Best Weapons in Destiny 2 for PvE. Part 1 (S15 update)

Today we’re taking a look at all the ultimate weapons for PvE for any activity. Each and every season we get a brand new season artifact and with that we see a shift in meta, not just in PvP, but also PvE. With the removal of breaching clear and the introduction of particle deconstruction, this has completely changed the meta for end game pieces of PvE content. This is a highlight the top 10 weapons that you could take into any activity in D2, whether that be a simple strike or a master raid.

Null Composure

The first weapon we’re going to take a look at is the Null Composure. This is a void rapid frame fusion rifle from the Season of the splicer. As this is a ritual weapon, it has double perks in both the third and fourth column allowing you to adjust the weapon itself depending on the activities that you’re choosing to run. Another thing to bear in mind is as a ritual weapon it also has a fixed roll so this will be the same role for absolutely everyone so if you haven’t got your hands on an old composure, you’ll need to complete the ritual weapon quest from season 15. Upon the launch of season 15, Bungie made some sweeping changes to fusion rifles overall adjusting all the archetypes of the weapons within the fusion rifle range. Now it’s with those changes that rapid fire frame fusions are some of the best for single target damage so not just the Null Composure, but also the Cartesian Coordinate of some of the best dps fusions in the game. So it’s with that in mind this is going to be perfect for not just gm’s but also master raids later in the season. They’re fantastic against any champions but also bosses that you face during those activities now particle deconstruction will massively boost this weapon’s output and as well as that fusion rifles are the unstoppable champion weapons for season 15, those 2 additions alongside the fusion rifle rework for season 15 make this an excellent utility weapon.

Le Monarque

The next weapon we’re going to take a look at is the Le Monarque. This is the exotic combat bow from season of the forges, if you haven’t got your hands on this, you can pick it up from the monument of lost lights over in the tower now, much like the Null Composure, this is also a void weapon. However, this one uses primary ammo and with the changes to season 15 and the introduction of unlimited primary ammo you’ll never be sure to bows to fire when using the monarch. Now this weapon comes with the exotic intrinsic trait Poison arrows so arrows fire quickly after a full draw become poison arrows and position hits with those poison arrows will spread poison to nearby enemies now bows this season are also the overload champion weapons for season 15 and with a weapon like the Monarque that can deal poison damage that deals damage over time, this is fantastic for continuously stunning those types of champions. Tikku’s Divination is also a fantastic alternative and when you have the catalyst you can prime and detonate those targets applying burn to overload champions too. So if you need to run a void bow for void shields or if you want to run a solar bow the solar shields you have a great choice between those two bows when entering end game pieces of content, so if you ever find yourself entering a legend or master lost sector or even a grand master nightfall later in the season come up against some overload champions this is where bows really start to shine while some of the seasonal challenges have lent on bows especially in week five expect to see a lot more of them as we progress later in the season.

Falling Guillotine

The next weapon we’re taking a look as is the Falling guillotine and this was introduced back in season of arrivals and is a void legendary sword. Falling guillotine is part of the world loophole and can also be found over at banshee 44 in the tower so if you’re still seeking out that Falling guillotine god roll be sure to keep an eye on his inventory and this will update each and every day. Falling guillotine is also a Vortex frame sword so alongside a regular light attack you can launch a heavy spin attack, heavy attacks are stronger and will use full energy within the sword itself. Now the perfect role on something like the Falling guillotine would be relentless strikes, this is where landing three light attacks withina short time will grant you sword ammo and if you pair that with Whirlwing blade, this is where rapid sword strikes will increase the weapons damage for short time, allowing you to stack that and use that when launching a heavy attack so you can use a sword against lower tier enemies to build up your good damage and then deal that damage to a single target. It’s fantastic for champions, more so still as swords are also the overload champion weapons for season 15. Now as we get into further content later in the season such as grandmaster nightfalls and even master raids, it’s likely that you may choose a different weapon when coming up against an overload champion. They can be some of the most difficult champions to take on, especially when you’re up close and personal but with that being said if you’ve got someone in your team that can stagger overload champions continuously then the sword is most definitely one of the quickest ways to take them out now it’s also worth bearing in mind the seasonal artifact when it comes to swords in season 15, this is the return of passive guard which is fantastic for you regening your health in a thick of the action, there’s some immensely strong builds we made way back when passive guard was first introduced allowing for some pretty tanky builds out on the battlefield.


And the next weapon on offer is the Witherhoard. This is the exotic grenade launcher and this comes with the exotic intrinsic trait Primeval’s torment and this is where projectiles fired by the weapon blight the target or nearby areas on impact. It also has break the bank and this is where blighted targets take damage over time and will also blight the nearby area on death, now with the removal of breach and clear grenade launchers have very much taken a back seat for the most part when it comes to PvE. That’s with the exception of with a horde and possibly anarchy still even after a few adjustments. The thing that makes Witherhoard really stand out is it’s fantastic for and clear as well as providing additional damage to a single target, now if you can get the catalyst for with a horde you’ll max out the handling stat on this weapon, it also gains an autoloading holster so it will automatically reload after a short period of time, now with the removal of breach and clear in season 14, this greanade launcher is not the powerhouse, it used to be in season 15. With that being said it’s still a fantastic weapon when it comes to locking down areas and clearing large groups of adds and the types of activities that Witherhoard really shines are some of the harder pieces of content that we face throughout the course of the season. These are things like grandmaster nightfalls and master raids and specifically spawn camping particular enemies so if you know exactly what doorway they’re going to come out from or whereabouts the taken are going to spawn, you can lock down with a blight from the Witherhoard that will take care of any adds that choose to appear in the area so if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by combatants in certain pieces of content it may be worth one of you equipping with a Hoard, help clear out some of these adds with relative ease. Any champions that may be left out on the battlefield can also be dealt some damage over time with a direct hit from Hoard itself, it won’t be as strong as it was last season but will certainly help you and your fire team out when it comes to taking out those champions in those grand masters later in the season. It’s definitely not a weapon to be slipped on even with the removal of breach and clear and we highly recommend you give it a try if you’re not trying it already.


And the next weapon on our list is the Fatebringer, now this can either be the Timelost or the original version and you can pick this up from the Vault of glass raid either on the regular or master difficulty. If you do get your hands on the timelost variant, it will have double perks in the third and fourth column pretty much guaranteeing yourself a god roll and the great thing about Fatebringer and specifically 140 rpm hand cannons in general is they got a nice buff in season 15. They’re much more effective than they used to be, especially in those harder pieces of content and so much steel. When you’ve got a weapon like Fatebringer that can roll with explosive payload and firefly which you can further elevate if you’ve got the timeless version by equipping adept mods in this hand cannon alone. Certainly packs a punch when it comes to those harder pieces of content, now explosive payload is a very strong perk as it does an area of effect damage which is excellent for those harder activities, however, instead of firefly though you should be seeking out frenzy and this is where being in combat for extended time will increase weapons damage handling and reload speed until you are out of combat, it helps the 140 rpm hand cannons hit an even harder punch and being even more effective against those tankier combatants in harder activities. Now another perk to bear in mind especially if you’re looking to give your self some more options in harder pieces of content when it comes to combatant shields you should be seeking out osmosis and this is where using your grenade ability will charge this weapons damage type to match that of your subclass until you stow that weapon now the Fatebringr is a kinetic weapon and it doesn’t come with an elemental burn meaning you can turn the Fatebringer into any elemental weapon you want depending on activity that you’re running. This hand cannon specifically doesn’t have any champion mods this season it does at least have the option to be any element that you want it to be as long as you can get it to roll osmosis in the final column, it gives it excellent weapon diversity and can come in clutch when it comes to approaching grand masters later in the season.