Destiny 2: how you get the cosmic sugar cubes

The Dawning 2021 in Destiny 2 has borrowed a lot from previous events. While the players enjoy the Christmas atmosphere on the tower, there is a lot of frosty cosmetics and old weapons to earn. But this delicacy is new in 2021 and a rare drop too.

In Destiny 2, the players are always on the hunt for the best items with good values. But when they first open, they rarely drop. This is often more about farming glossy dust through baking cookies in order to buy cosmetics in the Eververse or improve other materials. For the most part, no good items fall from the return packages themselves, which players bake and deliver for the cookie, received from the NPCs.

Xur’s Starhorse – christened “Juan” by the players – has a very special preference, because it prefers sweet sugar cubes instead of cookies. But not just any, but only very special Cosmic sugar cubes.

What exactly are “Cosmic Sugar Cubes” in Destiny 2?

A cosmic sugar cube is a small, crystalline hexahedron, and each facet is coated with miniature sugar galaxies. They shimmer beyond reality. It is thematically one of the consumables in Destiny 2 and is only available during the beginning of 2021. In addition, it is also an exclusive drop that can give you better loot, which makes it very popular not only with space horses.

Where do you get the intergalactic candy? The “Cosmic Sugar Cube” is a rare drop that players can only get in the “Trials of Eternity”, the free 6-player activity of the “30 Years Bungie” anniversary. Anyone can win the dice, but it only drops in the encounter with the Treasure Ogre.

If you defeat him and all opponents, one of the rare cosmic sugar cubes might fall out of his pocket at the end of the encounter. Ogres also seem to appreciate this sweet treat for in between. Bring the sugar cubes to the Starhorse: Once you have got hold of one of the sugar cubes, fly to eternity and give it to his sparkling friend in Xur’s treasury. The Starhorse appreciates this delicacy and lets you drop A Gift In Return for a cosmic sugar cube.

This is why “Cosmic Sugar Cubes” are so special: The “Cosmic Sugar Cubes” are not only rare. The sugar cube return packages have a chance at powerful cosmic items, such as armor or the weapons. In addition, there are 15 Dawning spirits per sugar cube. With the normal NPC return service packages, there are only 5.

Do not open your packages immediately: Some players leave these consideration packages from the intergalactic horse unopened for the time being. Instead, you buy the new upgrades for the snowballs/weapons from Eva. That costs 5x dawning spirits and a gift in return. One of the weapons is guaranteed for this. It’s not confirmed, but the horse’s drops are said to do better on armor as well.

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