Destiny 2 Christmas event “Dawning 2021” has started

Like every year in December, it will be winter event in Destiny 2. The Dawning, the traditional Christmas event, begins and the tower shines with wintry lights. The guardians meet Eva Levante again and bake delicious cookies with her at the event for the NPCs, do new tasks and earn frosty gifts in return.

Who can take part in the event? Every Guardian is invited to take part in the activities of Dawning 2021. To take part in the event, you don’t need to have a DLC or a season pass. It is enough if you have played the first introductory mission in the cosmodrome to be there. Eva Levante, the Destiny 2 “Space-Grandma”, awaits all interested guardians on the tower and has her oven with her again so that you can bake and deliver delicious cookies for the NPCs. There are a total of 11 new triumphs that you can accomplish. Eva also has special quests and raids for you, for which you will be given various items and weapons.

The sword “Zephyr”, from the dawn of 2017, returns – this time with stasis instead of arc and the new perk “Cold Steel”, which ensures that charged hits slow down targets. The “Cold Front” submachine gun, the “Avalanche” solar machine gun and the “Glacioclasm” empty fusion rifle are also among the rewards again. Plus, as always, lots of wintry, frosty items, emotes and effects.

When does the dawning event start? Bungie traditionally celebrates Christmas for a total of three weeks, from December 14th to January 4th, 2022. So you have enough time to get hold of all the rewards and to farm your godrolls, such as an avalanche with the new perks.

How does the event work? You earn the rewards through triumphs and the baking and delivery of freshly cracked cookies. While you are playing Destiny 2, you collect recipes and ingredients. These can then be baked in the festive oven that Eva brings you. Every NPC has their favorite spots. If you give him the right variety, you will also get something as a thank you. Zavala likes explosive “gjallar croissants”: Commander Zavala, for example, is looking forward to fresh “gjallar croissants” from you this year. In 2021 there will certainly be new recipes and ingredients. When it comes to the rewards that you can earn by baking cookies, the “Glacioclasm” empty fusion rifle in particular caused a lot of excitement in advance.

This old breaking weapon is particularly hyped: Players want to have found out that, thanks to two perks, it could be the absolute must-have of this year’s event. The weapon should be able to drop in 2021 with the perks “Life” and “Storage Salve”. “Life” would reload the magazine from the reserves by killing weapons, while “Storage Salve” equips the next shot with additional damage and lets enemies explode when they die. A really deadly combination that would make “Glacioclasm” a very powerful weapon. Especially since fusion rifles are currently supported with mods such as “particle decomposition” via the seasonal artifact.

In the shop you can also expect new armor for all three classes in 2021. This is what Tess offers you at “Dawning 2021” in Eververse: in addition to various icy emotes, such as “ski jump” or “snow hare”, Tess also offers you special armor as ornaments in the Eververse.

What do the armor ornaments cost? You can purchase the universal armor ornament sets of the three classes for 6,000 Bright Dust (in-game currency) or 1,500 silver each.

The snowballs will also return in 2021: Bungie is also fulfilling another guardian wish at this year’s Dawning event. Snowballs return to Destiny 2 and will cause stasis damage and effects. So you can organize snowball battles again and throw frost effects around you.

  • “Long Winter”: Increases the duration of the slowing effects of snowballs.
  • “Even longer winter”: Increases the slowing effect on enemies who have been damaged by snowballs.
  • “The longest winter”: Snowballs instantly freeze fighters who have been harmed by them.
  • “Stay cool”: Snowballs leave a stasis mine when they hit.

Are you at the event and are busy baking cookies for the Destiny 2 NPCs again to get all the Christmas event items?

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