Ager’s Scepter: Will an Exotic Revolutionize Destiny 2’s Combat System?

Many exotic weapons have their special features in Destiny 2. All the cooler when weapons dock perfectly with your skills and give you bonuses. We will show you which weapon harmonizes perfectly with the Stasis Super and whether this is the start for more.

Which weapon do you mean? Ager’s scepter is called the good piece. This exotic track rifle can be obtained in the course of the seasonal quest “A Desperate Coronation”. With his exotic perk “Agers Ruf” you can freeze all surrounding enemies after a kill. This gives you a weapon that is perfect for add-control.

But that’s not all. Players have found this weapon to work perfectly with the stasis super. Could that also happen with your old light classes?

Ager’s scepter and the stasis class go hand in hand

So far, this has only existed to a limited extent or not at all in Destiny 2. This discovery could revolutionize the combat system. Since the dusty light classes do not yet allow that, it would be worth taking a look at the new synergy first.

How do you work together? The Stasis-Super has many fragments and aspects that harmonize in connection with the exotic track rifle from the 15th season. For example, if you use the ice torch aspect, you can create seekers for every destroyed stasis crystal.

These seekers freeze all surrounding enemies and when the crystals are destroyed again, more seekers appear, causing the same thing. Since only the close combat, the grenade or the Warlocks’ Super have frozen opponents, Ager’s scepter is a very good addition. Now you can determine when your opponents should be frozen.

Could other light classes follow? It would be possible. Bungie announced a rework of all light classes anyway. It would be conceivable, for example, that the void class creates a black hole through a kill with void. As a result, everyone in the immediate vicinity is torn in and dies of a final explosion, just like with the Lorentz drive.

A lot of cool ideas can be collected in this way and there is plenty of room for your own imagination. Bungie also shows us that such synergies make the game more exciting.

What could you expect? With the imminent war between light and dark, one realizes that a wide range of skill choices is required to survive.

With such a change in Destiny 2, Bungie designed a deepening of the game, which also places certain basic requirements on the player. Without taking your time which aspects and fragments are the right ones, you cannot possibly survive in the future.

For my part, however, I am looking forward to such a change, because I was missing the Destiny 1 skill system. The synergy with weapons makes the whole thing even sweeter.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the synergy between the exotic track rifle and the stasis super? Are you also looking forward to the big changes in this regard?

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