Destiny Lore. Part 2: Oryx

Oryx Emerging

An alien empire known as the Ecumene came to face the power of the siblings. They have diverted all of their resources into a campaign of utter annihilation against the hive, Responding with overwhelming force whenever Auryx, Savathun or Xivu arath appeared. They knew exactly how to defeat the hive, and this was no coincidence, because they were being guided in that method of destruction by Taox, the traitor-mother. Eventually  the siblings were beaten back so much that they were left with no strength to go on fighting. They gathered in Auryx’s throne world and assessed their options. Whilst Xivu Arath wanted to retreat and gather strength, and Savathun wanted to beg the worm gods for more power. At this point Auryx knew the logic of the sword better than them both, and knew that they needed to aggressively proclaim their right to exist through war and death. As this truth was affirmed, a plan of action was devised. In this plan Auryx slew his 2 sisters and by the sword logic, became more powerful by proving his might over them. With their true deaths under his wing, Auryx went to Akka, the worm god of secrets, and told him that he wished to receive the secrets of the deep. When Akka said he gave no secrets, Auryx rebuffed the worm god, and stated that giving was for the sky. And that he had to take what he wanted, even if it meant killing Akka, even through Akka was his god. And so Auryx slew Akka the worm god , and from his ruin he pulled the secret of communing with the deep. He recorded that secret on a series of tablets known as the tablets of ruin and hung them about his waist. Following this, he used the secret to enter the deep itself, and whilst his speech with the deep was not recorded, what is known is this: When he emerged from the deep, he pronounced that he was Auryx no longer. Instead he was Oryx the taken king, and that he had the power to take life and make it his own. It was at this moment that Auryx went out into the universe and unleashed his new powers upon the Ecumene forces, namely, his new ability to take, which allowed him to abduct his enemies, corrupt them with darkness and return them as compliant slaves, bound to his will and given new abilities thanks to the power of the sword logic. It was too much for the Ecumene, and eventually, they were pushed back and slaughtered.

Destiny Oryx

Oryx’s projeny

It is here that Oryx enacted 2 peculiar hive resurrections: in spite of their deaths being true, both Xivu arath and Savathun are returned to life. Each of them respectively summoned back with war and trickery. The Ecumene were eradicated so completely after this that only in the Books of Sorrow and in the mind of Taox, who yet again had evaded their capture, were they even remembered. All note of them, all memory, all trace was wiped from the universe. Following this, Oryx would have moments and time to commune with the darkness, thanks to the rituals recorded on the tablets of ruin. And the darkness would show him terrible, dream-like hallucinations replicating his childhood. And teaching him to be yet more brutal, to embrace the sword logic even further. Oryx also learned that Xivu Arath and Savathun were at this moment conspiring to leave him stranded on his expedition into the deep. Despite this, he was brought back, and when he was brought back, he endeavored to bring sons and daughters into this world, so that he might love and kill them. So that all would be empowered and strengthened. The first of these children was Crota, the eater of hope, who’s strength was unparalleled, and who would one day rise to be one of the greatest champions of the hive. The second was Nocris, who was feeble in strength, but strong in mind, more of a wizard than a knight unlike his demon brother. The third and fourth of his children came from a single Larvae, cleft in 2 Oryx’s greatsword, Willbreaker. The Larvae became the twin daughters of Oryx: The Deathsingers Ir anuk the weaver and Ir halak the unraveler. Oryx’s children accomplished many great deeds, and their stories were numerous. From the creation of the Deathsong to the destruction of whole axioms of the universe, Oryx’s daughters in particular were highly accomplished.

Vex Appearance

One day, they were cutting a wound in reality and were proceeding to die inside it. When Oryx inquired as to why, they stated that they would seek to create an Oversoul, as a way of both hiding their deaths as well as creating a death impulse capable of defending their throne worlds if needs be. Oryx told Crota that he should observe his sisters and try to learn cunning from them. And so, Crota too decided that he should experiment with a wound in reality. However, when Crota tore open a wound in reality, it was thanks to Savathun, who had manipulated the world. Then a partially mechanical form of life poured forth from it, a race known as the Vex. The exact origins of the Vex and the nature of their power is shrouded in a fair deal of mystery. Ut they spilled forth from the breach and began to invade Oryx’s throne world. Before Crota could respond by destroying them all, a Vex Mind manifested known as Quria, blade transform, which deduced the sword logic. With this knowledge of the particular universe in which they stood at their hand, the Vex began to slaughter Oryx’s Thrall and acolyte, and by right of conquest and slaughter, had gained a foothold and presence within Oryx’s throne world, as they invaded it with force, obeying the logic of the new space that they had found. In spite of Ir anuk and Ir halak pulling sword stars from the sky and creating devices known as the anihalator totems to stop them. The Vex would press forth unabated. It was only as Quria abducted the children of the worm gods, and discovered that by praising them, it could gain even more power. Then the worm god Eir stepped in, telling Oryx to set his house in order, Oryx returned home and slew the Vex invaders, pushing them and Quria back. As punishment, he took Crota and threw him into the Vex gate network, saying “come home glorious, or die forgotten”. Crota would accomplish this, going on to be a legendary demon of the hive, tearing down his opponents and allowing only a few to survive to tell of the wrath of the Osmium dynasty. But even through Crota had succeeded, there was still a problem: because Oryx’s throne world was now left with a tear inside it, a tear that left him weak to counter-attack, or potentially, sabotage by one of his sisters. And so before his court he declared that they would transform his throne world, his part of the ascendant plane, into a physical ship in material world. This was the Dreadnaught, and it was built not only from parts of Akka’s corpse, but with the incredibly terrifying mindbending power of Oryx and his hive. His court worked in tandem to create what was effectively a paradox: a throne world of the ascendant plane pushed into physical space, a screaming, gaping hole in what would be reality. But regardless, Oryx’s power was so incredible that even breaking the laws of physics themselves was nothing towards his might. With this accomplished, Oryx’s throne world was secure, and now was time to deal with Quria. He used his Dreadnaught to attack a flotilia of ships that was guilding the Nicha Thought-ship, a great vessel that he believed contained the location of a place of immense Light, known as the Gift-Mast. When he boarded the ship, he found Quria, and squarely defeated it, even as Quria tried to simulate him and his power. Quria was Taken, and Oryx presented its remains to Savathun with but a single change from the typical being of the Taken. Namely, that it had a small fragment of its independence still left and it was not completely bound to the will of its controller. From here, the Hive took their time and prepared to make an assault on the Gift-Mast, which they had now found.

Destiny Vex Quria

The Dynasty

The civilization surrounding this great place of light had been passed over by the traveler, which had altered the gravity of a black hole so that the worlds around it might not be devoured, and would instead flourish within its now altered Accretion disk. They would be provided warmth and sustenance, and their civilization would grow, and as a monument to the Light, the Traveler erected a Gift-mast, a great, spear-like structure that jutted from the black hole and was filled with the power of the Light. A gleaming monument, rising forth from a singularity, filled with the energies of life itself. The Hive wished to devour this light, and as the Deep was moving in this direction to devour the whole system, so too would the Hive naturally be its vanguard. They marched upon the Gift-Mast, killing the Harmony, its occupants, and the Ahamkara, the great dragons that lived among them. But the Gift-Mast was being devoured by Oryx’s brood and as his victory was certain, Savathun departed her brother, saying that they needed to distant from each other. She took her moons and her brood and they fell into the black hole that the harmony lived around, never to be heard from again. In the same stroke, Xivu Arath took her broods and war moons, and fled into the night with a similar purpose . Both of their throne worlds became distant and inaccessible to Oryx, and he was left to ponder. It was here that Oryx reaffirmed his choices and his belief in the Darkness, but Oryx also pondered the question of what should happen if he should die. He surmised that the one who killed him should be the one who understood the universe in a more complete manner than him, and he believed that he would only be killed by something mighty, something that had some greater knowledge of the Sword logic, perhaps. Or perhaps with some clever trap. He therefore decided to lay out a means by which he might survive, even if he was destroyed. Within the Books of sorrow, he created a map to a weapon that exemplified everything that he was, that, in a certain way, was him if created. And a being that wielded this weapon and used it to become mightier than both of them would be Oryx living on, and Oryx deducted that they would become one and the same. A means by which he could truly become immortal, even beyond a true death. This weapon would not see construction for generations, but when it was, it would be a weapon of malice, and we would be ones to construct it. But the tale of the Osmium dynasty would not be simply left there. Oryx’s second son Nokris who was born as a lesser being of wisdom as opposed to strength, wished for more power. And knew that his strength was in that of his mind. He went to the Worms, his god, to Yul, to Xol, to Eir and Ur, and he petitioned them, asking them for knowledge of the origin of all things. All the worm gods denied him except one. Xol the will of thousands who was lesser than his brethren, and saw that in time, he would be prey for his peer Yul. He gave a potion of his power to the young hive priest, and taught him the art of bringing forth life from death: necromancy. But the power Nokris held had been given, and not taken, and this infuriated Oryx, who saw his son’s actions for what they were: heretical to the very ideals of the sword logic, and a betrayal of is own dynasty. He cast out his son and removed all record of him from every Hive archive. The only record of Nokris that remained was a single statue before the altar of Oryx, which stood defiant in its permanence.


These are some of the earliest tales of the universe of Destiny, tales that predate even our own history. But as many of you will realize, they are but a small part of a grander cosmic war. A war between formless and form, between the Deep and the Sky, between the Dark and the Light. The traveler, the divine presence of the sky, would continue onwards, evading the Hive and the darkness. Seeking out the call of worlds with the potential to receive its Light. For those with meaning in their roar. And thus the Traveler would make its way to the Eliksi, but they would suffer much the same fate as the Harmony, the Ammonite and the Ecumene. And they could suffer at the hands of the Darkness and the hive. Their retire system was destroyed in an event remembered only to the Eliksni as the Whirlwind, where they were left to make a great exodus and abandon their home, following whatever trace of the Traveler they could. The great machine, as they would come to call it, would however find a new place to set its roots. As the Eliksni transformed their once noble society into  more barbaric and tribal one, the Traveler had begun to take root above a system and a planet far, far away. The name of the planet was Mars. The name of the system was Sol. And the year in the human Gregorian calendar was that of 2014. And in this year it found us.