Core activities in Destiny 2

Mainly you have PvE, PvP and then a hybrid of PvE and PvP in Destiny 2. So the PvE playlist is the Vanguard (Destination) on your map. It’s mainly strikes. There is an activity called Battlegrounds that you can do. There is a Nightfall, which is a harder version of a strike and then there is a grand master Nightfall, which is considered End game PvE content. Very challenging, it’s kind of a Grand master, it’s a Nightfall dialed up to 11. But for the most part this is the PvE playlist here, these are all strikes they have matchmaking, a lot of them do if you were to fire up a vanguard strike. It would match make me with 2 other people, we would go into an activity and you would fight a bunch of AI. You go through eventually it’s like a story mission. They’re about 7 to 15 minutes depending on what strike you pick. But that is the PvE strike list in a nutshell called the Vanguard. 


The PvP core activity is called Crucible if you want to play against other people you will go into the Crucible. There are different ways to play currently in the game pretty much every game type is kind of like deathmatch but with more steps. So control is kind of the bread and butter in D2 crucible game type. You might look at it and be like-capture zones, that’s an objective, you just said deathmatch. But it doesn’t function the way that a lot of other fps game, objective game types do in Destiny when you control a zone, the more zones you have controlled, the more points you get, when you get a kill. So if you have one zone controlled and you get a kill, you will get one point. If you have 3 zones controlled and you get a kill, you will get 3 points per kill. Every game type is a more complicated version of deathmatch. It’s very rare that at the moment that there is true objective in Destiny 2 PvP.  

Bungie has mentioned they’re bringing back Rift in the future, which is a very objective game type. We’re hoping for more of that in the future, but for right now if you want PvP, you can go into the Crucible.  


Final core activity or at least what we consider a core activity is called Gambit and this is a hybrid of PvP and PvE. This is a little bit of both. How do you have a hybrid of both-you go in and you’re racing against another team on a different map, so you’re on a different map as the other team you are farming PvE enemies as quickly as you can and when you kill them, they drop moats on the ground and you bring the moats back to the middle of the map and dunk them into a huge bank and then a couple times during the game you can invade the other team’s map and then is a PvP activity. So it’s mostly PvE with the potential to invade a lot of people in the community you will learn very quickly, are very opinionated on gambit. We feel that it might need a little bit more love, it has potential to be cool but for a lot of people it just kind of turns into a big headache if you go in and play game but you will immediately find out.  


There are other activities, we will quickly load up. A Patrol or a freeze it’s kind of like free roam, if you want you can just open up any planet on your directory, planet or moon. And you can load into an area and if you want, you can just walk around and do free roam or patrol and there are things that you can do while down in a patrol. White circles on the map indicates that you can fast travel to that location. There you can roll around and if you whip out your ghost you can see that there are patrols icons, where you can do a quick little mini mission that you can do with your friends to get a feel for the game you walk over. You activate the patrol, and can see the objective on your screen, for example, cleaning up the streets. These are little missions that you can do on any planet or location. That’s kind of a core activity to Destiny that you can do in the game or what it would be consider a core activity. 

Lost Sector 

 Another thing you can do on each planet is you can do a Lost sector, so if you’re ever looking at a map, you can see a very dull grey dreary rainbow icon that will show you that you are near a lost sector which is kind of like a hidden out of the way area of the map where if you load into it the other people in the area will despawn, you can really go into a lost sector alone or with a fire team but you can’t find other people. You can’t find other random people in a Lost sector. And if you open up your ghost it’ll show you that you’re in a lost sector. These are kind of just out of the way, little hide hole areas where you go through, you kill a boss at the end and there’s a loot chest that’ll open up there’s that loot chest on the other side of the window, there’s the mini boss. There you go through it’s a good way to get a little XP and get some gear if you’re a new player. They’re very tiny strikes.  

Public events 

There’s another thing that’ll happen a lot out in the open and that is a public event indicated by triangle icon, here it’s optional they are on a never-ending timer. They will always be happening at some point. A public event is something that happens in a particular area, on a timer it’s a mini little event that happens for one to 2 minutes, they’re very brief. And if you finish the public event you get rewarded with some gear so if you’re a new player and you’re looking for ways to continually get gear so you can reach the soft cap. You want to look for maybe a public event and always make sure that you’re opening your map to double check because there could be a public event going on right now that you didn’t know about so the sky’s going dark-it means you’re in the middle of a public event right now. If there were other guardians in the area, they can join up for a public event.

This is something you can do with other people and meet new people playing Destiny 2 with a public event. Now there’s something about public events that we need to talk about, public events have 2 ways that you can finish them. You can finish them or you can fail. You can complete them or you can make them heroic. If you are a new player, we strongly recommend and you’re looking to do public event grinding, you find chart or diagram that talks about every public event and now to make them heroic. Until the timer has expired, we will complete it, but if we see little unique weird glowing thing on the ground, if we destroy each and every one of these before the public event is over, we will have turned the events from a regular public event into a heroic. And usually you always want to convert it into a heroic public event because the loot is just bit better and very often frequently you can end the public event way quicker if you get it to become a heroic. It’s usually better for everybody when you will often see veteran players rolling their eyes being like “please learn about how to make it public”, because sometimes new players don’t know how to make a public event heroic and they’ll just be out there doing their best and unfortunately they’ll kind of get in the way of making a public event heroic so if you can try to look it up on what to do to make a public event heroic because it’ll be better overall.    

Seasonal activity 

But now we will go to orbit and there are 2 other things that we want to talk to you about that you can do 3 seasonal activities. Every season there is a seasonal activity. And then there’s dungeons and raids, we’ll quickly look at the seasonal activity. The location in season 14-you can go to the helm and activate an activity called Override. Every season comes with a unique activity and if you want usually new gear featured from that season, you will go and do the new seasonal activity, so if there’s a new gun or a new piece of armor. For example, a new gun called the Chroma rush-auto rifle. If you’re looking to get new seasonal armor or if you’re looking to get new seasonal weapons, look for whatever the new activity is, Bungie will usually direct you to it to making to make sure that you know that it is there, right now it is override, before that was the battleground activity. You also need access to the Season pass. If you’re free player and you’re coming in at the ground floor you will not have access to that seasonal activity. But if you have the season pass then you will but that’s a whole other thing.   


Next thing we want to talk about are dungeons. If you go to the tower and hover over right now there are currently 3 dungeons in the game. A dungeon is a co-op kind of like a mini raid. The dungeon is a significally longer strike with particular mechanics and a unique environment, there’s usually a couple of sub bosses and then you move on to fight one final boss it is one of 3 players you it’s not match made currently meaning, that if you wanted to go into and beat a dungeon, you would probably be really thinking about going in with a group- like it would be a way better idea to go in with a group into a dungeon, especially if you’re a new player. They’re often very fun, they’re challenging if you want like a taste of what a raid would be like. Definitely go check out a dungeon.   


And the final activity we want to talk you about, is a raid. Raids are considered to be the end game PvE content. There are multiple raids that you can pick from they are very challenging. Maybe not for veteran players, who gone through them 100 times know every enemy spawn location like the back of their hand but if you’re a new player, raids are very challenging but also very fun. Also they are currently not match made. Many people in D2 community, who have been playing Destiny for a long time never beaten a raid, never even attempted a raid. It’s a challenging activity, it’s designed for a team of six. So if you want to do a raid, you either need friends to play with or you should go on a LFG website to try and get a team together to do a raid. Raids are very challenging activity, very enjoyable, you have to kind of work to get to the end game to be prepared to go into a raid. But that is endgame PVE in Destiny 2.