Destiny 2. Part 13: The Wolf Rebellion

Whilst Earth was still reeling from the Hive invasion, the death of the Hive Prince Crota would not go unnoticed by the other occupants of Sol. And so it happen that the Queen of the Reef would have use of such a talented Guardian. The disgraced former Kell of the House of Wolves, Skolas the Rabid, was released by The Nine, for reasons unknown. The 9 are a strange and shadowy organization found to be Dark Matter made manifest, but their intensions have always been alien to us. It is unclear why Skolas was released by them, but perhaps in time we will discover. They also gifted him a Ketch, allowing him to effectively begin to reassemble his old House.

Mara’s Usurpation of the Fallen Wolves had always been an interesting question of loyalty for those who swore allegiance to her, and the Fallen who had joined her had now betrayed her, rejoining their old Kell, Skolas. The Wolves would make an unsuccessful attempt on Mara’s life, which in spite of failing, did cost the lives of many Awoken Corsairs. At this, Mara would know no boundary to vengeance, and her fury would be legendary. She opened the Reef to the Guardians, and petitioned them to hunt down the treacherous Fallen Wolves and their terrible Kell, Skolas. Our search began with the assistance of Petra Venj, the Queen’s Wrath. She would send us to the remains of the House of Winter stronghold on Venus, where Skolas was proclaiming himself to be the Kell of Kells. According to tales, the Kell of Kells would unite all of the Houses, all Ketches would be bent to him, and at last, he would be acknowledged by the Great Machine, the Traveler itself. We quickly tore into him and his forces, and whilst he was able to both escape and pull the House of Winter into his fold. We were able to follow him to his next target, the House of Devils. Here, instead of direct usurpation, Skolas attempted a subtler tactic: he used the assassins of the Silent Fang to try and eliminate the leadership of the House. This would have left a power vacuum, which Skolas could have stepped into, and thus, used it to gain control of the House. However, the Devils were prepared for him, and we found our way into the Cosmodrome and traced back the Silent Fang. Eventually, destroying them and giving Skolas no claim over the House of Devils. With this, Skolas pursued yet another House, and went after the House of Kings. Attempting to forge a diplomatic alliance between the 2 so that he could keep his Kellship afloat. We interrupted this meeting between the King’s and the Wolves’ Barons and slew them all where they sound. Ending Skolas’ hope of attaining the support of any other Houses in the system.

With no further Fallen to support his claim, Skolas changed tactics, and this time, attempted to claim weaponry that would afford him a significant advantage. It is here that he turned to the technology of the Vex, and to the infamous Vault of glass. Amongst its confines, Skolas would find copious amounts of Vex technology, thanks to the weakened architecture of this place now that we had raided it. The mighty fortress was still able, however, to commit and create Oracles to the situation, and Skolas was attempting to capture and use them, with some degree of success, as well, it is worth adding. However, we destroyed these Oracles and denied Skolas the chance to use their power. With almost no more options, Skolas ascended to the top of the Vex citadel, a mighty and gravity-defying structure on Venus. There, he would hold his ground for a final stand. We pursued him, and even though he was able to use the Vex technology to pull the House of Wolves soldiers through time to his location. Skolas was unable to hold us back. A simple Kell is nothing to a Guardian prepared, and Skolas fell before us, laid low and left vulnerable for capture by the agents of the Reef. After being rewarded by Mara Sov and told of the thanks the Reef would sing, we had the respect of a monarch, and a powerful ally was forged with the City. We would go on to defeat Skolas in one final combat. He languished yet again in the Prison of Elders, but his trials would be one in the ways of old: a trial by combat. And therefore, we would be his judge, jury and executioners. And in this trial by combat, there would be no mercy, and we would destroy the former Kell of the House of Wolves once and for all. But this was not the enduring legacy of Skolas. Instead, it was his final conversation with Mara that would be of concern. His last words would be of a Dark-binder and a Light-snuffer. They left him whimpering in fear. But with his fear, Mara would know well enough who he was speaking of. Her, Eris and Osiris would all meet in secret to plan for what was to come next. Skolas’ words were but another confirmation of what Mara already knew. A terrible shadow loomed on the horizon, and they needed to prepare for it. A plan was devised to defeat the coming threat. But it would come at great cost. For now, another monarch was approaching, and he desired one thing- vengeance.