Destiny 2 is celebrating and giving you a gift for Bungie Day

In Destiny 2 you can get the special emblem “Spicy Ramen” for free. We’ll tell you where to redeem the code, why Bungie is in a party mood today and what else Bungie Day 2021 has to offer.

It’s Bungie’s 30th anniversary and of course the studio behind Destiny and Halo will celebrate that on July 7th. – the so-called Bungie Day. For you this means, among other things, that you get a new cosmetic for Destiny 2 for free.

All you have to do is know a code and know where to redeem it, of course we will tell you here. A chic emblem is already in your pocket, which you can equip in-game and pay tribute to a dead hero.

To celebrate Bungie Day and the company’s 30th birthday, there are also other little things, but only the emblem “Spicy Ramen” is free. Incidentally, villains have already sold the code for the new emblem to ignorant guardians. So don’t be fooled, the item is completely free.

Simply redeem code for Destiny 2 at Bungie. You don’t redeem the number combination in Destiny 2 itself, but on Bungie’s website. Go to the “Redeem Page” on the top right. First log in with your profile and select your preferred platform. Then choose “Gift card or discount code” and enter “YRC-C3D-YNC” in the free field below – or copy the code here and paste it.

Why is the emblem so special? The emblem is a direct reference to Cayde-6, the Guardian who died in 2018. The spell knocker, space cowboy and lovable scoundrel was the favorite NPC of many players.

Cayde was murdered to kick off the acclaimed Forsaken DLC, and that kicked off the expansion’s western revenge story. Noodle soup (ramen) was Cayde’s favorite dish and there is also a snack bar in the tower. Guardians could also find the noodle soup coupon in Destiny 2 itself. When Bungie deleted this item, there was a little riot: Destiny 2 deletes a useless item in front of Beyond Light and the players go crazy.

What else is there for Bungie Day 2021? The Guardians celebrate Bungie Day on July 7th each year. The community started the custom because Bungie is obsessed with the number 7. The Destiny developers then took over the day. The 7 appears hidden in logos, in triumphs or in medals in Destiny and the Halo series.

Every year on the unofficial holiday there are small gifts, acceptance speeches and wonderful memories are shared. Also this year there are huge discounts in the official Bungie Store. If you donate to a good cause, you will be happy about other emblems and other cosmetics for Destiny 2. More about these promotions here on the official Bungie website.

What do you think of the birthday present that Bungie is giving the Keepers today? Will you equip the new emblem right away and honor Cayde?

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