Classes in Destiny 2

Whether you picked up a free-to-play version or grabbed the newest expansion your very first step is gonna be picking a class. And you may be asking which class is best in Destiny 2 or how do I know which one is the most fun or best suits my playstyle.

Well, you got 3 options listed in no particular order: Titan, Hunter and Warlock.

Let’s talk about differences between classes in general and how much these things actually impact your gameplay. 

Classes in Destiny 2 are not as distinct as other MMO games. For example in World of Warcraft a Warlock plays very differently compared to a Warrior or Rogue. In D2 however, the main form of combat engagement is weapons and all classes have access to all weapons. 

Also every class has the same amount of subclasses – Arc, Solar and Void, that have 3 unique skill trees with that, as well as Stasis which uses the new Aspect Fragment system. 

On any class you will eventually unlock all of the subclasses and freely swap between then. 

Within these subclasses and trees each class has unique grenades, melee, class special and super abilities. Super is more or less equal to an “Ultimate” in similar games.

In addition each class has a very unique jump. There are a lot of opinions on the subject of jumps in D2 community so you gotta choose for yourself. Also if you care about appearances – each class has different aesthetics in terms of armor design.

Now let’s get into each class.


Aesthetically their armor is usually big and bulky.

Titan’s jump is kinda like a jetpack – you just turn in the direction you wanna go.

Titan’s class ability is a barrier that they can deploy on the ground. You get access to 2 different types of barriers: one that mainly intended to provide protection from enemies. And a shorter version that you can crouch behind, that increases your reload speed temporarily. Some armor can also modify your barrier’s behavior. For example allowing you to shoot enemies through the barricade, which is particularly useful in pvp. 

Titan subclasses

On highlevel you got 4 – arc, solar, void and stasis. The first 3 are light based and stasis is darkness based and requires Beyond Light dlc.

Arc Titan is called the Striker. Its Super has 2 variants: one called Thundercrash, which basically turns you into a flying missile that you can direct and smash into a target. Another super allows you to roam around looking for targets to punch or ground slam. Different perk combinations will give you additional grenades, increase your melee range, give you a shoulder charge ability which is one hit kill in PvP or grant health on melee kill. Yes, Titans love to punch everything.

Next is Sunbreaker. The Solar Titan super also has 2 variants: one lets you throw multiple flaming hammers at targets from range, and another that gives you one giant flaming maul which you can smash into the ground or spin around with like a tornado. Different perk combinations will give you a shoulder charge ability that can inflict a pretty significant debuff to increase damage against the target in pve or turn your melee into a small throwing hammer which you can then retrieve after use. 

Third one is Sentinel. Its super basically turns you into “Captain America”. You get a shield which you can throw at targets and slam into targets for heavy damage. One of the skill trees will also give you the option to deploy a huge bubble shield on the ground which grants armor to those standing inside and a damage buff to anyone who passes through it. Another unique perk can influence your grenade to suppress enemy targets which can actually pull other guardians out of their super in pvp.

Last here is Behemoth which is the stasis super that came with titans and Beyond light. In general for all classes stasis added an entirely new gameplay mechanic which has been the source of a bit of debate within a community since launch but it’s the concept of freezing and shattering targets. Supers are always strong and unless you totally screw it up, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get kills when you cast your super but Behemoth is currently on another level  you basically can’t die and it lasts forever. Smash into the ground to create an aoe zone of ice crystals which you can then shatter for massive damage. Melee slam into targets from very far away. 


Hunters are the rogues, stealth, marksman agility class. Hunter is also the most played class in Destiny 2. Aesthetically hunter armor sets are usually a bit thinner though not always and often feature adornments like knives and cloaks. Hunters have a more traditional jump, double jump and later triple jump. If you’ve never played Destiny 2, Hunter’s jump will probably be the easiest to take advantage of, but that’s the small benefit. The hunter’s class ability is a dodge. You’ll get access to 2 different types of dodges:

  • gambler’s dodge which when used near an enemy will replenish your melee ability energy
  • marksman dodge which will reload your currently equipped weapon.

Some of your subclass options will also add modifications and perks to your dodge abilities such as invisibility. 

Hunter Subclasses

Just like Titans, Hunters have access to Arc, Solar, Void and stasis subclass options.

First is Arcstrider. The hunter arc super gives you a staff that can be used to rapidly strike a single target or quickly chain hits between multiple nearby targets. Different perk options will allow you to reflect damage back at an enemy, lunge further for melee attacks and get your dodge back more quickly. 

Gunslinger is the Hunter Solar super and it also has 2 variants. Either a marksman pistol called golden gun which allows you to potentially get multiple one-hit kills against regular enemies or deal massive boss damage if you have the right gear. You can also use a single aoe damage cast super called Blade Barrage. Perk variations can increase your weapon handling and you get access to throwing knives which can also get one hit kills if used effectively. 

The Void Hunter super is called Night Stalker and it has 2 variants as well. Either a bow that creates tethers on the ground which suppress and increase damage against enemies making it easier for you to take them out. Or an ability called Spectral Blades which allows you to go invisible and do attack combinations on nearby enemies. You also get temporary wall hacks. The biggest theme throughout the Nightstalker subclass is invisibility and smoke grenades. Different perk options will add invisibility to your dodge, crouched precision kills or your smoke grenade. Last up is Revenant. Only available in Beyond light as it is the Hunter stasis super. It’s essentially an aoe cast with 2 components. 

First you’ll throw out an axe that freezes nearby enemies. You’ll then immediately follow that up with a second axe that creates a tornado at its location. The tornado then tracks nearby enemies slowing and killing them. Your melee ability is a shuriken that can slow and freeze targets and can also ricochet off walls and around corners making for some fun kills In pvp. You’ll also get access to an ability called Shatter Dive where you quickly slam down onto the ground. If it’s done on ice or frozen targets you can deal massive damage. 


Thematically speaking warlock is your mage, priest, wizard, scholar type class. Aesthetically warlocks wear robes always. Class item is called bonds which is basically  upper arm bracelet. Warlocks have perhaps the most unique jump. It’s actually more of a glide, than jump. And usually takes more practice to master than Titan’s and Hunter’s jump. And for 1 subclass in particular you can choose to turn your glide into a teleport-like ability called Blink. The warlock’s class ability is called a rift. It’s essentially a small pool of light that they place on the ground and when any friendly player stands in it they’ll either be healed via Healing rift or have their damage increased by Empowering rift.

Warlock Subclasses 

Just like both titans and hunters, warlocks have access to arc, solar, void and stasis subclasses. 

Stormcaller, the Arc warlock super, has 2 variants. One essentially turns you into emperor palpatine from star wars and the other puts all that arc energy into a focused single beam. Different perk combinations get you a ranged melee or a temporary arc soul which will float next to you and shoot at enemies along with you. 

Dawnblade the Solar Warlock super also has 2 main variations. You can either rain down flaming swords from the sky or create a giant well of light that heals guardians who stand inside of it. The former is very popular in pvp while the latter is arguably the most popular pve subclass for endgame content. Perk combinations will give you ranged melee, healing grenades. The ability to shoot while gliding in the air and a very cool movement ability called Icarus dash which is superb in pvp. Voidwalker the void warlock super has a couple variants as well. You can either shoot a giant void orb called a Nova Bomb or you can use what’s called noble warp where you float and teleport around the map triggering void explosions into your enemies. Different perk combinations will give you supercharged grenades and a melee that heals you on kill. 

Last up is Shade Binder which is only available in Beyond light. Stasis warlock super allows you to shoot freezing bolts of ice at enemies. You can then cast an aoe attack that shatters any frozen enemies by the way this aoe goes through walls. You will also unlock the ability that changes the freeze effect to nearby enemies when you get kills and causes your rift to freeze nearby enemies when you cast it. Alright, that’s an overview of each class and it’s associated subclasses.

Which Destiny 2 class is the Best?

So the big question still remains: which Destiny 2 class is the best? Honestly this ultimately comes down to preference in pve all classes are viable and bring interesting kits to the table when facing endgame content. Do you want to add a bit of healing to your team – go warlock, enjoy going invisible to pull off a clutch revive – try hunter. Like the taste of crayons or protecting your team with a big bubble shield – titan may be for you. Stasis hunter and titan are both pretty dominant in pvp due to the before mentioned abilities. Play the class that seems to be the most fun to you. And important to note is that you can ultimately play all 3.