Destiny 2 Lore. Part 11: The Awakening

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It was now in a time of great need that we were risen into this world. But even as we took our first steps, we were in grave danger. After evading the Fallen, we found an old Arcadia jumpship capable of taking us to the Last Safe City. Guided by our Ghost, we made our way past mountains and through storms, and it was here that were informed of the true mission of every Guardian: to push back the Darkness, and to assist each other and fight for the Light. We would go and assist Guardians on Earth and beyond, but first we needed to head back to the Cosmodrome to slay Riksis. Riksis was an Archon Rising of the House of Devils, and from his remains, we claimed a near-lightspeed drive, which allowed our old jumpship to head out further into the system and to travel to other worlds. It was then that we explored the abandoned Cosmodrome and found not only that the Fallen were trying to break through the firewalls of a fragment of the Warmind Rasputin. And a fragment of which was located in the Cosmodrome on Earth, but also, it was when we discovered a Hive nesting ground. This nest had been built into the old Skywatch of Earth, and it was led by a Witch who we killed. The Ghost, handily assumed and deducted that the Witch had to have come from the moon. We also reactivated an old array station, unintentionally connecting the fragment of Rasputin to system all across Sol. Finally, we took on the Fallen Devils in their home turf, defeating their High Servitor, Sepiks Prime, and dealing a crippling blow to the house. For a fledgling Guardian to accomplish such feats was not unheard of, but it would be wrong to state that we hadn’t gained the attention of a few important individuals.

Next, we decided to follow up on what we discovered in the Skywatch, and ventured out to the moon to discover what was happening, and how the Hive had made it to Earth. Here we discovered a Hive temple known as the Temple of Crota. And after defeating its dark wardens, we retrieved a captured Ghost who had died, but had learned of a Hive plan to invade Earth. Investigating this further led us to infiltrate the Hive fortress known as the Hellmouth, where we discovered a Hive information database, known as the World’s Grave. This contained all the knowledge imaginable on the Hive and their plans. The World’s Grave indicated that the Hive had been preparing to unleash their forces on Earth for centuries, and that their plans were nearing fruition. It was our job, then, to blunt the Hive offensive in any manner we could, and from here, we then ventured back into the Hive fortress for several sorties. The first of which allowed us to destroy the physical manifestation of the Hive Champion Crota’s sword, and venturing deeper into the inner recesses of the fortress allowed us to destroy a shrine to Oryx himself and defeat its guardian, Sardok. Finally, however, we received  a desperate communication from the Speaker. Stating that they believed that the Hive were engaged in a ritual that was draining the Traveler of its Light. We immediately rushed back to the Temple of Crota to infiltrate the fortress once again and stop the ritual. But it was here that were greeted by a mysterious voice: the Exo Stranger. She told us that there were worse enemies than the Hive, and that we should go down and face them, and that if we survived, we should meet her in the Ishtar Sink on Venus. Having heard the words of the mysterious figure, we successfully stopped the ritual, which as it turns out, was draining the Light of the Traveler through the use of one of its own broken shards. But our job was not complete.

Following the warning that there were worse foes than this out in the world, we headed to the Ishtar Sink on Venus and discovered, for the first time, the Vex. Following the warning that there were worse foes than this out in the world, we headed to the Ishtar Sink on Venus and discovered, for the first time, the Vex. It is here, after slaying them en masse, that we discovered Elsie Bray, better known as the Exo Stranger. Elsie’s identity would be a mystery to us for years to come, and it was only when we would rediscover her sister, Ana Bray, that we would ever get any note from Elsie in particular. But it was worth knowing that Elsie had our break, even if she didn’t even have time to explain why she didn’t have time to explain. She told us that in order to stop the Vex and to stop a greater Darkness, we needed to head to the Black Garden, where the Vex were born. We were informed that only after defeating the heart of the Black Garden would our Traveler begin to heal. The only ones who knew the location of the Black Garden were the Awoken, and so we headed out to the Reef to meet them. They were, at first, very unwilling to work with us, and even greeted us with contempt, but Mara Sov sought an agreement with us. And so, Prince Uldren informed us that we would be allowed to enter the Black Garden only if a key was forged. And in order to do that, the Awoken would need the head of a Vex Gate Lord. And so, we would need to head back to Venus to track one down. In order to do this, we would need to know more about the Vex as a whole, and so we ambushed a Cyclops and stole its mind core. Then, taking it to a nearby, abandoned Ishtar Collective facility to study it. From here, we discovered the true nature of the Vex and realized they were capable of traveling through time. And that they could organize and coordinate their attacks across many different timelines within seconds.

Following this, we also worked to secure Venus better against the Fallen that had infested it. And, it was at this moment that an Ishtar collective laboratory was being broken into by the House of Winter. The Cryptarch, Master Rahool, convinced us to enter and defend this place so that the secrets within could not be stolen by the Vex. It was also here that we learned of the Vault of Glass for the first time. Tracing back the Fallen intruders, we discovered a Ketch belonging to the House of Winter and boarded it, killing not only many members on its crew, but also its leader, the Kell of the House of Winter. Finally, we went to the Infinite Steps and beseigned the Gate Lord Zydron, taking its head and bringing it back to the Awoken Queen. Prince Uldren then extracted the eye of the Gate Lord, allowing us to impersonate it and enter the Black Garden. However, the Eye itself needed to be charged, and so we were told the location of the Black Garden and sent upon our way. We took the Eye with us, knowing that this was our only chance of getting inside. We eventually found the gate to the Black Garden within Meridian Bay’s greater region known as the Valley of the Kings. The gate was massive and omnious, and even pulsed with some kind of strange power, but we could not access it immediately. This time, we would need to find more about what was going on, and so we investigated Mars. First, we looked more into the Vex, and realized that they were returning home here, and that the Black Garden and Mars were in fact the origin of the Vex.

And we also investigated the Dust Palace, a place where the Cabal had been invading and were attempting to coopt a Warmind system. It was there that we checked the subsystem in question and found that it was occupied by none other than the fragment of Rasputin that we had earlier been facing on Earth. Finally, we discovered a way of charging the Gate Lord’s Eye and defeating the Primus of the Blind Legion in our quest to utilize a Vex spire to accomplish this. The Vex spire was within the heart of Cabal territory, and so we had to raid a heavily armed and defended base, but we were successful nonetheless. And now was our chance to assault the Black Garden for good. As we made our assault, we made our way through copious numbers of Vex frames that were clearly ancient. But as we entered the Black Garden, these ancient frames were covered in moss. Such was the way of the Black Garden: it was a place where life flourished. But something dark had infected the heart of this place, and had infected the Vex as well. Not being able to comprehend it, the Vex had taken to worshiping it. This primordial thing that we faced in the Heart of the Black Garden was not well understood. But it is best believed to be some festering remnant of the Darkness that was dimming the Light of the Traveler. It was an imposter. An assailant. A villain. And we needed to destroy it. And so we did. It started to slave Vex mids to its will, and it began to awaken mighty Vex champions. But in doing so, it bound itself to these physical forms, and as we defeated each one of them, the Heart of the Black Garden began to die. When finally it was destroyed, Light returned to the System and the Traveler, and the Speaker began to call us home. We sat in the Tower for but another small moment, and received a mysterious token from the Stranger, who appeared spontaneously. The token was her rifle, and with that, she told us that there were many other terrible, dark things out in the system, and so, we moved on.

But our first few adventures were not just yet completed. There was one more that we would see to. The vengeance of Kabr, Pahanin and Praedyth. The Vault of Glass had laid dormant since that fireteam raided its inner depths and was repelled. But it was now our fate to take on this challenge. We descended into Darkness with 5 other Guardians, and using the Aegis left being by Kabr. We defeated the Templar and its oracles, made our way though the Gorgon’s labyrinth and descended into the heart of the Vault. Finally discovering the Glass Throne. It was at the heart of this place that we encountered the true power of the Hezen Lords. That power was Aetheon, Time’s Conflux. A Vex frame capable of manipulating the threads of time itself, sending both its minions and us backwards and forwards in time. But with the Kight, we had learned to wield and express our might, and it showed us clearly one thing. Even though Atheon commanded the threads of fate itself, we were Guardians, and we were above such petty causality. For Guardians sampled the truth of paracausality, the power of the Light and Dark applied to us as well, and we were able to manipulate the fabric of the universe with our very will. Guardians would not have their fate made for them. Guardians would make their own fate. And so Atheon was defeated, and the Vault of glass was sundered. At long last, the fireteam that had entered so long ago could all be put to rest. But this was only our first adventure, and there were many more on the horizons. The first of which would set off a chain of events that would culminate not only in our strengthening and the renewal of yet more Light, but it would result in the death of Gods and Kings.