Destiny 2 turns you into laboratory rats – this comes in the new trials experiment

The Trials of Osiris has a long history with the Trials in Destiny 2 and Part 1. Well, after an endless odyssey, Bungie decided to give the Trials a new mode and let the Guardians test it.

This is the experiment: Destiny 2 is currently celebrating great PvP successes. But since the trials have remained essentially unchanged for 6 years, Bungie is now experimenting with a “testing laboratory”. This brings a new mode and rule changes to the PvP endgame.

In addition, Bungie explains why they want to protect solo players particularly and respond to the harsh criticism of the previous week.

Important information about the new Trials mode

How does the mode work? So you will play the mode of elimination as usual, but you also have to occupy random zones on the map. The mode has been changed slightly compared to the known trials.

  • A capture zone spawns 30 seconds after the start
  • First capture zone spawns in the middle
  • Losing teams of the first round get the next capture zone in their vicinity
  • So you can decide freely, either you kill each other or you exert pressure with the zone

When will the new mode come? The new Trials mode will go online on Friday, September 24th with the daily reset. So you can test the new features immediately when the trials are online. The experiment will run until September 28th, after which the trials will take a whole week off.

During the test period, you can expect double ranking points. So you advance faster at Saint-14 and can look forward to more rewards.

Furthermore you can expect:

  • The matchmaker will only be activated after 2 matches have been played
  • Special ammunition is no longer refilled when a player is resuscitated
  • Accidental purchases at the 14th Saint are now avoided by holding down your button on the products you want
  • The Masterwork slots on the weapons that can be obtained through the Reputation Rank Rewards career path at the Saint are now active
  • The patch for the disabled counter of active players in a matchmaking will be added at a later date.

Flawless for bad players until Sunday night?

The players criticized last week: Many players who achieved flawlessly – that is, won 7 without defeats – criticized the separate matchmaking. Bungie has been watching events for a long time and saw an unfairness towards not so gifted PVP players.

Separate matchmaking was then implemented for this purpose. This is supposed to lump sweaters and streamers together so that talents can tear each other apart and not players who want to have a good time in the trials.

That is now changing: Bungie has set the time in which the separate flawless matchmaking will be available to the Sunday for the daily reset.

Solo players are taken by the hand

Bungie comments on lonely wolves: Since the solo players are the foundation of the new trials, they will not be dropped by Bungie either. So far they have ensured the new success.

Because now for the first time you can fight without full, prefabricated teams, you need enough individual players to start the matches. If those soloists only get on the lid, everything collapses.

Solos are considered in the trials with lots of rewards, better win rates and later also with a freelance option. Destiny 2 wants to keep the trials more attractive for the solo players in the community.

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