Destiny and Destiny 2 have already broken a weapon 38 times

In Destiny 2 there is the exotic Telesto fusion rifle. The weapon works so obliquely that it causes problems again and again: There have now been 38 incidents in which the weapon is responsible for trouble.

What’s wrong with that gun?

Telesto is an exotic fusion rifle that was already available in Destiny 1. The weapon originally came into the online shooter with the 2015 expansion “The Taken King”.

The gag at Telesto is that it doesn’t fire normal bullets, but uses sticky projectiles, which are objects in the game world themselves, get stuck somewhere and explode after a certain time.

The weapon in Destiny 2 is almost shrouded in legends: it is supposed to predict the future, but above all it breaks the game over and over again.

Telesto has been destroying Destiny for over 5 years

How many times has the weapon destroyed Destiny? The “telesto-report” page contains a list of 38 incidents in which Telesto caused a bug in Destiny 1 or Destiny 2.

The earliest incident occurred on January 5, 2016 – at that time Telesto had switched off the twilight modifier “Juggler”. Normally, special ammo should drop when the player was holding Telesto. But she didn’t.

There was a nice bug in June 2018: Telesto could simply crash someone else’s game if you fired too many Telesto balls at it.

In May 2020, Titans were able to reset their melee charge with Telesto.

In March 2021, players managed to go under the map with Telesto and from there eliminate their opponents in a strike.

In October 2021, Telesto made it possible to take back the melee and the grenade instantly.

The last Telesto bug only became known 10 days ago: Telesto bullets simply remained when an opponent was killed with one shot.

How do the players react to the weapon? It is now almost a tradition to wait for an update to see how Telesto breaks Destiny 2 this time.

There is even a poem that a user of the page on Telesto wrote:

Telesto, it’s the besto
Shines above the resto
Others may detesto
But I will attesto
It passes every testo
Completes any questo

There’s no contesto
Meanest gun in the westo
Fits in your vesto
How dare you suggesto
I use anything but Telesto
With it, I am at resto

How does Bungie fight it? Apparently not very successful. The weapon was deactivated, repaired, and reactivated over and over again, only to cause problems again.

As the Forbes website knows, there were 9 incidents with Telesto in the current season alone.

Apparently, Bungie just can’t get the unusual mechanics that the weapon fires objects that remain in the world completely under control. Meanwhile, the weapon even seems to actively refuse to be deactivated.

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