Destiny 2: Players are doing anything to own the unusual ship

Whoever plays the “Dares of Eternity” up and down in Destiny 2 is probably farming the strangest and most unusual ship in the game called “Unixursal Voyager” to date. The flying space rock looks like a paracausal nut and the players’ desire to own it is just growing meteoric.

Destiny 2 players currently have access to all kinds of cosmetic treasures via the “Dares of Eternity” activity from the “30 Years of Bungie” package. Xur’s treasury in eternity is full of it.

  • You can earn equipment and equipment for all three classes there
  • There is a Sparrow treasure chest for reputation rank 16 and 5 treasure keys
  • Also a Spirit Shell treasure chest for reputation rank 16 and 3 treasure keys

In the heaviest chest, the strange and unusual exotic jump ship “Unixursal Voyager” with the flair of an asteroid is hidden. Players have to steadily increase their “Strange Favor” rank with the mysterious trader Xur and farm more and more treasure keys if they want to get all the treasures out of the chests or if they want to focus specifically on a reward.

How do you get “Unixursal Voyager” ?: The “Dares of Eternity” are free to all players during the “30 Years of Bungie” anniversary. In order to be able to specifically open the box with the ship, you need “Strange Favor” rank 16 at Xur and an additional 7 treasure keys. This means that many runs have to be completed in the 6-player activity “Dares of Eternity”. You get +75 points progress on both normal and legend. Successive degrees also give you a streak bonus.

By the way, Xur’s Rufrang system works just like that of Lord Shaxx in the Crucible or Commander Zavala in the Vanguard. You level up points when the activities are completed. For “Strange Favor” rank 16 you need 9,000 points. As soon as you have reached 10,000 points, i.e. reputation rank 17, you can reset. The propulsion effect makes the space look perfect: the ship has a suitable effect in hyperspace. During flight and landing, it pulls a dazzling comet tail behind it. This uniqueness is also what fascinates the players about this unusual flying object and makes them forget the grind.

Is that maybe Xur’s JumpShip? In the same thread on reddit, players wondered if this might be Xur’s JumpShip. So does he use it to travel to the Destiny 2 Universe every Friday? At least it would be a possibility that is not entirely ruled out.

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