Broken exotic in Destiny 2 plows away masses of enemies in seconds

Every now and then, Bungie was responsible for broken exos that turned upside down in Destiny 2. Now another dilema looms.

Which exotic does that mean? The infamous poisonous exotic “Necrotic Grip”. Opponents can be poisoned with these gloves. The injected poison tugs at the enemy’s life bar. Should this die from the poison, a pressure wave of poison is distributed, which also poisons every surrounding enemy. We are talking about an infinite cycle of poisoning.

This combo turns warlocks into poisonous demolition masters

Due to small changes to the exotic, these gloves are now real killers in Season 15. To do this, you have to pay attention to a few things in order to unfold its full splendor.

What should I do? You select the lower tree from the Dawnblade Super and then use the gloves. As the YouTuber Ehroar shows in his video, the spawning opponents have no chance. Every burning and poisoned enemy bites the grass and that every second.

Through all the burning effects in connection with the poison and the subsequent death of the enemy, a complete parade of annihilation arises. Enemies explode, distribute poison and those enemies then explode too. This is an infinite cycle that can be continued on its own. This applies to hand-to-hand combat and grenades.

The great thing about this is that the Super is also affected. So if the effect of close combat or grenades is not enough for you, ignite your twilight blade and let enemies suffer in the poison and the explosions.

Nerf should come: This discovery is definitely worth a look, but one shouldn’t overlook the fact that it is sure to be patched sometime during the 15th season. It can be guessed that this is not a wanted feature like with the Dorn, but a mistake that has crept in.

Many assume that Bungie changed not only the description but also the effect of the intrinsic perk. Definitely Bungie should take a look at it and possibly weigh up whether to keep the effect or generally delete it, which they have not yet commented on.

What do you think of such mistakes? Do you think Bungie wanted this? Or do you think that happened to Bungie by mistake and now Warlocks are delighted at the sight of the explosions?

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