Destiny 2 gets the first new type of weapon – Glaive

Destiny 2 gets a brand new type of weapon in “Witch Queen”: the glaive. It differs significantly from the sword.

Bungie expands the Guardian arsenal season after season with fresh weapons. But the new Exotics and Legendaries are basically still well-known types of weapons such as rifles or shotguns. With Witch Queen that should change a lot, because since Forsaken (bows) from 2018, the expansion brings a completely new type of weapon into play for the first time.

This type of weapon is coming: In Destiny 2 you will soon be swinging the glaive. Yes, the parts really do exist and are similar to spears, only with a cutting edge instead of just an ordinary point at the end of the stick.

As soon as “Witch Queen” appears on February 22nd, 2022, you can save the universe with the new weapon genre. 3 weapons in one – The Witch Queen’s glaive is going wild.

The glaive can do that: Although the glaive is reminiscent of the well-known close combat weapons such as swords, it still has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

It is noticeable that the glaive is guided from the first person perspective. In addition, the new category consumes special ammunition. Swords are swung in the 3rd person and you need the much rarer power ammunition.
But that’s not all, the glaive can do more than just prick – it is actually a mixture of 3 types of weapon:

  • Nakampf combos: We have already seen that there are stab attacks, but also wide wrestlers. A blow with the handle could also be seen.
  • Projectile attacks: The glaive can also shoot, i.e. cause damage with one shot at a distance. In the trailer it sounded a lot like a shotgun, was it just a placeholder sound? You can also see how the Guardian reloads this long-range combat and pulls a trigger.
  • Energy shield: To defend you can block with the gelfe and hide behind a shield, certainly similar to what we know from the swords in the power slot. You should be mobile at the block and be able to advance safely despite being shot at.

Here you can get a first impression of the glaive in action – in the trailer, the new type of weapon appears from minute 1:06.

The glaive is said to be very closely related to the new weapon crafting, which is also going live in Witch Queen.

Glaives are said to be particularly strong in the fight against the crowd guardians. These play a major role in the “Witch Queen” campaign. One should then eliminate the evil spirit with the glaive, for example, otherwise the enemies respawn endlessly – like us Guardians normally.

Do you only need one weapon for everything in Destiny 2?

Will the new weapon be operated on immediately? Granted, it all sounds pretty powerful. You only need special ammunition, and long-range hand-to-hand combat is even endless. Everyone can provide the glaive with their own personal god roll. You ask yourself: Why should I take a sword with me?

Since your alarm bells are sure to ring immediately and the PvP balance has already been declared dead, we have another important piece of information:

The team made some pretty smart decisions [at the glaive] for PvP.

We – Bungie – have to believe that first. In detail, one does not want to share the balance decisions with the guardians. As an outlook, however, there were already restrictions with the glaive shield in the crucible and something about the economy with special ammunition.

In any case, glaive sound like a lot of variety and are likely to become more popular than the arcs from Forsaken, which usually play a subordinate role (if you haven’t stunned champions with them or eaten a fool on the Holy Trinity Ghoul).

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