Destiny 2 Lore. Part 21: Riven’s Demise

We discovered there that both the Scorn and the Taken had begun to war over the remains of this once sacred place. On our way to meet Petra, we saw Taken Techeuns, namely Kalli, Sedia and Shuro Chi. They had been on the ship with Mara when it had been utterly decimated by Oryx’s main weapon during the Taken War’s outbreak. And they had been converted into Taken themselves. After facing them briefly, we were transported into the Ascendant Realm, and were then greeted by a disembodied soul, a strange quivering white light that we had seen previously as we assaulted the Taken King’s throne world. But this time, the light communicated with us, and it turned out that it was Toland, who greeted us and called us foolish, but warned us that this place was only made for the plots and schemes of Gods and Queens. He led us back to the Ascendant Plane, where we would find Petra Venj. When we discovered Petra, we met her at a grand machine known as the Oracle Engine, which was capable of reaching out across space to transport and communicate individuals and their wills. Through this, the supposedly dead monarch of the Awoken, Mara Sov, reached out and spoke to us and Petra. Revealing that it was indeed that had corrupted and manipulated Uldren. This was not some manifestation of Riven’s Will, however. The Oracle Engine was a purely Awoken creation, and it was indeed Mara this time. For the sin of Riven’s usurpation of her brother’s will, there would be nothing short of an extreme response.

Petra was instructed by Mara to gather a team of Guardians and to assault Riven in the heart of the Dreaming City. We would once again assemble a raid team and march upon the great fortress of the enemy. Riven, who was now trapped in the Queenswalk, was holed up like a commander inside their tower. We would breach their defenses and strike them down. In the path to Riven stood many obstacles, including 2 of the Techeuns, Kalli and Shuro Chi. We freed both of them from their Taken bondage and they talked to us on the nature of Riven’s power. We also heard the voice of Riven, speaking to us through the many voices of our friends. It was clear that this was an attempt at manipulation, but still, we pressed on, taking down a Spirekeeper. And finally, unlocking the mechanism of the vault that opened onto the Queenswalk. After we had faced all of these challenges, it was hard not to think of the worlds of Riven. The fact that she had indeed seen our great wish, and seen that we wished to kill her. Riven was pleased by the power of this wish. Six Immortal God-Killers were coming through all of her defenses and using their Light to crush enemies in their way. Although that they would reach Riven. Although that they could kill her. It is delightful to wish and bargain with an Ahamkara, but only as long as you do not see what they intend for you. And many that bargain with the Ahamkara will lose. As we went down to the Queenswalk to face Riven, we saw the last of the Ahamkara for ourselves. Titanic in her size and with her new Taken powers at her disposal, Riven truly was one of the most terrifying threats that we had ever faced. But our desire for vengeance outweighed any Taken power that she possessed, and our Light burned with anger. It was this monster that had corrupted Uldren. And indirectly, it was this monster that had slain our friends. We struck out, not just with Light, but with rage. We slew the last dragon, and finally, the legacy of the Great Hunt was complete. Riven was slain. But of course, as all Ahamkara are able to do, she was able to commune with us. And even beyond her death, there was more to be done.

Destiny 2 Riven

We rushed her heart to the Techeuns so that they might contain it, Shiro Chi and Klli, now being lucidly returned to the Light. And when we had contained her heart, Riven told us that ours was not, in fact, the last wish. And that one wish granted deserved another. “I cannot wait for you to see what she wished for”. Those were the words that Riven spoke to us, and this wish would be made so very clear when we returned to the Dreaming City. Riven had unleashed a curse upon it. The Blight that had once only been found within the Inner Sanctum, closest to Riven’s control, was now all over the Dreaming city. And Riven had reached out one last time, irrevocably changing this space. Six powerful Godslayers had unleashed their wills and wished for the death of the last Ahamkara. And this was fuel enough for a curse so dreadful that the Dreaming City still experiences it to this day. It runs in a three-week cycle, with one week being relatively calm, one having middling corruption, and one where the corruption is almost complete. The cycle as far as we can tell, infinitely repeats, and there are hints that the Blade Transformed Mind, Quria, that was Taken by Oryx long ago may be involved. Although speculation on this particular matter is highly unclear.

What we do know is that the source of the corruption came from a great structure below the Blind Well, from a hallway known as the Confluence. The Blind Well itself was a mechanism constructed by the Awoken long ago, that could be used to siphon our Light into a powerful charge that would build over 3 weeks. This would charge the Gateway found at the Confluence and allow us ingress into the Ascendant Realm. It was there that we entered a Throne World. One of an incredible design, an Awoken Throne World. This was how Mara survived the attack from the beginning of the Taken war. Ahe had not truly died, she had been trapped within Oryx’s netherworld, but when he had died, she was able to make it back to the shores of this place. This place known as Eleusinia. The structure, however, was broken and damaged. Oryx’s agents had defiled this place, and now it was occupied by another Hive. One of the supposed daughters of Savathun herself, a Witch known as Dul Incaru. She was apparently the source of the corruption, and she was able to be destroyed. But only at the apex of the corruption in the 3-week cycle. And no matter how many times she had been killed, the cycle would still repeat, and she would always come back. In addition, we were able to enter the Oracle Engine every 3 weeks, and would be transported to Mara, who had set up her court in view of the Milky Way. We were able to hear her input on the situations that were manifesting over the next few months, and it was at the moment that we saw he examine the Darkness, commune with the Nine. Chastise us for killing Uldren, verbally abuse our Ghost, who had believed that she had been stewing in inaction. And finally, she would bid us farewell in order to go off and play another part in the cosmic war that was fast approaching. It was also in the Queen’s Court that we were able to lean into an observation table, at which point we saw a vision. We saw Prince Uldren being resurrected within the Dreaming City by a Ghost. Prince Uldren, who had become a Guardian, though this was the last that we would see or hear of him, and he has not been sighted since.