Destiny 2: Strong exo combo cleans up in PvE

In Destiny 2, players discovered that a certain combination can now cause massive amounts of damage. However, this station wagon needs 2 Guardians. You can find out how it works and whether you want it, here.

What are the weapons? These are the exotic handgun “Malfeasance” and the exotic grenade launcher “Witherhoard”. Both exos fire projectiles that are coated with the “possessed” substance. Now one player found that both weapons can do a lot of damage in combination. But for that you have to be two.

Two possessed weapons create an unexpected synergy

YouTuber Hynra demonstrated the combination in his YouTube video. There he shoots a ball from the drought collector at an opponent, then switches to the service offense and thereby causes 25% more damage.

This also works with possessed opponents. Through this interaction you can even let 50% more damage rain down on your opponents. But this is only effective if you go on a trip together. Solo this interaction would be a real torture, as you would have to switch weapons every time you shoot.

How does the synergy work?

  • A teammate shoots a possessed bullet at your desired opponent.
  • After this has been hit, you unpack your malpractice and pump your opponent full with it.
  • The system thinks that your opponent is possessed by the drought collector’s curse.
  • This way you benefit from the shots of your exo-handgun.
  • This causes bonus damage to such opponents.

Bug or intent? The players do not agree on this. If this was an intentional feature, it would be a cool detail. Such a synergy between two weapons is unique in this form in Destiny 2.

However, that also shows that the players in Destiny 2 haven’t discovered everything yet. However, many believe that this is just a bug. The Bungie system is believed to misunderstand the message and thereby label the opponents as possessed. Still, the combo still works.

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