveler moved from its previous resting place on Io and found its way to Earth. Here it would make a titanic stand against its enemy, the Darkness. The battle was long, and would shake the heavens and the Earth, a battle of proportions that the universe perhaps had never seen before. Of the titanic forces of the cosmos, of a Ying and a Yang smashing against each other, breaking upon each other like waves on rock. With enough force to level a mountain and raise it again within the blink of an eye. The 2 fought. The 2 stood. The 2 tested themselves. And what’s more, the Traveler won. It was crippled and broken, but it sacrificed itself to save us and to push back the Darkness. But its’ sacrifice was not without some form of hope. With the Traveler’s dying breath, it created the Ghosts, small autonomous drones filled with the power of its Light. These Ghosts would serve the forces of humanity, and would seek out those amongst the worthy dead. Who might possibly provide hope to humanity and its defenders. These would be the few chosen champions that could wield the Traveler’s Light as a weapon. In the earliest of days that followed the Collapse, these beings were known as the Risen. And whilst they would come later to be known as warlords or Iron lords or simply Light Bearers, today, they are known by a simpler name: the Guardians. With the terrible events of the final clash ended, and the Ghosts released into our system, the events that would make up the Collapse would come to a close. But there was one far stranger account from the Collapse that was given. An account from one of the Exodus program vessels that hit the Asteroid belt just as the Darkness was approaching in earnest. This vessel, Exodus green, alternatively known as Yang Liwei, would become the crucible of the forces of Light and Dark, and would become the birthplace of an entirely new species of beings. It is here, in these most calamitous of moments, that the people known as the Awoken were born.