Guardians in Destiny 2 fear again that the safes are too small for Witch Queen

In Destiny 2, Guardians would be lost without their safe. You can use this item bank to store your weapons and armor collections and change them as you wish. Therefore, Guardians now fear that they may run out of space in Witch Queen.

What problem could you face? Since the new big expansion “The Witch Queen” is imminent at the beginning of next year, guardians fear a lack of safe spaces. Many are realizing that with the disappearance of the Content Vault, a wider range of weapons and armor can be collected.

Despite the relatively large safe with 500 spaces, many players have already reached their limits. This suggests gloomy times in vault management.

Witch Queen could make the space shortage problem worse

In the current Season of the Lost, a new weapon and armor element has been added – the “stasis element”. Since Bungie has weakened builds like “Charged with Light” and “War Spirit Cells” through sandbox changes, they would rather focus on the new mods of the elementary sources.

Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the safe. Many Guardians want to be prepared for any situation. That means, in the worst case, every element has to be represented on every exo. That provides flexibility in combat, but the safes are full to the brim.

Witch Queen could make it worse: The expected expansion could bring the barrel to overflowing. In “Witch Queen” there will be a new type of weapon, the so-called glaive. In addition, the long-awaited gunsmiths will be published. Many Guardians should already notice here that the safe, which is already full to the brim, will eventually reach its limits.

That is a dilemma at the highest level. Are you now forced to delete your God Rolls to make room for new guns? Or do you prefer to hold onto the old items and forego the new weapons? Neither of these optimal options.

What does the community say about it? The topic of the safes flares up again and again. In the end, however, that went under when the content vault was still active.

Since almost all armor is now playable, Guardians look to the future and realize that problems could arise. You are afraid that your safe might not be enough as many items are taking up space.

Finally we are in a loot shooter. Why should you have to worry about which pieces of jewelry you should and shouldn’t take apart?

Has Bungie commented on that? Joe Blackburn, the game director of Destiny 2, mentioned in an interview that it is not that easy to create more places in the vault. Much is networked with one another. There could be massive problems.

Strong items that you have grinded for a long time could possibly disappear. It is not yet possible to foresee whether there will be a solution to the problems. By the beginning of next year at the latest, it will show whether the safe will be enough or burst at the seams.

What do you think of the safe? Do you need more space and would you even buy seats for silver?

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