After months of whining, players are celebrating and playing Destiny 2 again

Destiny 2 is getting more and more players, although no major expansion has been released. Steam is seeing more and more players on Destiny 2, even though the Witch Queen expansion is still months away. A long season is still ahead of us, but the sci-fi shooter doesn’t mind that the traditional autumn expansion is canceled in 2021. Because, as can be seen in the Steam Charts, more and more players are joining: over the past 30 days, the average number of players on Steam has grown by 48.05%.

With an average of 84,843.8 players, Destiny 2 has reached its highest player level on Steam since November 2020.
What drives players to Destiny 2 now? With the new “Season of the Lost”, Bungie provided all-encompassing innovations in terms of system and in-game content. So not only were a lot of NPCs revised in their ranking system, but also changes in the transmog system and new content followed, such as the new armor and weapons from the iron banner.

The biggest change that most Gurdians have been eagerly anticipating has been the Trials changes. The hardcore PVP mode, which was haunted by many tryharders and sweats, is now a thing of the past. Bungie made a big impact with many minor changes and turned the nightmare of every PVP player into an accessible platform for equal battles.

More matches will be played in the Trials than ever before in Destiny 2

The Trials of Osiris started at the weekend. The exams arrived with some changes that were really impressive. That made for a real boom in players over the weekend. Never before have so many matches been played in the trials as this weekend. This is confirmed by the stat tracking site Trials Report with this Twitter post.

This is due to minor changes that Bungie made in Season 15. These changes have a very big effect on the further course of the trials, as you can see from the numbers.

What was changed?

  • Anti-cheat engine was implemented
  • Matchmaking has been adjusted
  • Pass has been adjusted
  • Loot system has been upgraded from annoying coins to a better ranking system
  • Solo guardians and guardian duos can compete against teams or other solo players against each other

All players can sweat now: In trials it was common to compete with a team of three guardians against other teams of three. There was never mediocrity. Neither in Destiny 1 nor in Destiny 2 single or duo players could compete against other mini-groups, it was always against full teams of three.

With the changes, Bungie has now made the mode more accessible. Solo or duo players who are good at PVP can now join match-making and be matched with Randoms.

This makes for a more accessible atmosphere, as no player is excluded thanks to prescribed dogmas. Nevertheless, there is a risk that you will be shaved by a well-rehearsed team of three guardians, but thanks to the new match-making, emphasis is placed on the same performance.

So don’t worry – you will be thrown into a match with the Guardians who you could keep up with.

It’s raining loot: Bungie also revised the loot system in the trials. Through completed matches, you will now receive points as in the melting pot or in the vanguard. These vary according to victory or defeat. After playing matches, you will rise to the rank of saint and can thus bag suitable Trials rewards in its reward branch.

But even after you have achieved grades, you have the opportunity to get hold of exam engrams. These can then be focussed on your desired object expensive at the saint for legendary fragments and mica. Rahool the cryptarch in the tower would be the cheaper option, but there you only get random Trials items.

Trials could now take a positive turn thanks to these changes. Many players can now earn a flawless ticket if they have the patience to stick with it. By making changes like the one in the case of the exams, Bungie is creating a positive environment in which every gamer can have fun without being sucked into the ground by hardcore sweats.

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