Destiny 2 Lore. Part 16: The Red War

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The Age of Triumph that had born us into a brief moment of peace, was shattered irrevocably by Dominus Ghaul and his Red Legion. Who attacked the City in force, with their entire fleet. Ghaul had originally risen to power by usurping the power of the previous Cabal Emperor, and with his mentor, the Consul always at his side. The new leader of this entire civilization, had brought the full might of the Cabal War Machine to Earth. He arrived and broke through the City’s defenses, approaching the Traveler with what can best be described, as a cage. The Guardians of the City, of course responded, and as we returned from our patrol on the edges of the outer system, we were thrust directly into the conflict. It was up to us to infiltrate Dominus Ghaul’s flagship, The Immortal, and to disable it so we could launch a conclusive assault upon the vessel. But as we headed to the upper decks so that we could be extracted, we came fac to face with the Dominus himself. And he showed us the truest extent of his powers: the cage around the Traveler activated, sapping our abilities and stripping our Light from us. Once more, we were mortal, and our Ghost was left crippled. We were defenseless. As Dominus Ghaul proclaimed victory over the City, and decreed that were unworth of the Traveler’s Light. He kicked us from the deck of his ship, and let us fall to Earth.

Thus, with the single defeat ever served to the City, the Red War had begun. Darkness consumed our vision, and we received a dream from the Traveler. We dreamt of the Darkness attacking and destroying our citizens, of the Traveler’s seeding of our worlds, of the Cabal and their fleets, and a strange ship that we would come to know all too soon. And of long-lost techniques of Light, with a staff, a sword, and a shield. Finally, the vision would show us a place on Earth. It would show us a shard of some kind, that had fallen to Earth. This, as it turns out, was the Shard of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone, and it was calling to us. This was our destination. But first, we needed to leave. We made our escape from the City through the sewer pipes and underground systems, out through the wall. For an entire eight weeks, we trekked through rough terrain and Cabal-infested territory, until at last, we fell, exhausted, in a glade. We awoke to see a friendly human face. Her name was Surya Hawthorne, and she was evacuating soldiers and refugees to a place only referred to as the Farm. Upon arriving, we could see the Shard of the Traveler across the bay.

Destiny 2 Zavala in Red War

And so, we set out on a desperate quest to find out why the Traveler had called us to this place. In spite of the Fallen occupying the area and the new mortal threat that they posted to us. We pressed on, until, at last, we came to the base of the Shard. Our Ghost left quivering and broken since the activation of the cage, was suddenly empowered. And with their revitalization, a beam of power surged through them and into us. Our mortal bonds were broken, and our Light returned to us. With the brilliant new powers at our disposal, we returned to the Farm and began the inevitable duty once more of being a Guardian. Before we could fight back, though, we would need to be able to communicate with the rest of the system once more. After helping to establish this communications network, we picked up an emergency transmission from Commander Zavala, who had escaped. And had ordered all the Guardians that still lived to regroup at Saturn’s moon of Titan to prepare for a counter-attack. In spite of Surya’s insistance that we should stay, we had a clear course. If the Light still lived in us, we had to coordinate with the greated Guardian forces. The City was still at stake. And so, we took our jumpship and headded to Titan to regroup with the other Guardians. When we arrived, the Guardians were in chaos, having uncovered and entire colony of Hive on the old rigs of the New Pacific Arcology, where they had tried to create a staging area. Our first task was therefore to secure the Arcology’s maintenance rigs and to restore power to them so the base of operations could function.

After having successfully done this, we were informed by Deputy Commander Sloane of a series of intercepted Red Legion communications that they needed help decrypting. In order to speed this process, we went into the depths of the Arcology and stole one of its CPU’s, engaging in a daring escape in an old vehicle that lead us through the entire length of the central Hive colony. With the messages decrypted, we learned of the true extent of the dire situation in which we now found ourselves. The Red Legion had not only taken the City, but had also maneuvered a massive weapon emplacement into orbit around our Sun. This weapon platform was known as the Almighty, and if given the right commands. The Almighty could be used to detonate the Sun, destroying our entire system. Our plans were now complicated by this new weapon and its destructive power. But knowing that our Light had returned, Commander Zavala refused to give up. And relocated the surviving Guardian forces to the Farm. Following this, we tracked Cayde-6 to a far-flung planetoid called Nessus. The place had been completely consumed by the Vex and their infestation. And it was discovered here that Cayde had traveled to the place in an attempt to retrieve a Vex teleportation device. This would give him a means of getting close enough to assassinate Dominus Ghaul if he was successful. However, not quite understand the security systems of the teleporter or the Vex. Cayde was trapped inside an infinite loop that teleported him all over Nessus and was unable to escape. In the end, we freed Cayde with the help of a new Golden Age friend, an Al from a Golden Age vessel that crashed on Nessus long ago. Her name was Failsafe and she had somewhat of a split personality, having been degraded over time and damage. The Golden Age ship that she had crashed with was the Exodus Black, and Cayde was then teleported there. He held up against a Fallen assault, but eventually we freed him and reunited with our old friend. Cayde learned that the only one that needed to reunite with the old fireteam was Ikora, and immediately directed us to Io, which was not only where we found her, but it was also a particularly holy site for Warlocks. As it was the last place that the Traveler touched before heading to Earth during the events of the Collapse.