Destiny 2 Lore. Part 17: Traveler’s Return

Io, as a result, was filled with the energy of the Traveler’s Light, and this had drawn the Cabal to it. Who had begun to set up bases with the intent of mining that energy, although they were unsuccessful. Whilst both you and Ikora saw that this was clearly not going to work, they now understood the clear intensions of the Cabal. They were attempting to utilize the Light. Ghaul’s reasons for imprisoning the Traveler were made all the clearer now, given that the Traveler was the Light’s source. He wished to be chosen as a Guardian, and he wished to be the Traveler’s worthy warrior. Leading at the head of an entire army of Chosen Cabal, ones that would use the Light as a weapon of conquest, given to them by their right of might. After discovering this, we were forced to repel a Taken invasion on Io. They were drawn by the Traveler’s energy, and in the process of doing this, we met a rather peculiar Warlock known as Asher Mir, an old friend of Eris Morn’s. Following this, we needed to further analyze the Almighty and knowing that there was a dormant Warmind bunker in the system that might scan the Almighty for weaknesses, we endeavored to embark on another journey. After doing this, we unfortunately discovered that the Almighty was irrevocably tethered to our Sun. Destroying the Almighty would also create a chain reaction that would destroy our Sun. And so the safest option would instead be to disable the weapon. From here, we turned to Earth and undertook a plan to defeat the Cabal.

The commander of the European Dead Zone’s force, Thumos the Unbroken, was holed up in his ship, the Orobas Vectura. Killing him was something that would aid the resistance efforts, but he was a linchpin to the plan: killing him would give us access to his personal shuttle codes, a shuttle that would be registered with the Cabal IFF system. This meant that we’d be able to board the shuttle, get close to the Almighty and then enter it to shut it down. At the same time, the City would be attacked by the joint forces of the Guardians, who would make a final, desperate bid to place the Vex teleporter as close to Ghaul’s command ship as possible. Following this, we would return from the Almighty and then, hopefully, find the City’s forces that had besieged the Cabal within the City itself, use the teleporter and them defeat Dominus Ghaul. All the while that this was happening, Ghaul had been talking with the Speaker, who he had captured during the initial assault on the City. They spoke constantly, trading jabs and insults and, occasionally, trading knowledge. All of this continued, up until the point that there was an attack on the Almighty. And the Speaker made a stunning confession to Ghaul, that contrary to popular belief that he himself had helped to propagate. The Traveler did not speak to him, and that during his entire time guilding the City as its patriarch, he had allowed everyone around him to perpetuate this ignorant, foolish belief.

Thumos the Unbroken

This, along with the constant irritation that the Consul had always offered left Ghaul enraged. He killed the Consul and left the Speaker to die, and endeavored to force the Traveler’s Light upon himself. He would not be chosen. He would do as the Cabal did: he would take the Light. When we finally disabled the Almighty and our plan started to fall into action, we returned and arrived to the city. Our shuttle was shot down not far from where Zavala, Ikora and Cayde were. But the Vanguard fireteam was wounded on a rooftop, and we had to head through the Vex teleporter and stop Ghaul alone. We were the only ones with the Light, and we were the only ones that could stop him from taking over the system and draining the Traveler’s power. We boarded the Almighty and faced Ghaul on the topside deck of his flagship. Where we discovered that he had grossly empowered himself with the Light and had gained the ability to use some of our own powers. Now a terrible, menacing combat, Ghaul pursued us and battled us across the deck of his ship. But the Light that the Cabal had stored not enough power for Ghaul to defeat us, and so, eventually, we fought him back. Continually, he re-empowered himself with the power of the Light. Every time, it would burn him back, dealing more damage to him, until eventually, our Light proved stronger. Ghaul fell, and we proved once and for all that Guardians were chosen. But this death was not the last thing we would see of him. Ghaul was able to temporarily manifest as some kind of massive avatar of himself. In his new titanic form, he believed himself to be a God. He believed himself victorious, and he told the City below to witness the dawning of a new age. And it would be the dawning of a new age, but Ghaul would not be a part of it. But he had forgotten about the greatest of humanity’s saviors, the one that would ultimately deliver us through the time of Darkness. He had forgotten about the Traveler. It was at this moment that the bonds of the cage broke, being unable to contain the new power awaking within. The Traveler arose once more, and Ghaul was burned away by its Light, before the cage and the outer shell utterly shattered. The Traveler was free. The Traveler had truly returned to life, and with that, the Guardians had all seen their powers return. And a wave of Light spread out across the universe from its return. It washed over the Caloris Spires on Mercury to Hellas Basin on Mars. To the Tangled Shore of the Reef and even to the darkest reaches of the Dreadnaught, still hanging in orbit around Saturn. It reached out, further and further into the universe, illuminating our whole galaxy. But when it finally reached the dark space beyond, it was stopped.

The Light’s return had awakened its equal. Just as the Warlock Ulan-Tan dictated, where there is Light, by the nature of the universe’s symmetry, you must also have shadow. And so it was that the ancient enemy of the Traveler, the Darkness, was also awakened once more. Before we could truly feel the repercussions of the Traveler’s return, we had one final mystery to attend to. In the new Tower, an invitation was left for us. It congratulated us on our murder of Dominus Ghaul. It was from a certain Emperor Calus, and he had invited us to join him at his Leviathan, to test ourselves. And to, as he would put it, “Grow fat from strength”. We boarded this massive vessel, which it turned out we had seen in our vision from the Traveler. The vessel had begun to consume and orbit the planetoid of Nessus, using it for fuel and sustenance. And it was clear that Calus, at this point, was a Cabal. The Cabal being the only ones capable of not only hosting a series of Cabal Soldiers, but also of designing a machine that could consume an entire planet. Beyond all of this, it was clear that Calus was indeed the former Emperor of the Cabal, the one that Dominus Ghaul had deposed. Calus then put us through a series of 3 tests in order to determine our worth as warriors, before we found ourselves standing before him in his ornate throne room. What ensued was a battle against the former Emperor, but as time went on, and the Emperor was damaged by our weapons fire. It suddenly became clear that we were not fighting the real Emperor Calus, but merely a robotic automation that was imitating him. Upon defeating the machine, we heard it speak of how it had seen a power greater than our Light, and that we should heed its word, take these rewards and grow fat from strength. We were then handsomely rewarded, and it was made clear that we had not seen the last of this mysterious Emperor Calus or these crazed automata that he would speak through. The events of the Traveler’s reawakening would be felt far and wide across the system, and would start what is known as a second Golden Age for humanity. However, the first new adventure awaiting us on the horizon would stir the return of legends and myths and would start in the blazing sands of Mercury. Osiris had returned.