Destiny 2: Start of the Halloween event “Festival of the Lost”

In Destiny 2, the Halloween event “Festival of the Lost” already started. Here players can earn candy and explore the new scary sectors. Also, the “hard mode” of seasonal activities awaits you this week.

This is what happens this week in Destiny 2: The players are currently waiting for the leylines to align properly for the worm exorcism on Savathun. We’ll soon know if Savathun, our “good friend”, will betray us.

But first the Tangled Bay comes back into the Shattered Realm. As of today, the seasonal activities will also have higher levels of difficulty. Bungie recommends that you not play them solo, but rather in a task force.

In October it will be dark: Destiny 2 is holding its Halloween event, the Festival of the Lost, for three weeks from today until November 2nd. For the first time, players can explore the new Haunted Haunted Sectors, as the Haunted Forest no longer exists. With the fall of Mercury, it fell victim to darkness. Just like the Tangled Bay will soon fare: Destiny 2 seals the end of the Tangled Bay – does that mean Spider has to die?

A sparrow with legs to it: This year you can of course also earn creepy cosmetics at the Festival of the Lost. In addition to glowing ghosts and creepy “Moth-Man” ships, the “Spider Sparrow” will definitely be the highlight for the players this year. It has legs.

The most important information about activities from 12.10. until October 19th

The twilight: The ordeal by fire this week is the following strike:

Lake of Shadows
This is the shortest strike in Destiny 2, where you face off against the corrupted Kabal Grask. Here you will find good tips for the strike:

These twilight weapons are currently available:
Palindrome, 140s Empty Handgun (Master)
The Swarm, 360 Arc Machine Gun (Master)

Playlist strikes have these modifiers:

Solar scorching
Solar thermal exchange
The scorching modifier is with you all week, the others change daily.

This is what happens in the “Vault of Glass” raid:

The third and easiest raid challenge “Out of the way” takes place in Vault of Glass. For this you have to stop the Templar while teleporting. As a reward, there is the time-lost weapon “Fate Bringer” in Challenge mode. The weapon is guaranteed to come with 2 perks per slot.

Crucible – These are the PvP playlists:

Private match
Glory survival
Glory Survival: Freelance
Team scorched

For Gambit you will receive bonus ranking points this week. So if you haven’t been able to pick up the ornament for Hegemony, this goal can be reached faster this week.

Ascendant Challenge

Petra Venj can be found in the Rheasylvia area of ​​the Dreaming City. It’s the 3rd week of the curse in the whole zone. The first ascendant challenge is to be mastered.

Sources for Peak Loot in Season 15 of Destiny 2

This is the new max level: In the season of the forgotten, the maximum power level of your equipment is 1,330. This means that the power level has only increased by +10 compared to the previous season 14. So you are not busy with the annoying levels, but can jump straight into the endgame.

This top loot (Pinnacle Gear) brings you over 1,320:

Reached at dusk: Trial by Fire at least 100,000 points (+2)
Simulation: Exo Challenge (+2)
Omen Mission (+2)
Prophecy Dungeon (+2)
Signed Mission (+2)
Raid the “Vault of Glass” (+2)
Empire Hunt: The Technocrat (+2)
Defeat 4 champions in the Shattered Realm (+1)
Trials of Osiris (+2)
Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
Complete 3 Crucible matches in control (+1)
Complete 3 strikes with a matching focus (+1)
Hawthorne’s Clan Quest (+1)
Bright dust highlights in the Eververse

In addition to the creepy cosmetics, you will also find a popular exo-ship in Eververse this week: “Infected Seeker”. If your gloss dust is not enough, complete a few seasonal challenges or loot your Season Pass.

What’s on offer at Tess?

The exotic ship “Infected Seeker”
The exotic ship “Lepidoptera”
The exotic Sparrow “Crazy Machine”
The exotic emote “horror detention” to rattle the chains properly
The exotic ghost shell “bat shell”, cute!
The legendary emote “Glorious Dance”
The legendary “Strange Brew” emote
The “Basalt-Poison” shader for everyone who likes to wear poison green

Ready for the scariest weeks in Destiny 2? Will you miss the haunted forest?

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