Destiny 2 is throwing new players into an almost impossible activity

In Destiny 2, it is not easy for New Light players who play for the first time. The free anniversary activity “Dares of Eternity” should actually be a funny game show activity with a horse. But new players are currently experiencing hell on a competitive level and with nasty champions. Actually, the “courage tests of eternity” promise new players free content, funny Xur comments and an impossible horse. But what sounds fun is currently a really frustrating first experience for new players in Destiny 2.

What kind of a activity is that? Immediately after the game starts, Bungie automatically brings its “New Lights” to the anniversary activity “Dares of Eternity” after the introductory mission. There they are not only underpowered with light level 1100. Even without legendary equipment, you face the strongest opponents in Destiny 2 with almost no chance.

  • The event activity has a minimum power level of 1150. New players start with 1100, so they play almost immediately at the competition level.
  • The activity contains champions of all kinds that can only be properly defeated with the right mods.
  • Players had to fight for up to an hour in places, which is very frustrating.

It’s understandable that this is not a good start to the game for new players, given such a bad experience. With a power level of around 1100 you are almost a “one-shot” from almost all NPCs. The activity has been running for almost a month now, and Bungie has not changed anything at the entry point for new players since then. Has it been overlooked here that New Light players around power level 1100 do not yet have any champion mods?

Players report negative initial experiences

In the meantime, more and more New Light players are reporting on their negative entry-level experiences and even experienced Destiny 2 players show on reddit how devastating the “tests of courage” can be when you are just starting out:

In frustration, a friend told me that it actually took almost an hour to finish the activity. He told me that nobody in there knew what to do, they failed on all other encounters and spent over 30 minutes beating the final boss. Sounds great fun, doesn’t it?

It also affects the experience of more experienced Destiny 2 players. That is why the activity is not simply stopped: Experienced players would now argue that after all, this activity does not have to be played, but can. But New Light players are often unaware of this fact, especially at the beginning of the game. Many assume they need to play through this automatically started activity. So they fight their way through the entire activity 50 levels underpowered and without champion mods.

What does Bungie think of this negative player experience? Bungie‘s community manager cozmo23 contacted reddit on January 3rd. He first told the players there that they would look into the problem to improve the experience.

We sent this issue to the team to investigate. Hopefully we can make the first interaction with the cosmic horse more positive with new lights.

Update January 06, 2022

Bungie calls for help and also rewards you for it: Now that many players have drawn attention to the situation, Bungie has reacted again and called on you to help the New Light players. A fix for the problem is no longer in the “pipeline” this week.

That’s why the developer asks you for your support. Some players have called this “Operation: Save the New Lights” and Bungie wants to reward your efforts with an emblem, as dmg04 announced on Twitter. There is a recommendation for New Light players: If you start with Destiny 2 and also get into this situation, then you can cancel the anniversary activity “Dares of Eternity” at any time. The fix for the problem is already in preparation.

As Bungie‘s game director Joe Blackburn recently announced on twitter, the event will be in the game for even longer: You can play this at a later time if you can get your champion mods from the artefact from season 15 and got legendary equipment.

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