Destiny 2 Lore. Part 18: The Curse of Osiris

When the pulse of Light emanating from the Traveler, the whole system awakened with activity. Not the least of which came from the Vex on Mercury. Not only were there reports of a massive Vex gateway activating suddenly in the middle of the Caloris sands. There was also a finding made by Hidden scouts positioned on Mercury. In the sands just outside the Gate, they had found the Ghost of a rather strange Guardian. One that infamous to the City and one who now appeared to be in trouble. This was Sagira, the Ghost of the rather infamous Warlock Osiris. Sagira had been damaged in an attack on the pair in the vast simulation engine of the Infinite forest, which lay below Mercury’s surface. Just before the pair had been attacked, Osiris had comprehended that the Vex Mind Panoptes, which was responsible for the Infinite forest, was also capable of now simulating a future in which the Vex achieved their ultimate victory. This would be their goal of creating a universe without Light or Dark. Where the Vex were the beginning and the end, where they were able to calculate their victory entirely, and where none would be able to stop them.

Previously, we had stopped the dangerous methods of time control used by the Vex in places such as the Vault of glass, but with a simulation that would allow them to chart their path to a perfect future, the Vex would be able to become the ultimate arbiters of the universe, and they would ensure that neither Light nor Dark would exist. All this would be explained to us in time, but first we had to investigate the Gateway into the Forest and gain ingress. When we were not able to access it, the Vex in the Area responded in force, deploying Vex from the future timelines. This was a sign of the danger present, as the Vex would only draw upon certain forces if they were truly threatened. After defeating them, we rendezvoused with Brother Vance in the old Lighthouse at the Caloris Spires. Brother Vance was a disciple of the Osirian Cult, one that followed Osiris from the city with a certain level of obsession. It was not backed by Osiris, who had always found them to be irritating, to say the least, but they had made every effort to study his teachings and to learn from his so-called prophecies. Vance suggested taking Sagira’s damaged shell to one of the Osirian Cult’s bases within the European Dead Zone. This base had unfortunately been overrun with Fallen, but regardless, whilst there, we were able to revive Sagira. Who temporarily tool over our Ghost’s shell so that she could coordinate with us. She then led us into the Infinite forest, where we found Osiris’ reflections.

Destiny 2 Osiris

The Warlock had used the technology of the Vex to copy himself and to duplicate throughout the Forest so that he could cover more ground. One of these reflections would then explain the nature of the threat that Panoptes posed to us by showing us the simulated future that awaited us if we failed to stop the Vex. In order to prevent this dark future, the solution was simple: had to kill Panoptes and wrest the Vex’s control of the Forest. In order to do this, we needed to retrieve a map of the Infinite forest so that we might be able to find Panoptes. And after doing this, it was determined that we needed more data to find the Vex Mind. Ikora and Sagira discovered that along with the map, the best way to find Panoptes would be to trace the Vex simulation back to the point at which it was simulated to have an origin in its timeline. This was when Panoptes had been created within the simulated past that could be found within the Forest. We could then use this information to track the trajectory that Panoptes had forged and ultimately, we could use this along with the map, to find him in the present. Complex as all this might sound, this allowed us to gain a set of coordinates to Panoptes’ location, although Sagira was captured in the process. After being ejected from the Infinite forest, Ikora Rey met us at Mercury and forced the gateway open for us again so that we could head to those coordinates, where Panoptes would end up. There, we battled with the Vex Mind, and with the aid of the Warlock Osiris and his reflections, we defeated it utterly. After defeating the Vex mind, Osiris took his first steps outside the Forest since he had entered it upon his exile. And exchanged a few kind words with his student, Ikora Rey, before returning to guard over the Forest and to keep the Vex in check, once and for all. However, our adventures with the Vex did not end here. One day, our team ventured back into the Leviathan and found our way through its engine room. After being assaulted but Cabal forces for our intrusion, Calus himself called the attack off and stated that perhaps we could help the Cabal with an engine problem that they had developed. Upon further inspection, as we were blasted into the smelting core of the Leviathan. It was seen that it had swallowed the entirety of the planet Core-mind of Nessus, a massive Vex that would be known as Argos. Argos had activated a defensive shield that had stopped all momentum within the Leviathan’s furnaces, immobilizing it and preventing it from going any further or performing some of its standard functions. However, through teamwork and with the application of the plentiful firepower that we had gathered, we were able to destroy the Vex Core-mind and we were saved from annihilation by Calus, and once again, for our efforts, we were handsomely rewarded. But old powers were stirring and returning to life once more. And they would be the next ones to shake the system.