10 bugs that cost you the conqueror title in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the hunt for the ultimate PvE title “Conqueror” will be opened for the Weekly Reset on October 5th. But the road to triumph in Season 15 has two things in common. Not only that, mixing three of the heaviest strikes in the game in the twilight rotation. On top of that, there are also many as yet unfixed bugs that could cost you the coveted conqueror title.

The ordeal twilight in the Leaderboard difficulty level came into play last year, 2020, with the Shadowkeep expansion. Since then, the activity has been the PvE endgame counterpart to the Trials of Osiris.

This is why the front runner in season 15 is so difficult: First of all, the players in season 15 agree that the selection of twilight strikes available for front runners alone makes a tough fight for the conqueror title necessary.

Among the six strikes to be completed are three of the most difficult twilight strikes:

  • “The hollow hiding place” in the tangled bay
  • “Lake of Shadows” in the European death zone
  • “Exodus Crash” on Nessus
  • “The Corrupted” in the Dreaming City
  • “The Devil’s Den” in the Cosmodrome
  • “Proving Grounds” on Nessus

All important information about the mode “front runner” and how you start the mode:

This is why the front runner is so unfair now: If players still want to tackle all the seasonal front runner twilight in season 15, they will also face annoying and annoyingly long-known bugs. As a rule, Bungie has always fixed such errors in the previous season before the start of the prestigious activity. So a fair fight for the title and the gold plating was possible again.

No wonder that players are worried, these unfixed bugs could become a big problem in the current season 15 with the front-runner twilight and especially the title gold-plating.

These bugs are responsible for nasty twilight wipes: The most affected strikes are “The Hollow Hiding Place”, “Exodus Crash” and “The Corrupted”.

These are the errors in detail:

The hollow hiding place, tangled bay

  • If the tank is killed too quickly, you can continue to play, but you do not get any progress and the door to the next area remains closed to the team.
  • Sometimes, when the fanatic’s shield breaks, the approach to the boss does not end correctly. This leads to the fact that players are unintentionally pulled up to the boss and are crushed by him there. Automatic resuscitation is not possible in front-runner twilight. In this case, teammates have to risk their own lives to revive a team member right in front of the boss. The only option would be to bring the front-runner twilight to an end alone.

Exodus crash, Nessus

  • The Arc Energy Rays that are supposed to be collected at the beginning of the Twilight Strike do not always appear reliable. This causes a soft lock and you have to start over.
  • The boss can remain invisible for a long time, which makes the boss fight even more difficult. During this time, new enemies will continue to spawn.
  • The anti-barrier champions in the boss room sometimes ignore players and wander haphazardly around the room.

The Corrupted Dreaming City

  • Overload Hobgoblins’ health regeneration starts again immediately after being stopped, even though they are stunned and constantly being shot at with overload weapons.
  • Stunned Overcharge Champions, in this case the Hobgoblins, continue to fire their guns at players. Despite constant fire from overload weapons.
  • Sometimes the elevator cannot be activated, which means that advancement is no longer possible because the phase cannot be triggered.
  • If a team member dies during the “twin ogres” phase, his resuscitation can cause a respawn in the wrong area.
  • Depending on when this happens, it is no longer possible to follow your team members, as the portal is only open on one side.
  • In the boss fight, Sedia’s energy shield is no longer displayed to the players from the second shield phase, although it is still there and therefore not destroyed.

Especially “The Corrupted” contains a lot of the mean mistakes, which is why players have already renamed the Strike to “The Horrified”.

Players are wondering, “When will the issues be patched?”

A month ago, players asked Bungie in reddit that these bugs must be fixed before the start of the twilight trial by fire on front runners. You are worried that you will not be able to earn the corresponding conqueror title with gold plating due to errors and other defective elements.

The twilight strikes would be better off disabled until a proper resolution has been found. The mistakes are noticeable in all levels of difficulty, for example also in “Grand Master”.

What we know so far: As of now, Bungie has not announced a patch for the bugs listed above. Hopefully all known bugs and problems will be fixed by the reset on October 5th.

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