Destiny 2 Lore.Part 19: The Warmind’s Return 

The Traveler’s Light had not only acted as disturbing presence to the Vex, but it had also stirred ancient forces that lay burried on Mars within the region known as Hellas Basin. We intercepted a distress signal coming from the area, which turned out to be none other than the notorious Gunslinger Ana Bray. It turned out that Ana had not, in fact, fallen at the battle of the Twilight Gap, but had instead deliberately faked her own death so that she could pursue her heritage and more knowledge on the Warmind Rasputin. The Vanguard had always hounded her for the pursuit of this knowledge, and now, she could pursue it in peace. Her search had taken her here, to Mars, where thanks to the Traveler’s returning Light, the ice around Rasputin, which had been in the Collapse to imprison Xol and Nokris was beginning to thaw. Now the Warmind was left surrounded by an army of frozen Hive, led by an exiled Hive Prince and by Xol, the Will of thousands.

After reclaiming the Bray facilities and having a run-in with Zavala, Ana and the Commander immediately fell into conflict over the course of action that should be taken against Xol and Nokris. Ana believed that the Warmind Rasputin, if correctly directed and encouraged, could work as their ally, whereas Zavala saw it as dangerous and as a tool that needed to be brought under control and contained, and then never used. Regardless, the Hive would need to be drawn out in order to be defeated, and in order to do this, we decided to head to the European Dead Zone and collect a small shard of the Traveler to act as bait to lure them out. In this encounter, Ana Brey demonstrated a remarkable ability to coordinate with Rasputin and to get him to break the Taken Shielding that was walking the Shard of the Traveler in place. With this, we headed deep into the Hive lair that held Nokris, and we defeated the herald of Xol, planting the bait for the greater threat of the Worm God itself. When finally, we confronted the Worm god, we were utterly powerless, and its Darkness was so intense that it was capable of immobilizing us and leaving us for dead under a collapsing snow bank. Fully awakened, Xol would now make a desperate push for the Warmind and its critical systems in a bid to take it out once and for all.

Destiny 2 Rasputin

But throughout our tenure on Mars, Rasputin had been supplying us with a weapon of its own design. A relic, known as the Valkyrie, a spear bristling with the energy of the Warmind itself that was capable of intense damage when thrown. Now it was time to forge a new Valkyrie of even greated might, one that could used to defeat Xol. We systematically overloaded Rasputin’s core in order for its power to swell. And we then converted its overwhelming energy into the new Valkyrie. Supercharging it and giving us the perfect weapon with which to defeat Xol. The titanic Worm god roared above us and rose in size to a height so great that it utterly dwarfed us. But with the aid of the Javilyne, we were able to bring this beast down, as well as all of its Hive servants. With the Valkyrie in hand, we went about slaying this Worm god, and finally, it fell. As Rasputin was saved, we gathered with Zavala and Ana Brey in Rasputin’s Control center, and the Warmind spoke to us for the first time in centuries, declaring itself to be the greatest defender of humanity. Whilst previously it had shrugged off its duties of defense during the collapse, it had returned, and has begun to launch an entirely new Warsat network into the system to assist humanity. No longer would it be the broken fragments of itself that we had found on Earth. Now, Rasputin had truly returned, and with the new Warsat network in orbit, all of his systems would come back online.

The Warmind was back in play, and with it, we had gained a powerful ally. But beyond just this, Rasputin asserted its independence from the Vanguard, and stated that it would aid humanity in their survival by its own self-determination. And that it had to be respected by groups such as the Vanguard, which simply used it as a tool wherever they saw it necessary. Whilst this left Zavala uneasy, Ana Brey was able to stay behind as a liaison and as the voice of the Warmind, and would work with Guardian interests at heart. Rasputin would be a great defender once again, and would not be something co-opted by the system as our needs desired. Rasputin would smite the threats that he saw coming, and would aid us in many different endeavors in the time to come. It was then that we received yet another message from Emperor Calus, who invited us back to the Leviathan to deal with yet another problem. This time, Calus’ ship was being invaded by Val Cauor, that last commanding officer of the Red Legion. Cauor had planned to commandeer the Leviathan and to use it as a command and control vessel, from which the remaining Red Legion loyalists could change the tide of what was, to them, still the Red War. Even though they had been utterly defeated, they held on to a stunning hope, that they might still attain victory if they could only wrest control of the Leviathan from Caulus. But with our intervention, we not only decimated Cauor himself, but also used the Leviathan’s weaponry to utterly destroy the remains of the Red Legion fleet. With this, a small time of peace came upon the Guardians, and we remembered those that we had lost in the Red War. All too unaware that soon, we were about to lose even more.