Destiny 2 Lore. Part 22: The Drifter

Back in the Tower, however, a new face emerged. His name was unknown, and he preferred to go by a moniker that everyone could remember. They called him the Drifter, and he offered Guardians a new competitive arena called Gambit, which not only allowed them to fight the enemies of humanity, but also forced them to exploit the darker powers so that they might be able to learn how to best bend those powers of Darkness to their will. These games would continue for the foreseeable future. In spite of the fact that the Vanguard and other elements such as the Praxis Order would not officially endorse them. All of this behind the scenes was set up by a most infamous figure: Shin Malphur, the man with the Golden Gun. Though his reasons are too complex to get into at this moment, Shin wished for us to learn more powers than merely the Light. He wished for us to evolve and to become a stronger weapon against the Darkness. After the main events of the Forsaken campaign, we would next see a new tale emerge. A mysterious annex in the Tower opened up, and in this annex, a new vendor known as Ada-1 could be found. She represented the final remnant of the prestigious Black Armory.

A weapons foundry that had been created in the Golden Age and could create some of the finest weapons possible. Ada-1. However, did not trust the Guardians at first, given that during the Dark age, when she had been resurrected as an Exo. There were many ensuing Warlords, or rogue Risen, that had made an effort to kill her and other members of the Black Armory team. Ada-1, to this day, is the only survivor. After recapturing forges for her and eventually decrypting the secrets of the Black Armory, Ada would begin to trust us. And with that, we helped her hunt down and reactivate a series of devices across the system with which we could forge new implements of war. In this process we discovered a Fallen crime syndicate known as the Kell’s Scourge. Led by a Fallen known as Siviks, Lost to None. The gang was intent on supplying weapons with Black Armory technology in them to any who would be willing to buy. Siviks’ only priority seemingly being to create anarchy across the system. At a certain point, Siviks and the Kell’s Scourge grew bold enough to even ,=make a daring attack on the City. Not a full-fledged attack like Twilight Gap or Six fronts, but mearly a break-in, where they weakened the defenses around a Black Armory Vault in the old ruined Botza district, a Vault known as Vault Ebisu. Inside lay not only precious Black Armory wares, but also the Black Armory’s history. It was crucial that we recovered this. Using Black Armory and Fallen technology, however, the Kell’s Scourge had constructed a giant Fallen mechanism known as Insurrection Prime, which we destroyed and defeated, saving the Black Armory’s vault from being completely plundered. Finally, in the process of reforging a powerful weapon once used by Ada, we would kill Siviks and end the threat of the Kell’s Scourge for good. This would allow us to return the weapon to Ada. And we would discover that she had used it to defend the Black Armory’s founder and her former mother, Henriette Meyrin. It turned out that the Black Armory Papers and now the relics salvaged from Vault Ebisu and the various Fallen that we killed them of, had indeed also contained notes about Ada-1 and her creation. Henriette documented all of her thoughts in them, and when we recovered all the pages, Ada thanked us. Maybe now, at last, trusting us. Then, we recovered one final piece of technology-an obsidian accelerator, unlocking the final purpose of Ada-1: she was a mobile forge, able to imbue the Phase technology of the Black Armory at will. She had been a combination of both the Exo technology of Clovis Bray and the miraculous forges that the Black Armory had endeavored to create. She was the brain-child, not of Henriette Meyrin, but of her peer Helga, who had always believed that despite Clovis Bray’s somewhat more dubious nature, they were valuable, and that their technology could be made to serve the Armory. It turned out that she was indeed correct.

Destiny 2 THe Drifter

Later in the year, we were invited by the Drifter to join in his games once again, and to take part in a new scheme that he called Gambit Prime. In the process of this, we also discovered that the Drifter had been working with a mysterious organization called the Nine. The organization reached out to the Drifter through their agents, namely, the Emissary, who was once a Guardian of the City and a retained to the Awoken Queen known as Orin. Now titled Orin the Lost after she went out to pursue the Nine after the death of her lover. In a series of invitations to understand, we were shown the truth of the relationship between the Drifter and Orin. As well as a few key moments and key truths and ponderings of the Nine regarding various other characters within Destiny’s universe. The ninth and final of these invitations gave us a vision of the Drifter being told to keep Gambit running, as well as the attached activity of Reckoning. The Nine had helped him set this up, and the Nine had warned him that soon, Darkness would be coming, and that they would need to may ready for it. The Drifter also at this point asked us whether we were loyal to him or the Vanguard, and offered us a choice. Many Guardians were given these choices, and whether you were loyal to the Vanguard or not was entirely a point to be answered by yourself. But regardless, we would be able to partake in Gambit and its games no matter what we did. Finally, at the start of the summer, we were contracted again by the joyful Emperor Calus, who invited us once more to grow fat from strength. Having seen us perform incredible feats across the system, it was Calus’ belief that he could recruit us to become a Shadow. Shadows in the context of Calus’ Cabal were powerful agents, assassins, generals and leaders of Calus’ forces. They always represented the apex of their species in every possible facet of their specialization. Shadows were given a certain amount of autonomy, but they were bound to Calus’ will, and Calus had made it clear to us by this point that his goal was not to serve the Light. Calus would relay to us a series of dubious histories known as the Chronicon, that were likely doctored to approve a more loyalist-friendly version of history. Regardless, the encounter in question that is of most incredible note is that at one point during his exile. Calus supposedly encountered the Darkness and saw it to be the coming end of the universe. He, they believed it, to be his divine right and his divine purpose to usher in the age of Darkness and prepare us all for the end of the world.

By allowing conflict to subside and to allow as many as possible to live in harmony for the remainder of the universe’s time. This was the purpose for which Calus wished to recruit us, and Calus would lead us into the Menagerie, where he placed many challenges for us to prove our worth once again. And of course, as his moniker of “Grow fat from strength” would suggest, with these challenges came great rewards. After this, Calus asked us for one more favor. In dispatching a Hive champion that had betrayed him. In his time of exile, Calus had retaken and Athenaeum World, an archival world of the Cabal. Within it, he found a Hive crown, which showed the potential to control the Hive swarms. Not wishing to wear the crown personally, lest it should corrupt him, Calus instead used the incredible gene manipulation technology of the Cabal to spawn a mighty warrior named Gahlran, titanic in his size. Gahkran had been edited to hold a greater strength of mind than the typical Cabal soldier. This was still pointless though, as Gahlran was corrupted within minutes of the Crown of Sorrow being placed upon his head. Calus therefore asked us to revoke this power and to bring him to heel, killing him, which we did in no short order. With Gahlran’s fall came another period of uneasy calm. But as the year, filled with hard moments and grueling tests, came to a close for us. An entirely different chapter was about to begin. It was suddenly becoming clear that at this time, new Lights were starting to fast approach. Saviors of humanity had always been rising. But for some unknown reason, there was a mass of new Guardians, New Lights that were joining our ranks. Strengthening the many friendships created, and many new fireteams forming along the way. The Guardian orders, as a whole, began to grow stronger as their numbers swelled with Guardians returning from old frontiers and new Lights joining our ranks. But this was all for the better, because on the horizon, the Darkness was closer than we thought. Once again, it was brewing, and just as it had done before, it began to creep towards us. As it had done before at the battle of Mare Imbrium, during the events of Crota’s rise. The moon would play host to nightmares. And these nightmares would find Eris Morn.