Destiny 2 – Telesto must also be deactivated in Season 15

Yes, Telesto broke Destiny 2 again. This time the trials were in danger. But the Exotic gets support from a mod in Season 15, which is now also deactivated.

This exotic is blocked: Bungie also had to do it in season 15: The exotic Telesto fusion rifle was deactivated on the night of September 11, 2021. The lock applies throughout the Crucible and in the Gambit (via Twitter).

This is the Telesto Curse: No other weapon in the Destiny Universe is as broken as Telesto. The exotic causes bugs every season and has therefore often had to be deactivated by Bungie.

The gun’s special projectiles are always to blame: Telesto shoots small purple bullets that are like sticky mines and later explode. The game doesn’t get along with these things:

  • The purple bombs are registered as enemies
  • You could get unlimited ammunition with it
  • Telesto leveraged raid mechanics
  • In the blind spring you could almost completely skip the activity
  • The Exo gave Guardians maximum buffs only if you shot the projectiles yourself
  • Here we have summarized the whole cursed story of Telesto for you:
  • Telesto destroys the new Trials of Osiris

That’s why the trials were in danger: In Destiny 2, the new Trials of Osiris started on September 10th. Bungie boasted of strong reworks and clever innovations that finally make the PvP endgame attractive for everyone … but then came Telesto.

A new glitch with Telesto gave you plenty of spheres of power every round. With it you could either ignite the super unnaturally often or supply yourself with strong buffs for “loaded with light” builds. Especially for a competitive PvP mode this is gamebreaking.

This mod is blocked: This time Telesto is not to blame for the mess. The new bug works in conjunction with the seasonal artifact mod “Thermoclastic Bloom”. This mod has also been deactivated in the meantime and completely.

With the help of the mod, melee attacks with solar and stasis classes automatically grant a sphere. Who remembers: Telesto projectiles are perceived by the game as opponents. So after a Telesto charge it rained spheres. Bungie reacted so quickly: The new Telesto glitch from season 15 made the rounds right at the start of the trials at 7:00 p.m. on September 10 (via YouTube). A good 3 hours later, Bungie pulled the emergency brake and deactivated Telesto and the mod.

It’s really fast. In the past, Bungie needed weeks or even entire seasons for such measures. The current trend shows, however, that the Destiny developer intervenes faster and harder when such errors destroy the game balance: Destiny 2 blocks 2 Exotics, because raid bosses melt and hunters dominate PvP again.

It is still unclear whether and when the ban will be lifted. Patch will be released on September 16 – but it was announced before the Telesto fiasco.

Bungie isn’t supposed to test anything and the Guardians laugh anyway

Even if the current Season 15 is well received and the player numbers speak clearly for Destiny 2, the criticism of Bungie is getting louder and louder on one point: “Is Bungie not testing anything anymore?” it sounds more and more frequently from the guardianship. The criticism is not new, but the many lockdowns in recent months raise this question.

This is how the community reacts: But somehow Telesto largely enjoys a fool’s freedom here. The Guardians have got used to the Exotic breaking something again. This has become a real running gag and you just wait for the notification of the blocking. By the way, Telesto has had the nickname since Destiny 1: Telesto is da besto.

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