Destiny 2 brings back weapon that foretells death – who will die this time?

Bungie likes to place the most interesting details in the universe of Destiny 2 in a subtle and initially inconspicuous manner. Now, in Season of the Lost, a certain weapon has returned that doesn’t bode well for all of the main characters. Bungie confirms: “This is no coincidence”, spoiling the future death of an NPC in the upcoming expansion Witch Queen.

In the past, Bungie was willing to let very popular characters die dramatically to keep the story exciting. In the very successful DLC Forsaken it was Cayde-6. Now a great loss is on the horizon again and it is the same weapon as then that told us this.

This weapon is about: “Spoiler Alert” is a legendary pistol in Destiny 2. It was first added to the game in May 2018 when the “Destiny 2: War Spirit” DLC was released. With the start of the current season of the lost in August 2021, the pistol has now returned to the vanguard’s loot pool.

This is why “Spoiler Alert” is so special: the weapon itself is basically nothing special. But whoever reads their description learns: “Somebody is going to die.”

Usually this is nothing new, one might think. After all, anyone who is on the move in Destiny 2 is constantly riveting opponents with their weapons. But it’s a little different with this pistol. She can see into the future and has already proven that in the past.

“Spoiler Alert” brings back bad memories: Bungie has already announced the demise of a popular character in Destiny 2 with the “Spoiler Alert” pistol. Back then it hit the Forsaken expansion Cayde-6 and that was a heavy loss for many players that still hurts to this day.

No wonder that when the pistol returned, the players wondered if this was really just a coincidence. In a chat interview with GamesRadar, Nikko Stevens, Senior Narrative Designer at Bungie, concretely rejected the possibility of pure coincidence. Bungie confirms: “This is no coincidence.”

When asked about this in an interview, Nikko Stevens said “It’s no coincidence”. He didn’t want to reveal more and added “That’s all I’ll say.”

So it is very likely that one of the main characters in the upcoming expansion “Witch Queen” will die. Players are already speculating which popular character will be at the top of Bungie‘s hit list.

These main characters are currently eligible:

Commander Zavala: He was traded as the next main character to die last season of the Chosen. That has not been confirmed. That’s why many players consider this to be unlikely. His role in the current season 15 is only marginal anyway.

Ikora Rey: She is closer to the current events surrounding the machinations of Savathun. After her mentor Osiris has disappeared, Ikora tries to identify the connections. It is quite possible that she will become really important again in the upcoming DLC ​​Witch Queen. But if Ikora, the Warlock vanguard, has to die, what is left of the vanguard?

Mara Sov: If her brilliant plan doesn’t work, she may die trying to outsmart Savathun. It would not be the first time. Mara Sov has died once before at the beginning of “The Taken King” in 2016. But would anyone really mourn her after we know that she is sacrificing her own family in a manipulative and freezing manner?

Crow, formerly Uldren Sov: After Crow found out who he really is this week in the ongoing story of Season 15, one wonders if he can find peace with it. Current events suggest that he has since traveled to Venus to do something that even his mind does not know. However, he is also the character most involved in the story of Seasons 14 and 15. Perhaps he will find his true destiny with the launch of Witch Queen. It is more likely, however, that he will continue Cayde’s bet in the end and take his place with the vanguard.

Osiris: He is favored as one of the most likely candidates by most gamers and insider sources. Savathun used Osiris last Season 14 to infiltrate the city and spy on the Guardians. Now that this deception is known, the question arises whether Osiris is really being held captive or whether he is already dead. This news would hit the 14th Saint particularly hard. He is currently still looking for his partner.

Eris Morn: One of the main characters who doesn’t play a role at the moment is Eris Morn. But players think that she is not the most unlikely candidate. In the above interview, Bungie also specifically goes into Eris and says: “Eris didn’t quite make it, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in telling stories with Eris. It just means we’ll be telling this story in another publication. ”

For Eris this would definitely come full circle. She has already endured a lot from Savathun, and perhaps her sacrifice will ensure that Shar Queen can be defeated once and for all.

Bungie revealed that in an interview

In addition to announcing that a main character will soon be leaving Destiny 2, Bungie has revealed more to players.

  • We haven’t seen Caiatl for the last time. She is currently communicating with Zavala to talk about current developments, for example the “Savathun situation” in the Dreaming City.
  • Mithrax and Saint-14 will be more in the focus of the story in the future.
  • Calus, Destiny 2’s first raid boss and Caiatl’s father, is not dead.
  • This will please a lot of players because his character is very popular. Maybe we will meet him again in a corrupted form?
  • Bungie believes that players have not yet realized how important Xivu Arath is and will be. In addition to Savathun, we should not lose sight of them either.

What do you all mean? Which main character will have to leave Destiny 2 soon and which one would you personally hate to do without? Or was Cayde the biggest loss for you so far?

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