A reason to play Destiny 2 at the beginning of 2022

If you’ve taken a break in Destiny 2 because the lack of content was on your mind, we’ll show you why you should race off with your Sparrow again. Because Bungie gives you another reason for this at the start of 2022.

What’s next in Destiny 2 in early 2022? The year 2022 is welcomed with open arms. With the new year there is also another big expansion in Destiny 2, namely: Witch Queen.

On February 22nd, 2022 Savathun, the witch queen, will receive you in her throne world and it is up to you to stop her. Since Season 15 was the longest so far compared to the previous seasons, one or the other Guardian has probably already switched to other games. So that you don’t miss the new expansion and jump into the next DLC unprepared, we hereby remind you to take precautions before Savathun breaks out of her prison.

Preparations need to be made

What can I do to be prepared? Every start to the new DLC can be stressful, especially if you are short of improvement materials. We list what you need for the release:

  • Upgrade modules
  • Enhancement cores
  • Enhancement prisms
  • Ascendant fragments
  • Mica
  • Legendary fragments
  • Weapon parts
  • Resources from different locations

Since the DLC will offer new weapons, you should first collect the weapons from Dreaming City and the 30-year events and possibly get hold of one or the other God Roll. So you can fully focus on the new items. Furthermore, it is a good idea to loot all synthetic strands of Ada-1 from the tower. Because the old forays expire and cannot be stacked when you start a new chapter. With them you have then accumulated a good supply in order to be able to clean up properly in the DLC thanks to the transmog.

The annoying safe: Many Guardians like to use it, but when it comes to sorting it out, everyone disappears without a trace. In order to have enough space for your new pieces of jewelry in the coming expansion, you should part with unnecessary rolls and disassemble them. It is often thought that every roll of a gun could come in handy at some point. But that is exactly where the mistake lies, dismantling rolls that you are unsure you would ever use.

Say goodbye to Tangled Shore: The destination “Tangled Shore” will say goodbye to Destiny 2 as soon as the new chapter starts. So collect enough souvenir photos, run through the “Forsaken” campaign again and enjoy the lawless environment around the one so gloomy place in the bay.

For all who are worried about Dreaming City and the associated dungeon, you can lay back with peace of mind. This content and the “Last Wish” raid will still be playable after February 22, 2022.

Dress up: With the new dungeon “Grasp of Avarice” you can decorate your guardian with cool equipment to match the theme of the new expansion. But not only that – swamps and other areas will soon await you. In addition, it is advisable to give your guardians the perfect look so that they can go to war in style.

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