Destiny 2 Lore. Part 12: The Dark Below

In our short time as Guardians, we had already accomplished what some believed to be impossible. But our duty as Guardians had only just begun. It was hardly a few months into our new lives when the first of the may crises that would come our way would rear its ugly head. That challenge was the rising Hive invasion on the moon that would now be spurred into action by its new Ascendant champion, the Hive Prince, Crota. His horde would rise to start their incursion on Earth. And the invasion would be one of terrible consequences, were it not for a single lost soul that returned to us – Eris Morn, the last. She had been lost within the Hellmouth for so long that with the impending danger of Crota’s invasion, she managed to escape and made her way back to the Tower, where she would be able to warn us of the coming invasion. Though Zavala and the Speaker saw her new eyes, torn from an Acolyte, to be a sign of corruption. Ikora Rey, the Hidden Leader, was pleased to see her agent return alive, and rightly trusted her to remain loyal to the Tower in this time a great need.

Eris would then direct us in a series of skirmishes and tactical strikes to defeat the invading forces of Crota with Exotic Weapons and to stop the invasion before it could get worse. First, we were directed to attack Sarden, the Fist of Crota, the commander of his armies on Earth. After breaking him and leaving him ruined with the caverns below the Cosmodrome. We then decided to interfere with an attack on the systems of Rasputin that would lead us into a new place known as the Seraphim Vault. If Omnigul and her forces were able to control the Warmind, or even merely disable it, then the victory of the Hive would be almost assured. The battle for the Warmind was brief, and there was a moment at which the Might of Crota was summoned into the fray. Omnigul directing this massive Ogre’s rage in our direction was of no use, however, and the Hive were yet again, struck down. And here, there was an opening for a perfect counter-attack. Crota’s soul was in the process of being summoned forth from the Ascendant Realm so that he could once again lead the armies of the Hive. Now was our opportunity to expel him back into the Sea of Screams and to deny his assault entirely. We headed deep into the Hellmouth, into one of the darkest chambers, and discovered his lair, and defeated him in our mortal realm. Our task was not yet finished, though. Crota would still be able to reach out into our realm with the many appendages of power that he held under the control.

The other various Hive that languished throughout Earth. Our next task was to sever these servants from our world and to destroy Crota’s power in our domain. The greatest of these servants would not be his Eyes or his Hand or his Heart-it would be his Will. Omnigul, the mother of his spawn, a Hive Witch of terrible power. But even she was not powerful enough to stop us, and now with Crota’s power dwindling in the material realm, our war against him could have been considered at least somewhat over. However, there was no guarantee that the minions of Crota, as well as Crota himself, would not simply rise and return in another time, they were a disease, festering in the heart of the moon, and we needed to be the fever that would burn them out. But beyond just this, there was not merely the safety of the City to consider: Eris asked us to do one last thing for her, and she asked us to do it so that she might finally see vengeance for her friends and her fireteam. So we see out on a journey to raid the depths of the Hellmouth as they once had and to defeat Crota once and for all. 6 of us went down into the pit, traveling to one of the darkest places in all our worlds – The Stills. The Darkness here was complete and oppressed our Light at every turn, slowing us so that we might be dragged into the swarm of Hive Thrall that awaited us. We fought through the Darkness with enemies surrounding us at every interval, until we finally arrived at the Keyhole. A gateway from our reality into the Ascendant plane. We held the bridge, opened the way, and stepped through. On the other side, we were greated by Darkness and a sky of green fire.

We had taken our first steps into the Ascendant Realm, and we now stood within Crota’s own Sword World, the Oversoul Throne. It was crucial that we killed Crota here and nowhere else, for to truly kill an Ascendant Hive, you must kill them within their Throne Realm. Any other death would not be true, and would simply leave them regenerating here in time. Now here we had to slay him, and in this place, we need to use the Logic of the Sword in order to slaughter him, we proved our competence not only by crossing one side of his Ascendant Realm via the use of a bridge, most literally demonstrating our use of the Sword Logic. But also by slaying Ir Yut, the Deathsinger. We then summoned the Hive champion to combat , and faced our very first God. It is crucial here to remember something Toland once said on the nature of Hive Swords. He said that any other weapon of the Hive, such as a Boomer or a Shredder, only kills acyclically, that they send out harm, and take nothing back. When the Boomer’s fire is all but gone, it is nothing. And when the Shredder’s ammunition has been discharged, it is no more than axion and neutrino scatter. But the sword – the sword foes on. The sword is like a bridge, it binds wielder to victim. It binds life to death. And when the binding is done, the sword remembers, and would be hunger and sharper for it. This is the logic that rules the Hive, the Logic of the Sword, where the ultimate shape of the universe would be one made sharp over eons of slaughter. It was once Toland’s sage advice to Eris that should they seek power in their quest at any point to conquer the Hive in their own Throne World. It would be best to remember that the ultimate arbiter in the realms of the Hive would be that of a sword made sharp with the blood of the conquered. Blood that had been spilled over millenia. And so, we used these weapons. We slew Crota’s Sword-Bearers in their own realm and claimed their blades, giving us access to a weapon that could destroy a God. And so with our Light, we stunned the God-prince, and with the weapons of the Hive, with his own sword, we sundered him from existence. At long last, Eris fireteam would know some form of peace, and Wei Ning’s death, as well as Eriana’s, had been avenged. But woe to those that believed our struggle to be over, for at the moment of his death, Crota cried out across the night, and soon, the night would answer.