Destiny 2 Players Ask Bungie To Remove All Limits

As the Destiny 2 community celebrates Halloween, players have become aware of a major problem with the game. The artificial limits of currencies and items that you come across again and again during the event.

Bungie’s new version of the Halloween event has been well received so far. Only small changes have been made to the event, but the elimination of the haunted forest has already brought a breath of fresh air to the dusty event. Also, the idea of ​​the Lorebook and the community armor are something that players have taken a liking to. If it weren’t for this one mean thing: artificial limits.

Destiny 2 has artificial limits that many players consider annoying, arbitrary and completely unnecessary. This was particularly noticeable during the event on spectral sites.

There are several limitations in Destiny 2:

  • You can collect a maximum of 75 Spectral Pages at the Halloween event.
  • Seasonal currency (parallax bows) are also limited to 3000 pieces.
  • The upper limit of your mica is currently 250,000.
  • Your safe is limited to 500 items of equipment.
  • Players can only have 20 Ascendant Fragments per character. (40 maximum with 3 characters)
  • The improvement prisms are also limited to 50 pieces per char. (200 maximum with 3 characters)

And that was just an excerpt of the current limitations. Bungie has even more caps that keep restricting players in one way or another. The farm potential for many of the materials in Destiny 2 is too restrictive.

The complete opposite of this are materials that nobody needs anymore. The unpopular mod components, for example, can be stacked indefinitely in the inventory. Only here is the difference: the components are no longer good for anything if you have all the mods.

Bungie artificially slows down its players

The resentment about these artificial farm boundaries is getting louder again. Mainly because it happens more and more often that the limit takes players away from certain items:

Players lose the most valuable currency in the game, Ascendant Fragments, because they cannot keep more than 10 of them in the post office and in their inventory. If the mail overflows because you are spending longer in a raid, they are gone forever. Or players don’t pay attention to the seasonal currency caps and without realizing it, they simply get nothing for their time and effort.

The Destiny 2 player Oravital1 felt the same way when he wanted to farm his spectral pages in the Gambit. “Just did a 3 hour gambit grind only to find out the spectral side cap is 75. Anyone know how many I missed”.

Oravital1 writes in the Destiny 2 reddit: “As long as that is the case, players should keep an eye on the number of Spectral Pages they have had during the Festival of the Lost so that event progress is not lost”.

Players want all artificial limits to be lifted

After the posting it quickly became clear that the Gambit unlucky fellow is not alone with this problem.

The reddit contribution has now received over 6.5K upvotes and the community is increasingly demanding that Bungie lift all artificial limits, thereby agreeing to Oravital1’s request, which summed it up: “Stop putting a damn limit on everything. Mica, [legendary] fragments, [planetary] materials and a thousand other things. Just stop. Let’s play the damn game how we want. If I get 200 Spectral Pages and then want to turn them in, just for heaven’s sake let me do it”.

Bungie has been slowing down its players for a long time. The player’s demand is not new. Artificial farm boundaries have been a sore point for the community since Destiny 1. The Festival of the Lost in 2021 just put this highly controversial topic back in the spotlight:

integralofEdotdr writes: “I think one of the worst upper limits is mica, when ascendant fragments cost 50,000 mica and the kiosk guns cost more than 100,000 mica. If [Bungie] could raise the cap to 400,000, that would be nice. ”

Umbral engrams are also capped: Players in Destiny 2 only have four chances per week of a good weapon / armor via their focused T3 Umbral engrams. And the perk combinations and armor values ​​have also gotten worse again in Season 15:

Why does Destiny 2 limit its players in the first place?

The cap is likely to “inflate” players’ “engagement”. For example, limiting the number of umbral engrams will ensure that players come back week after week to farm their four T3 Umbral engrams. Similar to timegating, Bungie extends the content over a longer period of time.

Such elements, which stretch the content, result in more consistent player counts. However, this is exactly what is very badly received by the players. They no longer feel free in the things they can do in Destiny 2.

What does Bungie say about this ? Bungie has not yet specifically addressed this. The last mica cap increase was when Shadowkeep was released in August 2019. That was also a request from the community that Bungie met at the time. It cannot therefore be ruled out that a few adjustments will also be made with “The Witch Queen” in February 2021. However, it is still questionable whether all or all of the limitations will then fall.

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