Destiny 2 will soon provide more super energy even without catalysts

In Destiny 2, we’ve finally got some good news about the missing catalysts for some popular Exotics. Bungie plans to bring them back in the near future. But that’s not all. The developer is thinking about a solution that will soon allow all Exotics to generate super energy, even without a catalyst.

Exotics in Destiny 2 are special weapons with unique properties. If there is a catalyst for them, they are even stronger. But not all available catalysts are currently playable and not all Exotics have one either.

Because of this, Bungie is thinking about returning missing catalysts and also wants to look for alternative routes. Exotics without a catalyst should be able to generate spheres of power and thus super energy in the near future.

There are currently three categories of catalysts in Destiny 2:

  • Catalysts that exist and can be earned.
  • Catalysts that exist and that cannot be earned.
  • Exotics for which there is no catalyst yet.

Available catalysts cannot be earned: Above all, catalysts that cannot be earned are always an issue. Players can buy exo-weapons at the tower kiosk, but for some the existing catalyst remains inaccessible.

This mainly affects the catalysts from old, no longer accessible exotic quests, which have moved to the content vault. For example the mission “Whisper” for the exotic Exo-Sniper, “Zero Hour” for the exotic “Perfected Breakout” or those from seasonal activities. The latter includes the “legal heir”, the exotic machine gun with a protective shield.

Bungie wants to change that soon: In the DCP podcast, Chris Proctor, Bungie’s Weapons Feature Lead, gave the players hope. He announced that these currently unavailable catalysts will be added to the general activity pool with “The Witch Queen” in February 2022. Just like it was the case with other catalytic converters in the past. The intention of “The Witch Queen” is that all currently inaccessible catalysts get there.

Catalysts can drop anywhere: With this adjustment, it will then be possible for catalysts of the “all-purpose exotic” to drop you in all activities in Destiny 2. For example in the melting pot, in twilight strikes or in the legendary Lost Sectors.

On the one hand, that’s good news. On the other hand, this news will also disappoint some players who had hoped for a reunion of the “Whisper” mission in “The Witch Queen”. According to the confirmed buff for the Wisper, the Exo-Sniper, that was a perfectly plausible option.

However, if the catalyst ends up in the normal activity pool, it will be revised and it will no longer be necessary to complete the exotic mission. The same would then apply to “Perfected Eruption”, the exotic pulse rifle with Siva nanites, and “The fourth horseman”, the exotic shotgun.

Destiny 2 wants to make missing catalysts less important

For the third category, catalysts, which don’t even exist yet, Bungie has a whole new approach in mind. For example, the exotic bow “Le Monarque” was extremely strong against overload champions, which is why many keepers played it.

But since it has no catalyst, it cannot create spheres of power either. A big disadvantage that you had to accept. Bungie now wants to change that and make missing catalysts less important.

Can every exotic soon create spheres without a catalyst? In the TWaB, Bungie says they don’t like when players only express a desire for a catalyst so they can create spheres and thus super energy. Catalysts should be more than that.

Commenting on this, Bungie said:

We don’t like the fact that the desire for exotic catalysts is largely determined by the spheres of power that create them. That’s why we’re working to ensure that players can bypass this restriction.

In future catalytic converters, greater attention should be paid to the exotic properties that a masterpiece upgrade offers for an exotic weapon.

These catalysts could soon be available: It was only recently announced that images of Bungie had been stored in the database for the catalysts of Xenophage, Divinity and Monte Carlo. You can even see the number of kills required to complete the Kat. For example, the Xenophage, the exotic machine gun, has 400 kills. However, it is currently unknown when the catalysts will ultimately come into play.

What do you think of the announcement that catalysts may soon no longer be needed so that Exotics can generate spheres of power and thus super energy? Is that a sensible change? Which exotic do you think still needs a catalyst?

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