Destiny Lore. Part 1: Birth of The Hive

The ancient story of Destiny starts not with Humanity and not with Earth. The records from this time supposedly date back millions of years, with a record of histories and ceremony kept by the Hive, known only as the Books of Sorrow. The veracity of these accounts is sometimes thrown into question, with one of the Hive gods even scrawling in its pages that they are full of lies. But, as it stands, these books represent our only record of a series of times from millions, to potentially hundreds of millions of years ago. That would otherwise be lost and unrecognizable to us. And so, with nothing else to tell us any better, and armed with the knowledge that these records may be imperfect, we must start with the records made in the Books of Sorrow.

The Hive


Not on Earth, but on a distant, shadowed world called Fundament. Fundament was a gas giant, one so massive that its gravity could pull other planets down beneath its clouds, where they would impact on its surface oceans. The remains of these planets would form into continents, and on these continents, life – of a sort – would struggle to carve out an existence. The smallest form of life on Fundament was that of the Krill, and they were constantly under threat from the harsh world upon which they lived. There were many nations of Krill, and one such nation was the Osmium Court. And their king, its ruler, was about to be put through dire straits. Their king was ten. A long and withering existence for the short-lived Krill, save for their mother-spawn, who lived significantly longer. The king of the court had 3 offspring; Xi Ro, the youngest, who aspired to the ways of combat, so she might seek adventure and defend her people. Sathona, the wisest, one who wished to consume the Royal Jelly and become a long-lived mother so that she could learn all of the secrets of the world. And Aurash, the eldest, she, who was to become the next ruler of the Osmium court. She, who was to take the King-Morph, and to replace her aging father. Though they could not possibly know it, these 3 siblings would change the universe forever. And would be led down a path of destruction so great that it would shake the foundations of reality itself.


These all began with their father’s assassination. Their father was senile at the time. Most Krill who were long-lived would die at the age of 8, but at 10 years old, the king was being driven to madness. But to some, it was evident that there was at least some method in his madness. He would study the sky, raving of moons above Fundament’s eternal storm clouds. And always, he was accompanied by his familiar, a white, worm-like thing that was dead, but had washed up from the sea depths. In a state of despondence and in response to the king’s consistent  madness, Taox, a mother of the Osmium court, wrote to their arch-enemies, the Helium-drinkers. Begging for them to kill the king of the Osmium court and to slay his 3 offspring, offering to rule as a regent for them beneath their command in his stead. The Helium-drinkers happily accepted, and slew the Osmium king, but they were not fast enough to slay his progeny. Xi-ro, Sathona and Aurash fled with their father’s familiar, and took a ship out onto the great oceans of Fundament. Upon its mast, they swore in blood that in their lifetimes, they would return to the Osmium court an avenge their father, kill Taox and the Helium-drinkers and understand the doom that their father spoke of as he raved in what many believed to be madness, but the sisters were slowly starting to realize might well be something to be concerned of. The doom that their father spoke of was later divined by Aurash, who remembered the last words that her father had said to her- namely, that the moons were different, and that the laws were bent. He made a sign representing a Zyzygy, and it was this that revealed to Aurash the nature of their doom-in the skies above Fundament, there were 52 moons in orbit, but if all of them fell into the correct alignment, they would pull in the same directions all at once, and they would therefore pull the vast waters of Fundament’s oceans into a massive bulge beneath where they lay. Wgen the combined force of their gravitational pull passed, the mass of water would then be dispersed in all directions, in the form of a tidal wave that would swallow whole civilizations- A God wave. Their quest was now even more urgent. Xi-ro, Sathona and Aurash needed to not only defeat the traitors, but to save their world and their people from extinction. In their extended travels , they found a great crashed ship, an artifact of a bygone era, an artifact of a greater civilization. This was not necessarily a sea-faring ship – it was potentially a space-faring one. It was the Needle, and they had only found it thanks to the whispering of their  father’s worm, which was now held by Sathona. The dead familiar that the king had always brought with him was apparently able to communicate with her. And with its advice, they held onto the Needle instead of selling it.

Destiny The Hive

The Descent

They then took a further 2 years not only to repair the ship’s systems, but also to deeply understand him. But as 2 years passed, Sathona grew worried . She believed that they would not have the time they needed to see the dream of their vengeance realized. It is then that Aurash stated that they should dive. They had long since learned that they could use the ship to charge the immeasurable depths of Fundament’s oceans, and Aurash believed that below the waves, closer to the planet’s core, they might find answers. Xi-ro protested, remembering the bodies of the shop’s prior owners, and how something from down in the depths had clearly caused their ruin. But Sathona, who had heard the worm familiar whisper to her of the plan’s brilliance, agreed with Aurash. And so the descent began. Through the crushing  depths and past terrifying beasts, the siblings ventured until they came to a still place. Here they monitored the waves above, and the sensors of the ship stated that their fears of a Zyzygy were indeed true. It was indeed coming to pass, and it was at that moment that they encountered the Leviathan. A creature as massive as the continents of their childhood, and it spoke to them, urging them to turn away from the depths of Fundament and from the deep itself. The Leviathan’s voice was booming inside their heads, massive, forceful and determined, at first. But when finally it was exhausted by the protests of Aurash and Xi ro, Sathona would state that they should dive. Her justification was completely clear at this point: she stated the she was guided by her father’s familiar, and that this is what had given them hope. Whilst the Leviathan only wished for them to return to the surface of Fundament to live short lives and die. And so, they continued to dive deeper down into the crushing depths of Fundament’s core.

Worm Gods

And down in those depths, Aurash found herself standing unprotected  on the hull of the ship. But in spite of the immense pressure and heat, she was unharmed. Before her there were 5 massive creatures. They were the Worm gods. Yul, the honest worm, Xol, the will of thousands, Ur, the Ever-hinger, Eir, the keeper of order and Akka, the worm of secrets. Ancient creatures that served the deep, or as we now know it, the Darkness. Yul offered Aurash and her sisters a bargain, and told them that the worm gods had been trapped in Fundament’s core for eons by the Leviathan. The bargain was simple: they would be granted immortal life by consuming the children of the worm gods, but they have to always obey their nature as beings. Xi ro would be perpetually attempting to test her strength. Sathona, her cunning, and Aurash, her knowledge of the universe, and her explorations of it. The sisters accepted the bargain, and took the worm god’s larvae back to the surface once they had all chosen new morphs and new names. Xiro, Sathona and aurash ceased to be. And with that, the birth of the Acsendant hive gods, Xivu Arath, Savathun and Auryx was complete. With Xivu arath taking up the Knight morph, Savathun taking up the mother morph, and auryx, the king morph. They rose again to the surface of Fundament, feeding the Worm god’s children to any Krill that would follow them, and killing the rest. The war they brought to the surface eventually engulfed all of Fundament, with the survivors falling back to Kaharn Atoll, the worm gods eventually rose to the surface with them, and escaped Fundament with the forces of the sisters. They pursued Taox, the Sterile mother, who had betrayed the Osmium dynasty, to one of Fundament’s icy moons.


On that moon the worm gods discovered that there was another race inhabiting it, known as the Ammonite.And that there was also a 53 moon hanging above its orbit. Although technically this was not a moon at all. It was a divine presence of the Deep’s polar opposite. It was a presence of the sky, or the light, as we  better know it. And what was the presence? The traveler. The krill and the worm gods undertook a campaign of annihilation against the Ammonite, Taox and the traveler. And whilst the Taox would escape during the campaign, the siblings of the Osmium dynasty, especially Auryx, learned of the ways of the Sword logic, and embraced a dark power, making them even more terrifying and giving Taox good reason to flee. During the war, though, Auryx was struck with ideals of pacifism, which enraged the worm gods. They believed in the ideals of the sword logic, that life should be tested against life, that only the strong should remain. And eventually this hunger was starting to gnaw at his soul, and lead him back into the fray. But even after this he still offered to parlay with the Ammonite on neutral ground. It was then that the worm gods demanded Savathun teach him, and teach him she did. She betrayed Auryx. She killed him. But Auryx did not die. Instead he awoke in his Throne world, a part of the Ascedeant realms, an alternate dimension where the Hive ascendance go when they die. It is only in this Ascedant realm that he could truly be killed, and whilst Auryx was recovering, Aavathun went to the neutral ground and poisoned it. Killing the representatives of the Ammonite that were meant to meet at the point to parlay for peace. Before the war was won, the Leviathan came forth from the depths of Fundament, and was slain by the forces of the deep in a final battle of Fundament’s moons that shook the worlds to their core.

Birth of The Hive

After burrowing out of the worlds they had conquered, and muliplaying at a great pace, the krill would take up a new name as a species and would be referred to from this moment until time ended as The Hive. They strengthened their resolve and battled each other for over 20000 years, and then, at last, they set out stronger. And they set out a campaign of genocide across the universe, fighting many different species and bringing all of them to their end, finding them unworthy of the sword logic’s challenge, the test, that states life should exist with strength. However, they encountered a problem, as auryx discovered that the more they fought, the more the hunger of their worms expanded. And so they faced the threat that they would not be able to satisfy their worm’s insatiable hunger. This put the supposed “immortality” that the worm gods had offered them into context, but beyond just this, it set the stage for a greater threat that as looming on the horizon…