Destiny 2 Lore. Part 15: The Rise of Iron

It was a mostly quiet year after we had defeated Oryx, the Taken king. The Taken war had left much of the system ravaged, from the Reef to Earth to Mars to Venus. But at long last, something new began to stir. Near the end of the summer, a strange grouping of nanites appeared within the Guardian population. They offered incredible benefits to the Guardians, but they also represented a major pandemic. And so, an organization known as the Owl Sector was activated in response to this sudden occurrence. The event, which would henceforth be known as the Transmission Crisis, was merely a precursor to what would come next. The nanites had originated from a Clovis Bray laboratory on Mars, where exploring Fallen from the Hose of Devils had broken in and had discovered the location of a valuable technology: SIVA. With this, the Fallen House of Devils were on the hunt, and returned, renewed, to a long-forgotten area of the Cosmodrome. They headed into its northeastern-most sector, and rediscovered the Plaguelands. And with that, an old wolf was roused from its vigil. Lord Saladin rose to face the House of Devils and rallied the Guardians to take Felwinter peak, which had been long silent since the Iron Lord’s defeat at the hands of SIVA. As we moved to retake the mountaintop fortress at Vostok observatory. We were greeted by the proof of the new power in the House of Devils. The House had been taken over by its Splicers, the bio-engineers and body-hackers that every House holds a host of. They had resurrected an all-too familiar foe: Sepiks Prime. But Sepiks was different. Part of its shell was missing, and other parts held a new kind of metallic material that was clearly not of the Fallen’s own making. We defeated this hulking monstrosity and sent the Devils into a full retreat. When we regrouped with Lord Saladin, he told us of this once-great fortress and gave us the honor of re-igniting the ceremonial braziers within the Iron Temple, signaling the return of the Iron Lords.

We were sent deeper into the Plagelands to investigate the new source of power and the strange resurrection of Sepiks Prime. It was here that we discovered that the Fallen had taken SIVA and used it to augment themselves. For a Fallen, this would not only provide the practical advantages of making them stronger in combat, but with the Fallen’s faith and their reverence towards machines, they believed that were being elevated into demigods. Demigod or not, these cyborg Fallen were, of course, still just Fallen, and in spite of their upgrades, they were no match for us. We than pushed deeper into the Plaguelands and discovered that the Fallen had used SIVA to recreate and re-empower artillery emplacements within the Plaguelands. Posing an immanent threat to the City and the Guardians operating in the area. We stormed their position with all haste so that we might not give them a chance to cause any damage. Our time was limited, and so, we were alone. But eventually we were victorious. It was then that Lord Saladin invited us back to the Iron Temple so that he could explain the history and story of the Iron Lords to us, as well as the story of how they had died to SIVA. With this, we were sent to investigate the source of SIVA itself. So following the Cryptarc Tyra Karn, we went out to the Dust Palace on Mars. Where we would find the original labs which the Fallen had broken into. Armed with more knowledge on SIVA and having established that the Fallen had not fully mastered it.

Destiny 2 Sepiks Prime

We set out into the Plaguelands to destroy the source of the nanites. The replication complex where the Iron Lords had fought and died all those years ago, atop which was now a great Fallen fortress. It turned out that Jolder’s original explosion had not destroyed the SIVA replicator, it had merely damaged it and left it dormant. With the Fallen now exposing it, nanites were flooding the entirety of the Plaguelands once again. Snaking back and forth in vines twisting but giant, ten feet across at times. SIVA was on the move, and we had to stop it. But we also needed to get through the Fallen’s defenses, and so we sabotaged them. Not only destroying them, but also destabilizing al the SIVA in the area, significantly cutting it back. From there, we pushed into the Archon’s fortress, and found that as we headed down, the replication chamber was in reach. But when we entered the SIVA replicator, we found something far more gruesome than merely the Fallen, we found that SIVA had taken the bodies and weapons of the Iron Lords and had not killed them, but had twisted them and broken them. Transforming their bodies and weapons into horrifying mockeries of what they once were, these were SIVA Iron Lords, Light weaponized against our Light. And with that, we had no choice left but to free them and to kill the reanimated remains of these Iron Lords. Felwinter, Gheleon and Jolder met their final rest that day. With the battle won, we set the SIVA replication complex to blow, and fled with our lives as fast as we could.

Upon returning to the Iron Temple and giving Saladin Jolder’s old helmet. He knew that at long last, his friends had been laid to rest, and with this he presented us with a new sword: the Young Wolf’s Howl. Declaring us to be the first in a new generation of Iron Lords. But there was one final trial that remained. Shiro-4, the Vanguard scout assigned to the Iron Temple, intercepted a Fallen transmission coming from deep within the Plaguelands. What he had intercepted was a message from the new leader of the House of Devils, who was beckoning all the Fallen in the system to come to the Plaguelands, to a place that he was referring to as “The Perfection Complex”. He invited them to be reborn as demigods with SIVA in hand, and this could mean only one thing: if the Fallen successfully gathered an army to their cause, they would be able to push out and attack the City. Although this time, they would be empowered by the power of the SIVA, and they would not be fighting for the sake of reclaiming the Great Machine. Instead, they would strike out in the belief that they were Gods. And that they were owed the right to purge those that had wronged them, at Six Fronts, at Twilight Gap, at every opportunity. Yet again, we were forced to assemble a team. And with the 6 of us united in our cause, we struck out into the Plaguelands to shatter the Devil Splicers and their command structure. In the process of this preemptive strike, we defeated the second in command of the Splicers, known as Vosik, the Archpriest. And we dismantled a terrifying Siege Engine atop a section of the Cosmodrome Wall, which we sent plummeting into the sea. All of this before descending into the heart of the Perfection Complex itself, where the Light ended and evolution began. It was here that we awakened and challenged Aksis, the Archon Prime. The Fallen was no mere demigod, according to them. It had been completely converted from biological being into mechanical beast. To the Fallen, Aksis was a God, not a demigod, not a pretender to some prophecy, but a true, fully-fleshed God. And with this, we needed to fight and destroy this machine now. For surely, a God able to rally those to the banner cry of “I have defeated the Guardians and I will now take their City!” was all the more dangerous. And so we fought, but something that was quick to be realized by Aksis was that evolution would not be enough. That’s the thing about Light: it shines where you least expect it, and even at the Darkness where it ends, it can break through. Having broken the Splicers and left them leaderless, a new age dawned on the City. We were triumphant, and the City was secure.

And thus began what is known as the Age of Triumph. We took to celebrate our great victory over the many powers that had risen against us. The whole of the City embraced what would be a new era of short peace. The children who were once frightened by the stories no longer being told, and the dark forces that were encroaching on the system were no longer frightened at all. But the signs that this age was short-lived were already present. Eris Morn would abandon the Tower, heading out into the deep black to face the enemies of humanity once again. And in addition, the Fallen broke ranks, abandoning their old allegiances and leaving their armory and heraldry to burn. But first, humanity saw the retreat as a joyous sign of victory. The Hundred-year siege in which the City had endured at the hands of the Fallen had finally come to an end. But alas, with the siege broken, a far greater power was waiting in the wings, a power that would strike hard and fast at our ranks, and would pose the greatest challenge to us that we had ever suffered. The Age of Triumph would be closed dramatically under a red shadow led by a dominating commander. And his name would be Ghaul.