Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign returns – when does it start?

Soon the best expansion of all time will go to the content vault in Destiny 2. But before that happens, you can play Forsaken one last time for free and say goodbye to Cayde-6. From when and what exactly you can gamble, we’ll tell you today.

The community has received mixed feelings that Forsaken, the best expansion of Destiny 2, will soon be moved to the content vault. December will be the last opportunity for interested players to experience this complete story again for free and to say goodbye to the Tangled Shore, the derisive barons and Bungie‘s coolest gunslinger of all time.

This content will exit Destiny 2:

  • Season 12 to 15
  • The Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign including the destination Tangled Shore
  • The exotic missions

This is free from December 7th, 2021: The entire Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign can be played for free from December 7th, 2021 to February 22nd, 2022, the start of the new expansion “The Witch Queen”.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss this: For long-time players, the Forsaken campaign in particular has a high emotional value. It’s not only the best expansion Destiny 2 has had so far because it was a milestone for many Destiny fans. It also contains important story details that play a very large role in the plot of the current season 15.

Playing the Forsaken campaign will put the Uldren Sov / Crow backstory in a different light for each player. It is closely related to the development of the character of Crow and also explains why no one is currently representing the hunters’ faction in the vanguard.

It is especially worthwhile for Free2Play players to play the campaign if they appreciate excellent gameplay with a good story and want to learn more about Destiny and its past at the same time. It’s also a good place to start if you want to get to know Destiny 2.

This content will not be included:

  • The raid “Last Wish”
  • The Shattered Throne dungeon
  • Exotics from Forsaken

For this purpose, Bungie will offer players a supplementary Forsaken package that grants access to this raid and dungeon content as well as to all Forsaken exotics. This also includes three so-called Forsaken ciphers. They can be used to unlock three exotic Forsaken weapons at the Monument to Lost Lights. Unless they are Exotics from the dungeon or the raid.

That’s why old content disappears: The complexity of Destiny 2‘s code makes it necessary that old content also has to leave the game. The content vault is Bungie‘s parking space solution and is intended to create the necessary space for the new Witch Queen content.

But the fact that content that has already been paid for is repeatedly removed from the game is a major point of criticism for the players.

Important for everyone who has already bought Forsaken DLC: The three Forsaken ciphers are also given to players who have already bought Forsaken. If you already own all Forsaken Exotics, then the ciphers are automatically converted into ascendant fragments and you can output them elsewhere. So you don’t have to buy Forsaken again to play the campaign again and receive the ciphers.

Will you use the time to play the Forsaken campaign for free? Even if you already know the campaign?

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