Destiny 2 Lore. Part 14: The Taken War

Wrath, behold the wrath of Oryx! Bound in fury for the death of his son! The Taken King was making his way to our system, and in time, he would make his mark upon our worlds in a manner that would be irrevocable. He would arrive in the system at Saturn’s Rings, and would immediately be met by Queen Mara Sov (featured in current Destiny 2 Season of the Lost) and a massive Awoken fleet. Though the power of their vessels allowed them  to contend with the Hive. It was the Queen’s own devastating use of a weapon known as the Harbringers that would destroy Oryx’s forces. But when  Mara gotten back to her feet, having exhausted herself  in order to clear the way. One vessel still stood: Oryx’s Dreadnaught. Upon the ship, the Taken King used the primary weapon of the vessel: allowing his Throne World to fall outwards into real space, consuming and destroying all before him. Prince Uldren was able to escape the terrible wave of the paracausal energies, but Mara was left consumed by the wave, along with the Techeuns Cali, Sedia and Suro Chi. But Mara had accomplished her part of the plan. It was now up to Eris and the army of Guardians that she had motivated to kill Oryx’s son. The system of Sol would never be the same. With these events, the Taken War had begun, we only discovered Oryx’s arrival in the system when we traveled to a Cabal base on Phobos, which was under attack by a strange, new kind of enemy. As sterile neutrino scatter filled the atmosphere and a shadowy presence moved its eyes to this part of the system.

Eris’ voice grew fearful, and then terrified. Finally, she cried out in horror at the realization that the father of her nemesis, the patriarch of the Osmium Dynasty, was here. Oryx had come. He unleashed his armies of Taken across the system, populating our worlds with the dark and sickly forms of the foes we had once known that were now corrupted by Darkness. The Taken had invaded, we quickly fled the moon of Phobos for our lives, and returned to the Tower to meet with the Vanguard. Whilst Ikora and Zavala waited, it was Cayde who would put a plan into action. He would task us with retrieving a stealth drive from the top of an old colony ship in the Cosmodrome. This stealth drive and Eris’ ship, which she had recovered from the Hellmouth, would allow us to infiltrate the Dreadnaught. Although the Stealth Drive’s malfunction led to the destruction of Eris’ ship, as Oryx used his superweapon once again. Once aboard the Dreadnaught, we disabled the weapon that had been attacking the Awoken fleet and established a beachhead from which Guardians could assault Oryx’s ship. We were, however, not alone on the vessel. A group of Cabal from the Skyburner’s Legion, led by their Primus himself, was in the process of invading the ship. But when faced with the power of Oryx, he was but a minor nuisance. Oryx took the Primus right before our eyes, but this was of little concern to us.

Oryx the Taken King

For the Cabal, though, it would be a devastating blow, and the Skyburner’s Legion would be left listless in the command of its 2 Bond brother valuses. We, however, would push further into the ship in search of Oryx, and found our way blocked by a portal that could only be accessed by an Ascendant Hive. So, in order to gain ingress, we would have to be as our enemy was: we would have to become, or at least pass for, an Ascendant Hive. We first returned to the moon and collected a portion of the crystal that once held Crota’s soul as he was being summoned back into the mortal realm. Following this, as well as the acquisition of personal stealth code from Warmind bunkers below Earth, we snuck back into Crota’s own throne world, the Oversoul Throne. The Hive were holding a death ceremony for Crota there. We snuck in and used the crystal we had gathered earlier to extract the essence of Crota’s soul. The Hive detected us, and the Taken were unleashed to fight us, but thanks to Eris and a few tricks she had learned from Toland, we were able to escape. With the essence of Crota’s soul now in tow, we returned to the Dreadnaught and were recognized by the portal as Ascendant. We journeyed deep into the heart of the Dreadnaught, and found Oryx at the center of his defenses. At his altar, we found the God-king of the Hive. And in spite of all his eons of War, and all the power at his fingertips, we prevailed. We struck down the God-king and broke his resolve upon the Anvil of our Light. Oryx was forced to make a choice. Needing to retreat, he summoned forth his power and took himself. Allowing himself to escape so that he might live to fight another day. But regardless of the fact that he had escaped, Oryx’s corporeal form had been shattered and the God-king’s blade, Willbreaker, lay broken. From the remains of the sword, Eris took a shard and gifted it to us. Allowing us to forge the first swords wielded by Guardians in generations, with a little assistance from Lord Shaxx. We had to set the Darkness within our new blades into balance and to empower them with Light. By killing the Sword of Oryx, Ectar, we were able to accomplish this. With our new blades in hand, we set to talking apart Oryx’s Taken forces within the system. Killing his Shades and his Echoes throughout the worlds that were previously ours. He could not claim any more power when we had removed his stakes in these worlds, destroying those Echoes. And with those Echoes destroyed, we would descend upon his court, weakening those that fed him power through the tithe system that the Hive ruled by. With all of his tribute weakened, finally, we set out once more to kill a God. And so, yet again, six of us went down into the depths of the Dreadnaught. Accessing Oryx’s Throne World through his court and defeating his War Priest, the beast Golgoroth and his 2 daughters, Ir Anuk and Ir Halak, before finally facing the Taken King himself. Oryx would make terrible doxologies to the Darkness and would unleash the full nature of his power against us, as the Sword Logic dictated he must. But we were able to unleash a power of our own: by defeating the Light-eater Ogres that had consumed great amounts of Light, we were able to take this and set it free, detonating each orb of Light like a bomb. This left Oryx decimated, and finally, after so many detonations had been struck, we broke the Taken King.

And unlike his son, we broke him not merely with the powers of Darkness, but instead, with the power of the Light. Sword Logic had triumphed previously, but now we had shown the strength of the Light. The inner complexities of the universe could be used instead of the simplicity on the edge of a blade. This was not Sword logic. This was Bomb logic. We slew Oryx utterly, and at long last, the Lord and Ruler of the Osmium Dynasty, the scourge of a thousand worlds and the bane of trillions upon trillions of souls was vanquished. But the legacy of this era would not soon be forgotten. Not only did we have to deal with potential contenders to the throne, such as Malok and the Darkblade, Alak-Hul. But we also found his Calcified Fragments, and stored within them, we found the records of the Books of sorrow. With these pieces and with their plans in mind, Eris took the remnants of Oryx’s Warpriest, his daughters and the ravenous heart of Oryx himself. Combining them into the weapon that the Books of sorrow spoke of. She paused for but a moment as she considered whether to create it or not. But her overwhelming desire to see her every hatred imaginable placed upon the Hive drove her onwards. And when we who aided her in its construction had seen it completed, she gifted it to us. This would be the Touch of Malice, and it would repay every torment that the Hive had dealt, but this time, in the hands of a Lightbearer. This would be the last remnant of Oryx, the means by which the God-king would live on, and by which he would be empowered. But there was also one more threat that we had to deal with. The Cabal had sent a distress signal out from their vessel, the Dantalion Exodus VI. They had crashed it into the Dreadnaught so that they might create a beachhead. But now they had retreated there, being pushed back by the remnants of the Hive and Taken forces that still swarmed the Dreadnaught. Upon clearing them from the Dantalion Exodus VI’s command center, we saw  that a message had been transmitted by the Cabal forces of the Skyburners. And upon closer inspection, the headers of the message indicated that it was for the head of the Cabal empire. In time, we would see this meanace rise, but it would be at least another 2 years before we were faced with the terrible realization of who this would be. For now, we sat and waited, secure in the knowledge of our supremacy until the next crisis loomed on the horizon.