Destiny 2: players are frustrated by the “eternal bad luck” in raid loot

The Destiny 2 community is becoming increasingly frustrated by the random drop rates of Raid Exotics. Even after months of raid grind, many players continue to be consistently persecuted by “eternal bad luck”. The Raid Exotics just don’t want to drop. One solution would be the guaranteed drop via a raid quest.

With the often protracted grind for weapons and items, players in a loot shooter shouldn’t have a problem. The desired drop is not always guaranteed. But when is it too frustrating? This is a question that worries the Destiny 2 community. There are players who, despite being unlucky, are downright pursued by “eternal bad luck” and do not own one of the coveted raid exotics, although they play the raids up and down. Chasing after an Exotic for months and then never getting it has even led players to start hating raids.

Is guaranteed eternal bad luck still fair? Sometimes it seems like the only thing that is guaranteed after hundreds of runs is still bad luck. It is understandable that for the unlucky players it feels more unfair after every pointless run. Especially when you see that almost everyone else has already received their exotic drop and is eagerly using the weapon.

A constructive discussion has broken out in the Destiny-2-reddit. How fair is that and how raid quests might solve the problem. Labcoat_samurai also explains in reddit why players are starting to discuss the topic again. Part of the blame is the associated bad feeling:

It doesn’t feel much better to me week after week. When it takes a really long time, I feel like a burden on my raid group. For example, I was the last person in my group to get anarchy. So we played Scourge of the Past just for me for a few weeks. Every time I didn’t get it, I thought “… .. yes…. Sorry guys. ”All around just a bad feeling. They all feel bad for me and I feel bad for wasting their time.

If there are also mean LFG team actions that take you out of the game before the exotic engram has finally dropped, the fun is pretty much at the end.

“This is not a” replay value “, but a misery”

Masson011 is discussing in the reddit thread. He says that when players have to run so many runs, “it’s a shitty way to keep players” playing “.” Other players think so too. That divides the community into three groups: The topic has been dividing the community for a long time. In the meantime, three opinion groups have formed on this.

Those who have their raid exos find the “whining” inappropriate. A raid exotic is not a guaranteed drop. “Live with it and keep playing!”

Others already have their own experience behind them. Therefore, in their clans or as Sherpas via LFG, they are happy to help the affected players. Even at the 100th run.

The third group does not play the raids because of the Exotics and is therefore of the opinion that Exotics should not be the reason to want to play a raid.

ReconZ3X is of the opinion that the raid should not only be played because of the exotic. He sees the problem with the developer: “If that [Exotic] ​​is the only incentive to play a raid, then the raid must have a bad design.”

Raids are often only played for the exotic: If you look at the basic motives for playing a raid, the raid exotic is in fact the main reason for many to play the activity. It’s exciting to receive a raid-exclusive, exotic weapon, such as the 1000 votes in Last Wish, and a unique moment. Many players often still know exactly when their raid exotics were dropped. After that, the interest is far less high. Often even the normal, legendary raid weapons or title triumphs no longer offer any additional incentive.

GhostTypeFlygon sees exactly that critically and accuses the players in reddit:

“[…] If you stop playing a raid after getting the exotic, it’s because you don’t like the raid. A raid shouldn’t exist just to be the source of an exotic. If the only reason to play this raid is for the specific weapon, is it a crappy raid or like I said, you just don’t like raids.

The community suggests these creative solutions

The first solution would be a fixed raid quest with a guaranteed raid exo drop. Divinity from the Raid has already proven that this can work. Even if it is sometimes frustrating to find a raid group in this raid quest, the system works. Whoever completes the quest and then successfully completes the raid with the additional tasks is guaranteed to get his raide-exclusive exotic.

So that this doesn’t mean that many people complete such a raid quest immediately, the player TeamAquaGrunt suggests an intelligent, time-controlled triumph in the reddit thread: “Add a triumph point that says “Complete all related triumphs” (except collections, of course) that guarantees the exotic. Boom, done. The players will have been doing the raid for a couple of weeks by this point, no one can say they didn’t deserve it, […], everyone is happy.”

Xzwingnutzx agrees: “I like the idea […] Let it be based on your title progress. Every time you complete a [Triumph in Raid] you have a higher chance of getting the Raid Exotic until it’s the last thing you need to complete the title, and then it’s guaranteed. ”

The community’s ideas are indeed interesting and really good. After so much bad luck, it is understandable that the player’s wish for a raid quest with a guaranteed drop in “The Witch Queen”, the new expansion in February 2022, is getting louder and louder.

Raid quests have one major disadvantage: The essential disadvantage of a raid quest is that over time there are fewer and fewer players who still want to run the raid. This can be illustrated well using the example of the Divinity Quests. Here it became exponentially harder to complete the exotic quest once people had done their own raid quest. After all, with RNG drops and a good bad luck protection, everyone would get their weapon at some point.

How do you see it? Does the raid in “The Witch Queen” need a raid quest to put an end to the “eternal bad luck”? How do you find the proposed solutions from the community?

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