Destiny 2: Players find hidden clues about a whisper buff

Last week Destiny 2 made a small but significant note in the current TWaB. It was mainly about the changes that Bungie wants to bring online in the upcoming update. And a low whisper that the players immediately noticed…

Bungie talked a little more specifically about general adjustments, buffs and nerfs to various Exotics in the “This Week at Bungie” blog last week. These are to be published with the large sandbox balance patch on December 7th.

The following is currently known about the planned changes:

  • The Vex Mythoclast will definitely get a nerf.
  • The exotic titans leg protection Dune Walker is weakened.
  • The already nerfed exo-grenade launcher “Lion’s Roar” is to be polished up a bit.
  • The reign of the fragmentation stasis hunter has also come to an end.
  • And then there was a low “whisper”. Is that an upcoming whisper buff?

We currently know about the planned changes

Many players had wished that the planned nerf for the Vex should only affect PvP. The weapon would be strong at the moment, but only because of the seasonal buff. Without this and with a too hard nerf it would be “just the next exotic that collects dust in the safe”.

This is how hard the nerf is for the Vex Mythoclast: Bungie has now expressly mentioned in the TWaB that it is the aiming aid of the Vex Mythoclast that is reduced. Such an adjustment would actually weaken the weapon in PvP and keep it as a viable option in PvE. Nevertheless, one has to wait and see whether the currently strongest exotic can still survive without the seasonal mod “particle decomposition”.

However, it was already clear to many players that a nerf would and must come. The Vex Mythoclast was too present, especially in PvP.

That changes with the dune walker leg protection: The second revision that Bungie wants to make affects dune walkers. The leg protection is one of the few Titan Exotics that is popular in both PvE and PvP.

The upcoming nerf is primarily intended to appease the stressed PvP players, as the chain lightning from Dune Walkers in PvP is too violent and dominant. The developer wants to shift the focus away from skill kills and more towards gunplay.

Lion’s Roar gets this buff: There will be a confirmed buff for the Lion’s Roar grenade launcher in the Weapon Exotics. The general nerf for grenade launchers hit him a little too hard. Bungie will therefore correct the following:

  • No more multiple hit requirement for the reload speed buff
  • Increased reload speed
  • If you don’t hit, it will continue to reload slowly, but still much faster than before the nerf

Bungie secretly “whispered” that to the players

It’s about this little allusion: In the German TWaB “This Week at Bungie” Bungie had written a word in italics in the middle of the text. “I heard a whisper […]”

The note can also be found exactly in the section in which the community manager dmg04 indicates that further changes to exotic weapons have been whispered to him.

Bungie loves hidden innuendos: it is quite possible that this is just a coincidence. But anyone who knows Bungie doesn’t really believe in coincidences. Players suspect therefore, the developer is referring to the exotic sniper rifle “Whisper of the Worm” with the subliminal reference.

This is why Whisper of the Worm is so popular: The exotic sniper rifle in the Heavy slot was a feared boss killer in year 1 of Destiny 2. The exotic perk “White Nail” gives her higher precision damage. 3 quick precision hits load the magazine.

If a shot goes wrong, the “Mulligan” perk ensures that this ammunition is fed straight back into the magazine.

Those who then “jumped” the catalyst in the Whisper mission also received the perk “breath control”. This donated, if you stayed in the zoom, bonus range and additional precision damage.

Is the proven boss killer about to make a comeback? Should the return of the weapon be confirmed, that would be welcome news for the community.

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