Destiny 2 players kidnap Xur and hold him hostage

The mysterious merchant Xur delights the hearts of players in Destiny 2 every week with his range of great weapons. But what if the deal is too good to be true? Then the hapless dealer is held by a horde of greedy gamblers and taken hostage until everyone has stuffed their pockets full of top loot. How this bizarre situation came about and whether Xur was ever allowed to go home, you can find out here!

Who is Xur? Xur is a mysterious dealer who appeared regularly in the first Destiny and who delighted players with coveted Exotics. The weekly appearance of Xur on Friday is always a small event for Destiny players, especially since the dealer also offers legendary weapons in addition to Exotics.

The prospect of conveniently buying a powerful Legendary with good perks instead of laboriously grinding it is tempting for many players.

What happened to Xur this time? In its current offering, the tentacle face Xur had a powerful, legendary handgun called “True Prophecy”. This boom had excellent perks and properties, which immediately made it a coveted item with players, albeit not as blatant as the current “evasion plan”.

But since the dealer wanted to leave on Tuesday as usual, some players simply decided to lock him up so that even more gamers could enjoy his offer.

Xur’s offer was his undoing

What did the players do with Xur? Since the offer from Xur was really good, a player and reddit user named klip_twings wanted to delight even more players with it. Many players only get wind of the top offer at Xur when it’s gone.

Xur actually sets off on Tuesday of every week to reappear on Friday with a different offer.

But klip_twings found a method to prevent the dealer from leaving. By simply stubbornly keeping an instance open without logging out, the trader could no longer escape. Instead, he was besieged by hundreds of players who snatched the coveted weapon from his hands.

Did the poor guy ever come home again? So that the instance could not be reset, other players took turns with klip_twings so that someone was still in the instance. Xur stayed in the game for two days longer before the instance was reset by the weekly server update at some point.

Only then could Xur finally escape his hostage-takers. If he had family, they were probably already very worried about him. It is questionable whether he will be better off the next time he has a similarly great piece with him.

How was the action received? As unpleasant as the experience was certainly for poor Xur, it was so well received by the players, who are now looking forward to an excellent handgun. Initiator klip_twings posted some statistics from the event on reddit. Some of the actions were:

  • Over 350 people grabbed the gun
  • 20 people got nothing because they were late
  • 1 player wanted klip_twings to deliver something to eat
  • 1 player wanted to buy him a beer
  • Over 15 people saluted
  • Over 5 people drew hearts in the air
  • Over 50 players danced the “cat ear dance”
  • More than 200 players spammed kneeling to show their gratitude.

So much for the kidnapping of Xur. Have you ever experienced something like this?

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