Destiny 2 Beginner Guide

Hello, guardian. If you just started playing the game and have no idea what to do, this short Destiny 2 Beginner’s guide is for you. The first thing you are going to be asked to do is pick a class. We have a separate Destiny 2 Classes guide. If we’re going to describe classes in 1 sentence here though: Titans like smashing things. Hunters are all about precision and stealth. And Warlock uses “space magic”. That’s a very rough estimation of course. But don’t stress too much over picking a class – you can create 2 more characters from two other classes. Once you’ve made your first decision  – customize the look of your character. You can choose to display your face in public places or hide it behind the helmet.

When you’re done establishing your character’s looks – the game will drop you in a starting area called “The Cosmodrome”. Beginning story missions are very easy to understand and straightforward in their direction.

Soon you’re gonna meet friendly guardian Shaw and open your first chest that will reward you with a piece of loot.That’s your first taste of Destiny 2 loot system. You can read our guide on loot rarity and its effects here. But basically it goes like
White (Common) -> Green (Uncommon) -> Blue(Rare) – > Purple (Legendary) -> Yellow (Exotic)

Loot comes from engrams – “hexagonal” objects you can see on the ground. To pick it up – simply walk over them. Colour of the engram correlates with colour/quality of loot.

You’ll mostly get Rare loot in the beginning, with more Legendaries and Exotics later on.
When playing initial quest – you will probably notice that you have some abilities: grenades, special melee and class ability. These abilities depend on the class you picked and which subclass you’re on. You can open your menu, go into subclass and choose between different grenades, class abilities and jumps. You also have “Nodes” that you can choose from with different perks. 

There’s a lot to choose from when you’re building your character, but since you only have 1 subclass and very straightforward quest in the beginning – you can just use what you got and take a look at it later.

As you move forward you’re gonna complete your first Lost Sector and get your first heavy weapon – rocket launcher.

There are 3 different weapon types in Destiny 2 – primary weapon, special weapon and heavy weapon. 

Primary weapons include things like auto rifles, submachine guns, hand cannons, scout rifles etc. with plenty of ammo to use.

Special weapons are more powerful. They include things like shotguns, fusion rifles, sniper rifles etc. but their “green” ammunition is more limited. 

And then heavy weapons include things like heavy grenade launchers, rocket launchers, linear fusion rifles and swords and they use even more limited “purple” heavy ammo. Although you can increase the number of purple ammo you acquire by using certain mods in gear.

Destiny 2 Character Screen

After completing the lost sector you will also be awarded your first legendary weapon. You can read more on legendary weapons in the corresponding guide.

From there you’re gonna continue yourquestline. You will probably stumble upon public events in the open world. These can be seen on the map. All these public events have special trigger to turn them into heroic mode. That gives better rewards and more experience. You can also spot “high value targets” – rare mobs, that will give additional chest with loot when killed.

If you continue the initial quest you will end up in the Tower. This is the main social hub in Destiny 2 where you can meet other players and interact with important NPCs. We have a separate fast guide on Tower NPCs. But in the beginning the game will introduce you to the majority of the. You will go from one NPC to another picking up rewards. Ikora Rey will give you the first legendary ghost shell. Similar to armor you can upgrade it to get perks.

Talking to cryptarch Master Rahool will unlock the Seasonal system. Every time you unlock the next season pass level you are gonna get a reward. To check your season pass progression go to “Seasons” tab of your menu. You are going to increase your seasonal rank by getting experience. And the best way to do it currently is to do bounties. You can buy them with glimmer – that most common resource acquired mostly from killing mobs. When you complete a bounty by finishing its objective you get experience. It’s a good idea to grab and complete bounties whenever possible.

After that you will need to complete a strike – solo/party PvE mission. When you come back after strike all main NPCs will have their full spectre of options/engagement unlocked. At this point Destiny 2 Intro is considered complete and you can dive into the game in whatever manner you want.

So what do we recommend for beginners? Play through the campaigns first (assuming you have them purchased or included in your Destiny 2 edition). There are 3 actual campaigns in D2 now – “Forsaken”, “Shadowkeep” and “Beyond Light”. We recommend completing them in this order before you start doing other things. Why? First of all you’re gonna get the context of Destiny 2 universe, get acquainted with it’s universe and characters. And by finishing all 3 of them you’re gonna increase your Power level significantly and get close to soft cap. Power is most important metric of your character strength. We have a separate Power guide you can check later.

Destiny 2 Director

You can start these campaigns by selecting the destination where the campaign takes place. “Forsaken”is located at Tangled shore. “Shadowkeep” is located on the Moon, and third and the newest one, “Beyond light”, which is located on Europa. When you select the destination in your director, you are able to launch the campaign. When you finish these campaigns, you have a much better understanding not only of the story and the universe of Destiny 2, but about game systems as well. Also after finishing campaigns you will get access to certain Exotic weapons that you can acquire by completing respective quests.

After that we recommend you focus on increasing character’s Power. 

Hope you enjoyed this brief guide for new players in Destiny 2.