Best Weapons in Destiny 2. Part 2 (S15 Updated)

One Thousand Voices

Next up we’re moving on to some of the more difficult weapons to obtain inside Destiny 2. One of those is called One Thousand Voices and this is the exotic heavy fusion rifle that you can get from The Last wish raid. It’s an rng drop from the final chests and comes with the intrinsic trait Amancara’s eye and this is where charging this weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death. It also has unforeseen repercussions and is where the weapons beam super heats its targets upon impact causing delayed explosions. When you pair this with particle deconstruction which was introduced in season 15, this is probably one of the highest dps weapons currently inside the game make short work of pretty much any champion and any boss and could be the absolute go-to weapon when it comes to gm’s later in the season now whilst the 1000 voices deals incredible amounts of damage it really struggles when it comes to its ammo economy, now a great alternative to 1000 voices if you’re still looking to deliver insane amounts of damage is sleeper simulant. This is also a solar heavy weapon, it is a linear fusion rifle and this has deeper ammo pockets and a faster charge time as long as you have the catalyst. Now both  of these weapons are insanely strong, especially for single target damage, now unlike the sleeper simulant the 1000 voices doesn’t require a precision hit and will simply just decimate any combatant put in its way, now out of these 2 weapons 1000 voices is most definitely the easier weapon to use is simply a point and shoot and that combatant will simply disappear from all existence and as we covered earlier in the guide as a fusion rifle, it also benefits from the unstoppable champion mod but with the amount of damage that this weapon can simply deliver, most of the time you won’t even need champion mods when it comes to taking out those targets all in all. It’s an immensely powerful weapon made more powerful still as a result of particle deconstruction this season so if you’ve got 1000 voices in your vault and you haven’t dusted it off for season 15, we highly recommend that you do and give it a try.

Vex Mythoclast

The next weapon we’re going to take a look at is the Vex Mythoclast, this is the exotic fusion rifle only made available through the Vault of glass raid,  now much like the 1000 voices, this is an rng drop and it’s currently one of the rarest exotics inside Destiny 2. Now it comes with the exotic intrinsic trait timeless mythoclast and this weapon fires in full auto when it’s in its default firing mode it also comes with a legendary trait temporal unlimiter and this allows you to swap fire modes when it’s fully overcharged and this allows you to hold the trigger to charge it up and fire a more powerful linear fusion rifle shot. All in all it’s essentially a fusion rifle that fires like an auto rifle but also has the secondary bonus of being able to fire like a linear fusion rifle now as well as essentially being three weapons in one it also benefits from the unstoppable champion mod from the seasonal artifact alongside particle deconstruction which helps boost its damage output. It puts Vex Mythoclast in the category one of the strongest weapons inside D2 and with its alternative firing mode can make short work of any champions that you come up against out on the battlefield. Now based on that if you didn’t already think Vex for class was a strong weapon it also has a catalyst and this provides a new perk called calculated balance so while in full auto mode final blows with the weapon will grant bonus damage, accuracy and stability for a short duration, now that stability bonus is immensely noticeable and makes Vex one of the most stable full auto weapons in the game, not only this, It’s also improving your accuracy and further still improving the weapons damage output. The hardest thing about it is actually obtaining the weapon itself. It has a drop rate around 5 % when completing the final encounter of the Vault of Glass, making it one of the rarest exotics currently in the game, but as you can see from all the information we’ve just discovered, it will definitely be worth the effort once you can get your hands on it.

Reed’s Regret

Now the next weapon we’re going to take a look at is the Reed’s regret. This is a legendary linear fusion rifle of stasis elements it’s the first stasis linear fusion rifle added to D2. And this one’s a precision frame so it fires a long-range position energy bolt and the weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Now this weapon is exclusive to Trials of Osiris that’s had a complete rework in Season 15 and the great thing still is that you don’t even need to go to the lighthouse to get it as long as you interact with trials of osiris and level up saint-14 over in the tower he’ll grant you access to trials and grams and if you hand these in at master rahul over in the tower these have a chance to drop any trials of osiris loot and once you’ve unlocked reed’s regret in your loot pool better still you can use these trolls engrams to focus your loot so if you’re chasing a reed’s regret with a specific roll and we highly recommend triple trap and verbal weapon to ensure you have maximum damage output then you can do that with any trolls engrams over at same 14 in the tower now the reason you want triple tap is this is where rapidly landing precision hits will return one round to the magazine. This is essentially giving reed’s regret free ammo and allows for more continuous and persistent damage and when you pair that with vorpal weapon, which increases your damage against bosses vehicles and any guardians with their super active, this makes it the perfect single target weapon. Now as with a lot of the weapons in season15 this also benefits from the unstoppable champion mod, making it fantastic against those champions in any piece of content. Further still it will also benefit from particle deconstruction further improving its damage output. Now when it comes to damage output linear fusion rifles overall got a nice buff in season of the lost, so all in all linear fusion rifles are much more deadly than they’ve ever been inside D2. So if you don’t have fancy using one of the exotics we’ve already covered in the guide for your heavy start, then Reed’s regret is a great alternative as in excellent of what it does and only takes up a legendary slot in your arsenal, it’s definitely a weapon worth chasing and if you haven’t got the god roll of triple tap and vorpal weapon then be sure to jump into trials of osiris each and every weekend.

Eriana’s Vow

The penultimate weapon in our guide is Eriana’s vow. This is an exotic hand cannon that was introduces in season of the undying upon the launch of shadowkeep. This has the exotic intrinsic trait looks can kill and this weapon fires special shield piercing ammunition and it comes with a scope and it’s strong against barrier champions. Now a lot of the weapons that we covered in this guide are excellent against overload or unstoppable champions, now when it comes to barrier champions, one of the only options available other than Eriana’s vow are auto rifles, now all in all auto rifles aren’t in a fantastic place inside D2. Especially when it comes to harder pieces of content. Now alongside looks can kill it also comes with the additional trait Death at first glance and this is where you get bonus damage when aiming down sights on the opening shot of attack and this bonus is preserved if the shot deals position damage or strikes the elemental shield now Eriana’s vow is a solar hand cannon and also has its own catalyst. Now this catalyst gives it an additional perk more to give and this increases the magazine size as well as holstering the weapon will automatically reload it after a short time now by default Eriana’s vow comes with 6 in the magazine and this is boosted up to nine once you’ve finished the catalyst. Eriana’s vow is one of the best at what it does in terms of breaking barrier shields and as a result it does use special ammo when out on the battlefield so if you’re looking to run Eriana’s vow – make sure to be running special ammo finders or even special ammo finishes to ensure your ammo is topped up. now if you don’t want to use Eriana’s vow as your exotic weapon then you could use auto rifle still, however you will only be using those to break barrier shields as in harder pieces of content you’ll be effectively tickling your enemies. The great thing about Eriana’s vow is not only is it fantastic for breaking those barrier shields, it hits really hard against pretty much any other combatant. it gives you excellent utility and ensures it’s not a one-trick pony, especially when it comes to grandmaster nightfalls later in the season so you haven’t yet picked up Eriana’s vow you can do so from the monument of lost lights over in the tower.

Ager’s Scepter

And the last weapon is Ager’s scepter. This is the exotic stasis trace rifle introduced in season of lost. it comes with the exotic intrinsic trait agar’s call and this is where final boss blows with the weapon will generate a slow burst around defeated targets, it also has an additional legendary trait raga’s refrain and this is where stasis final blows will transfer ammo to this weapons magazine from reserves and to top it off, it also has its own catalyst, this grants will given form and this is where the weapon will drain super energy overflowing the magazine and empowering the being with bonus damage and the ability to slow and freeze targets until the magazine or super energy runs out or until the weapon is stowed that can only be activated when your super energy is full now if you haven’t got your hands on Ager’s scepter you can get the quest from marisol over in the helm but first you need to completed step one to three of the tracing the stars quests once you complete the quest from Mara Sov. She’ll grant you access to the Ager’s scepter. Now as for the Ager’s scepter’s catalyst, this is a random drop from the trove chest upon completingthe astral alignment activity. now to complete the catalyst you will need a thousand kills and the quickest way to do that was over in the thrall way inside the shattered throne. Now it was suggested on the catalyst that by obliterating destructible walls in the Shattered realm will grant additional progress to completing the catalyst. however, as of the making of this guide that is not the case and is simply reliant on combatant kills. another thing to bear in mind though is by defeating combatants with position damage that will unlock the objective faster for completing the catalyst so be sure to aim for the head when trying to get that catalyst done. Now the reason that the Ager sector makes the list is as an excellent and clearing weapon, final blows with the weapon will create a slowing burst around defeated targets allowing you to control the battlefield with relative ease and further still it allows you to convert your super into a single target damage beam. it’s effectively a stasis chaos reach for any class in the game, now this pairs perfectly with things like battle harmony if you’re running a Warlock or the orbs of power build can be made for Hunter earlier in the season. Now whilst the Ager’s scepter won’t benefit from some of the mods we’ve mentioned in this guide, it’s a standout on its own being topped here at clearing adds and controlling combatants whilst also providing ways to deal insane amounts of single target damage makes this the perfect utility weapon and if you have more than one of these running in your fire team, this can mke short work of any champion and any boss at the end of any activity so if you got your hands on the Ager’s scepter we highly recommend that you do as it firms part of some pretty incredible builds that you can take into grand masters and master raids later in the season. So, there we have it, a good look at the best weapons for season 15 for any activity inside D2.